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  1. Tested the sites for you and they load fine for me (in the uk) Maybe a problem with your isp , or the routing from your isp to the host ?
  2. I have the same file and i am guessing it contains a list of domains blocked by Microsoft for a variety of MS applications.
  3. Also had a message about "Limited Direct Cloud Connection" over 2 days and it resolved itself without any intervention. As mentioned as above i would assume that it was something temporary on ESET's end as its no longer an issue for me
  4. The documentation for any general releases are available from the offline installer page on the Eset website. Under the advanced options for each particular download
  5. The layout and most used features within the ESET gui are more accessible and easier to use than many of its peers. Being static does not detract from the product itself. I doubt anyone would leave a good product behind for a bit of "eye candy" ☺️
  6. Looks like a bit of a hit or a miss with the bug as i don't have any of the issues that anyone is talking about in various places (when using outlook 2019). What i did notice for a few weeks was that microsoft were having problems with either delays in emails being received or they were being queued up for a few days and all arriving at once. Probably lots going on behind the scenes with spam bots and fraudulent emails over this corona period.
  7. It's nothing to worry about. Lots of sites use the same host to prevent DOS attacks on their end .... Not Your end
  8. @TomasP Yes i was going to mention it as i received the first email notification around 16 hours ago Thanks
  9. Have you checked the troubleshooter to see if anything is being blocked that shouldn't be ??? SETUP > NETWORK PROTECTION > TROUBLESHOOTING WIZARD
  10. Thanks for checking that out @TomasP πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Same thing happened a while back where i never received any email notifications of new content posted to the sections of the forums i am subscribed to and it rectified itself. Checked all my preferences and its all still set up properly ............ Last email notification is received was on 17/06/20 πŸ˜•
  12. Never heard of it, but ccleaner is free and probably does as much as this paid application.
  13. I have office Pro Plus 2019 and my keys are in exactly the same place as yours. Like i mentioned above its partially updating office and leaving the bigger updates to be invoked manually. Maybe only critical updates are being pushed ?
  14. This key is missing in my registry and possibly missing in other peoples having the same issue. Safe to assume that's the culprit and not your firewall as implied. Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, Office 2019, and Office 2016 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\policies\microsoft\office\16.0\common\OfficeUpdate No real problem here as using manual update works perfectly, but if you wish to rectify the problem the detailed guide is here. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/troubleshoot/updates/automatic-updates
  15. @BeanSlappersNobody accused you of lying ??. You started a thread on the forum that both myself and @itman confirmed WAS happening and i gave a few reasons why i do not believe that ESET are the culprit behind this particular issue.
  16. There is something goofy alright but i don't believe ESET is the culprit. Reasons Up until around Oct/Nov 2019 (At a Guess) , i always received office updates as part of the normal windows patch Tuesday round up, but have never noticed them as part of that since then. My firewall is in interactive mode and i quite frequently receive a notification (maybe 2 times a month) to allow the annoying office 2019 processes [officeclicktorun.exe & officec2rclient.exe] to have firewall access. It seems these update processes are actually being updated but they fail to download certain files
  17. At least it's not a hardware issue then . Im just a user on the forums myself and dont have access to your logs but if you are running any other security software in the background that is checking data that is read or written to the disk then maybe temporarily pausing/disabling it and manually running the update within the eset gui and see if that works. Maybe your Acronis software has something running in the background too that could cause the issue and it might be worth temporarily pausing this too while manually running a eset update.
  18. When you type "cmd" into your start menu (windows 7) or search in windows 10 , use right click and select run as administrator. Then run chkdsk
  19. Seen other people mention that they have issues when using a vpn but have never encountered any issues myself. I use "Windscribe". Very little difference for me between the connections.
  20. Has anyone been playing around with the buttons on the monitor and changed the tint or colours of the screen within the settings ?? Plus check that the monitor cable is no loose
  21. @Kristal You do have the option of blacklisting url's manually if you do not want anyone accessing websites containing that sort of content.
  22. Just a repeat of what @Marcos said above. ESET products are not an anti piracy solution but a security product. There are entities (bodies) that deal with piracy in general. The only connection is that a large volume of pirated products are generally where viruses and malware are placed and why ESET and other security products detect them.
  23. As it's a problem that's very limited in the amount of sites that it affects , i am still inclined to believe its an issue that firefox is creating itself. If it was Purely a firefox-Eset certificate issue , then all sites would be affected in firefox. Could be the way that firefox renders code from certain pages. Or the newly introduced "standard" security measures built into the newer builds of firefox. As this part where you should be able to click on the "site information or padlock icon" in firefox should allow you to exclude these sites from the inbuilt security features baked into th
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