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  1. During the past month I have noticed a drop in protection/HIPS levels from ESET during which time my PC was infected and had to reformat the whole system to get things back to normal (thanks to the backups I made, i didn't lose overall data). I contacted support and they couldn't do much about the incident either. I recently (2 weeks back) renewed by ESSP license for a good 3 years! This debacle made me consider trialing a new solution - I am trialing Dr. Web Security Space for 90 days now. Looks very solid to me. I hope ESET is able to rectify these misses/errors so that followers will not gravitate to other solutions.
  2. Add real time ESET Cloud detections under Tools This would help users understand the latest threat volumes detected by ESET Cloud on real time displaying those as GOOD, BAD, currently being verified etc (something similar to Kaspersky)
  3. Hi, It would be nice to see if ESET's Virusradar website can display threats in real time - similar to Bitdefender's Threatmap (https://threatmap.bitdefender.com/) or Kaspersky's Cybermap (https://cybermap.kaspersky.com/)
  4. Hi Marcos, Unfortunately I cannot seem to remove the EIS and Freemium license on my portal. I wish to only have the ESSP under my ESET. Could you remove them? Thanks
  5. Is it possible to remove these two? I will be using my ESSP license.
  6. Is it possible for the following two licenses to be removed from my ESET account? Public License ID: 3AD-93R-87R Public License ID: 3AG-EF8-FNW
  7. Hello Marcos, I was refering to ID Protection similar to that offered by Norton where email addresses, credit/debit cards are scanned if they have been leaked or hacked etc.
  8. Hi, Will ESET be introducing ID Protection, Dark Web related features ?
  9. Hi @Peter Randziakcould you add me as well? Kind Regards Nabeel
  10. Thanks Marcos. Core technology wise will both products will have the same level of protection?
  11. Hey @itmanthanks for the response to be honest I got no clue, but I do know something exciting is in store for ESSP users on the next future release. . Being a EIS user I'm curious to know if this new technology or feature be available for us as well.
  12. Hi, Will new protection features that will be added to Eset Smart Security Premium be also available for Eset Internet Security as well? - I refer to the core technology features and not the add ons like Password Manager etc. Thanks
  13. Idea: Change notification fonts Reason: It would be elegant if the notifications are displayed with a smarter looking font.
  14. Dear @Marcos Can you upgrade the license? - do I have to pay any additional amount OR maybe reduce the months for a free upgrade - our local ESET partner seems to be providing a good renewal rate so I thought of upgrading the license in one go.
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