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    Zen11t gave kudos to Marcos in Documentation on PROGRAM COMPONENT UPDATE - Auto Update   
    On August 25 we are starting to roll out the very first uPCU update to v8.0.2039 version for those with older Endpoint v8.0 versions. The rollout will be staggered and we expect it will take about 2 weeks to get downloaded by all users with an older version of Endpoint v8.0.
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    Zen11t gave kudos to Daniel Martins in Set baseline or maximum version for ESET Endpoint in ESET Protect   
    Hi Gang,
    ESET Protect (8.0.2225.0) ESET Endpoint (8.0.2039.0) As part of a task, we install a specific version, in this case Endpoint 8.0.2039.0. This let's us ensure that all nodes are at least on the same version and potentially avoid any niggles by always going on the latest.
    However, ESET Protect always sees the latest version? This is currently Endpoint 8.1.2031.0. Thus ESET Protect now shows in the status dashboard that all our Endpoint nodes are now out of date. My question, how do we baseline or set a static version so that ESET Protect is not always referring to the latest version? I'd rather us determine what level we deem is up to do. I thought I achieved this with the task for installing Endpoint but that seems not to be the case.
    This is what I am referring to:

    Thank you,
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    Zen11t gave kudos to Marcos in ESET PROTECT (hotfix) has been released   
    Release Date: February 11, 2021
    ESET PROTECT has been released and is available to download.
    Version (hotfix)
    IMPROVED: An explanation message is displayed when trying to insert a bundle license that must be inserted to ESET Business Account first FIXED: License synchronization fails after upgrade to ESET PROTECT 8.0 when multiple EBA/EMA accounts containing the same license are linked to ESET PROTECT FIXED: Offline licenses are not displayed after upgrade from ESET Security Management Center to ESET PROTECT FIXED: Issue with opening/reading PDF reports sent by email (base64-encoded)  FIXED: Synchronization of static groups could cause a crash during the removal of duplicates or end with errors about recreated computers FIXED: Custom Apache configuration is overwritten during the upgrade FIXED: In some cases, Detail in the "Audit Log" overlapping other lines FIXED: Unwanted Timestamps in filenames of reports FIXED: Various other bug fixes  
    Upgrade to Latest Version
    Upgrade my ESMC server to the latest version
      Support Resources
    ESET provides support in the form of Online Help (user guides), fully localized application and Online Help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.
    Online Help (user guides) Visit www.eset.com/contact to email ESET technical support
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    Zen11t gave kudos to Peter Randziak in ESET Endpoint Security 8 BETA signup   
    Hello ESET Endpoint Security / Antivirus users,
    It’s been quite a while since we released the 7th generation of our Endpoint solutions, so naturally you may ask when the generation 8 will be released. We have good news to share, as we are approaching the final stages of development and preparation for the release, we would like to share it with you so you can try it before it gets released officially and give us feedback on it, which is very valuable for us.
    I guess the first question, which comes to mind is what will be the new features of it. Let me briefly name some:
    Secured browser bringing additional security to the browsing experience as it protects the browser’s memory, restricts the extensions and protects the keyboard inputs as well.
    Micro Program Component Update which will be manageable from the management console as a practical solution to keep the product up to date with ease. Installed endpoint can wait for its application, without affecting the protection level. Moreover the updates are differential, thus much smaller than standard installation packages.
    WMI Database and System registry scans added as a scan targets, allowing the users / administrators to initiate on-demand scans on them.
    Unified exclusions for IDS bringing the unified UX to those exclusions as well.
    To find out more and try it yourself, join the BETA program…
    I hope the described features and improvements made you interested, you sign up here by a reply, or by sending me or TomasP a private message.
    By joining the BETA you agree with our BETA Program agreement.

    We are looking forward to your feedback.
    Thank you in advance, 
    Peter Randziak on behalf of teams involved
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    Zen11t gave kudos to MichalJ in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Hello, this option is already available in ESET Cloud Administrator console. Currently, as agents are updated via "Components upgrade task", which does not differentiate between agents, and other components of the ESMC infrastructure (server / webconsole) this option was disabled. However, in Cloud the server is fully hosted / maintained by ESET, so "one click agent updates" are possible. 
    Please note, that for the future releases we work on "automatic agent upgrades", meaning agents would automatically upgrade themselves to the version compatible / matching with the server. 
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    Zen11t gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Endpoint Security 7.1 uses more and more RAM as time goes on   
    We have pinpointed a memory leak in the memory dumper. A fix is being reviewed and will be released through an automatic module update next week.
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    Zen11t gave kudos to Sam Fonteno in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    Description: Web control policy - Blocked webpage graphic - customizable dimensions
    Detail: The Web control page says, and tests confirm that, a custom graphic is scaled to 90px x 30px.
    That's really small, and prevents usage of a lot of graphics, especially ones containing circles.
    Can we have option(s) for:
    square/rectangle or, scaling percentage, or custom values
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    Zen11t gave kudos to Marcos in Endpoint 7 Auto Update   
    Full support for uPCU is now there so Endpoint should automatically update to the next version of Endpoint v7 when available.
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    Zen11t received kudos from katycomputersystems in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: anti-phishing Ignore button disable option
    Detail: when user open a phishing website user can ignore the warning and open the site. We need a function where we can disable "Ignore threat" button. I did't find any option under Anti-phishing protection settings. Please add it to ESMC policy's too.

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    Zen11t gave kudos to ewong in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Showing (or downloading) debug logs when tasks fail.
    Detail: Somewhat similar to my previous feature request, having the debug log generated during the task (akin to trace.log) and when it fails, there is a link to download the log file for that particular process.
    Rationale: It's to allow the Remote Administrator to figure out what is going on within the process without needing to go into the client's workstation.
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