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  1. @igi008 Thank you, I found this option but 2 problems with it: - I can not see when last connected the client, so the agent version is old because update task has not run yet, or because its stucked old version. - I can not order the list by computer name, so I have to look through the whole list. (OK, in CSV I can order it )
  2. @MichalJ Hello! I made an upgrade agent task to version 7.2.1266, but found a client, where task finished successfully, no error but the agent did not upgraded, stuck version 7.1.717. Not a big problem, because I deleted it manually, and installed the new version, but it would be great to see the agent version in computers table.
  3. Description: show Agent version Detail: add new column option to show installed Agent version. (Now I just see installed security product version) Thank you.
  4. Description: anti-phishing Ignore button disable optionDetail: when user open a phishing website user can ignore the warning and open the site. We need a function where we can disable "Ignore threat" button. I did't find any option under Anti-phishing protection settings. Please add it to ESMC policy's too.
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