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  1. Looks like a bit of a hit or a miss with the bug as i don't have any of the issues that anyone is talking about in various places (when using outlook 2019). What i did notice for a few weeks was that microsoft were having problems with either delays in emails being received or they were being queued up for a few days and all arriving at once. Probably lots going on behind the scenes with spam bots and fraudulent emails over this corona period.
  2. It's nothing to worry about. Lots of sites use the same host to prevent DOS attacks on their end .... Not Your end
  3. @TomasP Yes i was going to mention it as i received the first email notification around 16 hours ago Thanks
  4. Have you checked the troubleshooter to see if anything is being blocked that shouldn't be ??? SETUP > NETWORK PROTECTION > TROUBLESHOOTING WIZARD
  5. Thanks for checking that out @TomasP 😃
  6. Same thing happened a while back where i never received any email notifications of new content posted to the sections of the forums i am subscribed to and it rectified itself. Checked all my preferences and its all still set up properly ............ Last email notification is received was on 17/06/20 😕
  7. Never heard of it, but ccleaner is free and probably does as much as this paid application.
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