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  1. Hello @brylerayandayan, can you please provide me your EBA e-mail (via private message)?
  2. Hello @brylerayandayan, I recommend to use EBA instead of ELA for license registration. EBA provides more benefits while ELA is legacy portal.
  3. Hello @Alain GUERIN, transfer tokens from one ESA app to another is unfortunately not supported, however, we have this on ESET Secure Authentication radar. You can solve this by 2FA re-enrollment: Sign in to license management system where you activated 2FA (ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator) by using ESA on your old phone Go to Profile and deactivate 2FA Just for sure sing out from licensing system and sing in again (2FA should be not required anymore) Install ESA (or any other 2FA app supporting TOTP) on your new phone Sign in to ESET li
  4. Hello, based on ESET security directive for cloud services, password change is allowed once a day. Could you please give us more details about your use case to reconsider frequency of changing password?
  5. @Ryan_GCITS just one hint: you can clean up your devices manually via security management console ESET PROTECT or ESET PROTECT Cloud, find more details here.
  6. You will be able set the time interval to deactivate your seats for all your MSP customers. Does it make sense to you to have option to set individual time period per MSP customer?
  7. hi @karsayor, we appreciate your feedback, we have evidence about this in EMA2 backlog and we would like to deliver this in H2 2021. Regards.
  8. Hello @Riaan, if your EBA account activation link expired, please run through registration process again and new activation link will be sent to you. Regards.
  9. Hello @NvD. When we checked your license, all worked as expected. To solve this on your side, please refresh your browser cache (via Ctrl+F5) or open your MSP account in different browser. If this will not work, reach out to ESET Technical Support. We will proceed to fix this frontend issue additionally on our side. Regards.
  10. Hello FCALPS, we identified two same e-mails registered on your license. We recommend to erase one of them before migration to EBA. Regards.
  11. To deploy 2FA and use ESET Secure Authentication app or 3rd-party 2FA app, you need to go to Profile and enable Two-factor authentication. If you require to change your authentication app while you have active 2FA in EBA, you must deactivate it and activate again. System gives you option to deploy ESET Secure Authentication app or synchronize with any third-party app which support TOTP. To find more details, please follow ESET Business Account online help / 2FA
  12. Hello LesRMed, this is rare known issues. To fix this on you side try to reload the ESET MSP Administrator portal without cache (Ctrl+F5). If this does not work, please follow this: Login to ESET MSP Administrator Press F12 Go to Applications > Local Storage > https://msp.eset.com Delete the key PendingRequests Reload the ESET MSP Administrator portal (Ctrl+F5) If this still does not work, please contact ESET Technical Support. Regards.
  13. Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed by new functionality, which we plan to release in next few months. We expect to address this issue afterwards.
  14. Hello Martin, no yet, however, this is currently in development and we expect to release this option in the turn of the year. Best regards.
  15. Hello twok, this might be a bug on our side. Let me check this internally with team and I will get back to you.
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