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  1. Heya, Thanks for the response. Hopefully it won't be too long. 🤞 Dan
  2. Hi Gang, Components: ESET Protect (8.0.2225.0) ESET Endpoint (8.0.2039.0) As part of a task, we install a specific version, in this case Endpoint 8.0.2039.0. This let's us ensure that all nodes are at least on the same version and potentially avoid any niggles by always going on the latest. However, ESET Protect always sees the latest version? This is currently Endpoint 8.1.2031.0. Thus ESET Protect now shows in the status dashboard that all our Endpoint nodes are now out of date. My question, how do we baseline or set a static version so that ESET Protect is not always referring to the latest version? I'd rather us determine what level we deem is up to do. I thought I achieved this with the task for installing Endpoint but that seems not to be the case. This is what I am referring to: Thank you, Daniel
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