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  1. Description: Dark Mode Detail: I could put the antivirus in Dark mode as several antivirus are doing on their platforms, we need it urgently.
  2. Description: PLUGINS for the browser. Details: Develop plugins to block dangerous and pop-up blocker sites such as Kaspersky, Avast and Bitedefender. These companies already have this kind of security.
  3. Description: Remodel the Interface Detail: Modify the appearance of antivirus a little, because it has been the same for years.
  4. Description: Modify the icon. Detail: Modification and super simple, modify the ESET icon to the old one that was an Eye. To do as Kaspersky did in product 2020 you have the option to choose which icon you use for your antivirus.
  5. Thanks for the clarification, could you inform me a program to update Third-party software, that is safe?
  6. Description: Software Update Detail: I would like the ESET product to have a feature of updating all third party programs such as Kaspersky Internet Security Software Update.
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