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  1. It's ok if installing the product again resolved. But a fix would have to come to fix this whole problem. Imagine if a small company would have to install everything again, or even at home, that's why I think I would have to send a patch package. not us users to do workarounds.
  2. I could use a dark theme and rounded corners. To start with, since most products already have their dark color.
  3. My friend, not much has changed, the interface is the same, there is no dark mode, several user comments requesting changes in the appearance of the antivirus, but so far nothing was attended to. when you check back here and comment what you think. I haven't found anything so far. it's like ten from version 9
  4. Esteemed, With the release of the new version of ESET products, could you please let me know why the modules were removed? follow the list below: With this removal will I be unprotected?
  5. I wonder if it's really the product that we will use from eset we use. And safe like Kaspersky, Norton, Bitdefender. Is the cloud service of the above products better than eset's?
  6. Good afternoon, I always check in each security product on the market what each product has the best to offer to customers. Is there any place that could tell me what each module of eset does and its role in the antivirus? Below is the list:
  7. 1 - Want to know the difference between regular update and pre-release update? 2 - if the pre-release is better because the eset program doesn't put it as default?
  8. Now how do we consumers report problems that happen to our products? Because I'm always seeing problems and never a solution. and a lot of delay to solve, whenever what I hear is on V15 it will be corrected.
  9. I see there are a lot of people talking about these glitches that you have in v14, but I don't think anyone at eset is seeing what consumers are reporting. if by chance they are seeing it, it takes a long time to make the correction, it always says it will stay for the next V15. I noticed that the product version always and after 1 year. does it take so long to fix?
  10. Tell us in more detail why you are not finding it more reliable, talk a little more about the attacks that have increased do you think this version 14 is not good?
  11. Could you post a print and explain in more detail for better understanding.
  12. What are you talking about I totally agree, you are correct in your opinion this away from the users. I am finding that ANTIVIRUS ESET does not have TELEMETRY to identify all these problems. The worst thing is that the updates of the product problem fixes take a long time to get out to the END user, that's because we pay dearly for the product, so much so that competitors like KASPERSKY products are very cheap and have several promotions and even more has FREE antivirus. I am finding that ESET is unable to work faster.
  13. It was informed here in the forum on Monday 13/09/2021 that there would be an update of the HIPS but so far nothing. as shown in the image below. I believe the last update was on 8/27/2021
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