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  1. https://help.eset.com/protect_deploy_va/80/en-US/?va_upgrade_migrate.html
  2. I think, the main question should be, what is in your root partition. I have about 900 endpoints and only 9GB used in root.
  3. Most apps from Microsoft Store also are not reported by ESET, perhaps because they are not installed in Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder.
  4. For not activated products I am using dynamic group, I think it's built in, 'Not activated security product'. Or at least such template by default is provided by ESET.
  5. Till now I must create new upgrade task for every new version manually. Or edit existing task, changing package to latest available.
  6. Wow, this perhaps is the most wanted feature of ESET remote administration tools ever.
  7. You're sure it works? Because earlier in this forum someone from ESET said simple restart don't works, full restart is needed, like with Windows update. Our experience proved this, after restart ESET keeps reporting 'computer must be restarted'. Only solution is to wait till Windows update or execute 'shutdown /r /f' (actually it is possible to run this command using ESET, the problem is, how to pick a time for restart).
  8. This was in Cloud Administrator topic but should be here too Description: A new task/setting to reboot computers with a popup message warning,Detail: Add the possibility to notify user that computer will be restarted when reboot computer task is triggered and let them for example 5 minutes to save/close programs/data.
  9. ESMC is telling, all our recently upgraded 7.3.2041 clients are now outdated, new version 7.3.2044 is available. No changelog, no announcement. This is not the first time new version coming out silently.
  10. No, it's server's syslog messages, like this: INFO: [karlisi] User sends gql request: qroups ( #id=TASKS:id=CLIENT_TASK_DETAIL;u=48eef0ae-96d2-4bed-ad2b-b5094a07cfe2;p=2:id=TARGETS_TRIGGERS_TASK_WIZARD;tru=be984c29-a03d-4cfa-9e16-d1d713f437a9;tsu=48eef0ae-96d2-4bed-ad2b-b5094a07cfe2) This message is one of many which corresponds to this ESMC audit log entry: Modifying client trigger of type 'Scheduled Trigger' with description 'ASAP; Outdated, Not protected' for task 'AV update to latest'.
  11. Some UI improvements for Tasks. In 'Summary' page 'Trigger description' section add trigger's expiration date, and in 'Triggers' page additional column 'Expiration date'. As for now the only way to see it is by editing trigger, AFAIK.
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