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  1. May have been covered elsewhere but I have a system running ESET IS under Win 10, and that has updated to, whilst another system running ESET IS under Win 11 is still only on v14...and there seems to be no way to force the update, as when I go onto the ESET site and look at what is available to download it is still on v14. Am I missing something here? Thanks, Baldrick
  2. Bear in mind that Webroot has been doing this for years, as the principal tool, and it is available across their entire product range. IMHO ESET should very much consider doing that, i.e.., making this functionality core... and then selling the different products based on the peripheral or non core options they bring, given that every user wants the best core security possible...whilst some may not want/need parental control or a password manager, etc. Just a thought...for what it is worth.
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