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  1. Hi @Marcos This is new "Gather boot log files" i have just collected, please help us: hxxp://fsend.vn/download/Kjv5tb08BQTLaPawYzKIOZ-xfv1Aelfq
  2. @Marcos Please help me with logs details as link below hxxp://fsend.vn/download/AbXuimyHyUMT0W3exh2ajV1-Lwf-jEUS
  3. Hi guys, My customer is using ESET File Security on Window Server 2008 R2, with Real-time file system protection feature, it can be found and Cleaned by deleting this variant , but after cleaned, the process "explorer.exe" will be killed also, so nothing on desktop! Then must to click File -> New Task "explorer" for show up! This situation is still occurring many times, so please help us how to permanently remove the type of variant without killed the process "explorer"? Thanks in advance!

    Hi @MartinK, Please help us with trace log details in attached file. Thanks so much! tracelog.log
  5. Hi guys, I receive an error when i try to add license key into ERA webconsole, just checked firewall, network,... but still can't added! As the picture details below: Please give me some advice that what should I do to continue? Thanks so much!