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  1. @Peter Randziak Today my client after installed Endpoint Antivirus for MacOS get problem with their computer. Please help me to check log with details as link below, thank you so much hxxp://www.fsend.vn/download/oSgAXn-RKqM36rPetul3aHlBVHmkuPvy
  2. Thanks for your useful information Have a nice day!
  3. Hello @Peter Randziak, Please download log files with link below: hxxp://www.fsend.vn/download/r6kRICbZwctia7vgT9jUdnmwr5W0Krq3 There are 2 client using Macbook Air get as the same this issue. By the way, i'm wondering How can i collect log files by Run the Info_get.command while the system is freezes or hangs, unable to manipulate anything?
  4. Hi all, My client using Macbook Air with version OS as details below After Eset Endpoint Antivirus for MacOS ver 6.4.246 installed, some systems (using ver OS 10.11.6 and 10.12.6) are freeze or hangs and can't do anything. Some cases, can't login perform restart the computer! It still freezes or hangs now, so How can i create log files and sent it to ESET Technical support? Please give me some advices how can fix it! Thank in advance.
  5. @Marcos Thanks for sharing.. Ohh sorry,i have a mistake, that's Eset Endpoint Antivirus ver 6.5.2107.1.. As you said, it might be to resolved when start in safe mode and rename this driver? Please show me Which paths can i go to rename the driver epfwwfpr.sys? Thanks so much!
  6. Hi everyone, My clients had installed EES ver 6.5.2107.1 three weeks ago, but today, they get a problem with OS Windows 10 x64.. It cannot start and show detail as below: As i see, it related to "epfwwfpr.sys", which is an ESET Personal Firewall.. but follow the last topic, So far, i still not to see a clear solution about this, Can anyone help to share with me how to fixed issue and explain the cause of it?! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi @TheMalwareDiscoverer Thanks for sharing, but Are you sure that if i set "Strict Cleaning" mode both on Real-time and On-demand scanning, it will be show Actions in the column?
  8. Hi @Marcos, @TheMalwareDiscoverer I sure that i have set "strict cleaning" mode, try with re-scan..but still have not information in "Action" column.
  9. Dear @MichalJ Today i have problem as the same. I'm doing PoC with customer, they asked me that why don't have any "Action" occurred on Dashboard? Seems ESET Product can't not deleted these viruses? (See pic below) Please help to explain and confirm that How to Eset products can detected and deleted the viruses on Dashboard? This is very important in evaluating PoC were succeeded or failed! Thanks so much!
  10. Hi Marcos, Thanks for your info
  11. Hi all, For example, i have 100 clients in my company, i just installed ERA Server and deploy for all clients completed. So may i know "How many bandwidth for per client when connect to update DB Virus signature?" (through HTTP Apache proxy on ERA Server or direct connection to internet) How can i track this? Please share with me.. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone, On ERA webconsole will be display all threats found on clients, but have you noticed that sometime display "Deleted" or "Cleaned by deleting", even nothing there. So, Can someone help to explain the principle display in column "Action", please? Thanks a lot!
  13. Hi Miami, In this case, the client was installed by all-in-one package installer, i tried with other package created from ERA again, but still got the same issue. I don't know what happened meanwhile the connection make sure that completely normal!
  14. @Marcos As i see, nothing is abnormal!