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  1. After UNASSIGN Client(s) in Policies

    Thanks so much!
  2. After UNASSIGN Client(s) in Policies

    I know, I am just an example of any change on Policy..
  3. Hi there, I'm having a problem like the following: - Firstly, I create New policy on ERA Webconsole -> SETTINGS <ESET Endpoint for Windows> --> DISABLE Real-time file system (for example). Then Assign to any Client(s). The client will be assigned and GUI Endpoint show that this feature is DISABLE and just View --> Okay! - Secondly, I want to test by Unassign this policy on the client mentioned above.. and after policy unassigned completely, the client still DISABLE Feature Real-time file system.... I wonder that, so how can it (feature Real-Time protection) return to the original automatically, after removing the policy? Please let me know if you have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. @Marcos It's helpful, thanks a lot
  5. Thanks for your response, it means if we check with customer that the feature "Detection PUA" is enable, so this InstallMonster will be can cleaned?
  6. Hi there, As the title of the article, today, my customer get some information about trojans with name details below on their security system, but Eset not detect or notify! Malware aag.teenplusa.com Malware Trojan.InstallMonster.1852 aa.akgn.com. So i search on many resource but no information related, i wonder if ESET can be detect this malwarre or not? If yes, please send me some evidence or link reference! Thanks a lot
  7. Non-Functional in NETWORK (Endpoint)

    Is there something new? Pls let me know why is it so!
  8. Hello, Firstly, you can try with create mirror folder as link below on the computer can access internet https://support.eset.com/kb3641/?viewlocale=en_US Then, copy all of files into usb and don't forget enable configure mode "Update from removable media" on another computers.. I think so
  9. @itman All ESET endpoint were installed with ver 6.5.2107.1. The computers had detected and move them to Quarantine folder, but it can't delete.. And continues to detect when accessing share files to the server. Make sure that the endpoint was fully updated DB!
  10. @JamesR As followed your advice in this case, i have checked on ERA and even login these user account on their computer, ESET product has been installed (ESET Endpoint Antivirus ver 6.5.2017.1) and fully updated. Ensures that the computer is protected. So how can we prevent this kind of detection again? Please give me some advice! Thanks a lot.
  11. Non-Functional in NETWORK (Endpoint)

    I followed your advice, Enable advanced firewall logging, then restart the computer and finally collect logs with ELC,...please check with logs update lastest as below: hxxp://www.fsend.vn/download/UbxmCApH1660ILfH5-OShe2IERFcc379
  12. Non-Functional in NETWORK (Endpoint)

    @Marcos updated: hxxp://www.fsend.vn/download/23ZnLLhyhalcmszevJ8ArXGl-bdf0nLA
  13. Non-Functional in NETWORK (Endpoint)

    Have any ideas about this issue? Please let me know... Thank so much!
  14. Non-Functional in NETWORK (Endpoint)

    @Marcos Please help to review with log collected as link below: hxxp://www.fsend.vn/download/wDvpggNE3OT9UCoVu_CoVU0_8V6ADcan
  15. Hi all, i don't know why today i received a notice as below Try with disable and Enable 3 functions, but it's still like that. I'm using Eset Endpoint Security ver 6.5.2094.0. It was normal a few days ago, but today it's wrong... Some info for you: How can i fix this issue? Please show me please! Thank in advance