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  1. Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed by new functionality, which we plan to release in next few months. We expect to address this issue afterwards.
  2. Hello Martin, no yet, however, this is currently in development and we expect to release this option in the turn of the year. Best regards.
  3. Hello twok, this might be a bug on our side. Let me check this internally with team and I will get back to you.
  4. Hello theory, this behavior happens for example when the same device is re-activated by the same license but the configuration of the device was changed, e.g. in case of re-image of the virtual machine. As I can see the different prefix of SEAT NAME, I assume the device name was changed additionally. Is this your case?
  5. Hi all, this email was sent to all Security Administrators, who accepted ToU during ELA registration process. The reason behind is that new Terms of Use include legal changes and Security Administrators must be notified about this (despite ELA is not in active development mode). Identifying respective changes could help you get through this, anyway, you must accept ToU as a whole.
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