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  1. Guys I have a problem, is appearing in my eset this message, what to do to stop appearing.
  2. Description: PLUGINS for the browser. Details: Develop plugins to block dangerous and pop-up blocker sites such as Kaspersky, Avast and Bitedefender. These companies already have this kind of security.
  3. Agrees that it is very uncomfortable to be downloading and installing over the current version, the good and when you have the option inside the antivirus that just press the button and update the software. I know that eset has, but as the friend said is not appearing.
  4. As you mentioned above, that may be version upgrade. I have been watching still continues on version, did not change the version. It may be that the program modules have been updated.
  5. Good evening, guys when I put ESET to update the virus base, it does quietly, sometimes the error, but I trying several times it works. plus the download is very letno why is it? 130MB download is taking over 15 minutes, I have a 15MB internet, is that the eset server?
  6. Sendo capaz de atualizar o eset na minha máquina virtual, mas na minha máquina uso todos os dias não consigo atualizar para a nova versão 13.0.24 I am from Brazil, do you not have this version for BRAZIL?
  7. I haven't received an EIS version update yet. I am with 13.0.22, did not reach me version 13.0.24, because it did not reach me, I live in BRAZIL
  8. Description: Remodel the Interface Detail: Modify the appearance of antivirus a little, because it has been the same for years.
  9. Description: Modify the icon. Detail: Modification and super simple, modify the ESET icon to the old one that was an Eye. To do as Kaspersky did in product 2020 you have the option to choose which icon you use for your antivirus.
  10. Guys, I have the same problem, I can not repair. what will be the solution?
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