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  1. What are you talking about I totally agree, you are correct in your opinion this away from the users. I am finding that ANTIVIRUS ESET does not have TELEMETRY to identify all these problems. The worst thing is that the updates of the product problem fixes take a long time to get out to the END user, that's because we pay dearly for the product, so much so that competitors like KASPERSKY products are very cheap and have several promotions and even more has FREE antivirus. I am finding that ESET is unable to work faster.
  2. It was informed here in the forum on Monday 13/09/2021 that there would be an update of the HIPS but so far nothing. as shown in the image below. I believe the last update was on 8/27/2021
  3. What is making me worried is the image below, with updated information on the tested products. NOTE: ESET has low detection compared to weaker products. what is happening with personal ESET? Real-World Protection Test July-August 2021 - Factsheet (av-comparatives.org)
  4. I get very thoughtful when I see these things, and it takes a lot of time to fix them. always have something or excuses, while other protection products have daily fixes and released daily, for example the avast forum, you see an error and inform them, on the same day they fix and launch the update. on the same day. That's because I don't like using avast products. but I always stay up to date on security products.
  5. Is the eset team aware of this problem with the product?
  6. It's really hard to know if we're safe like you said it's the second time. "I liked your review saying that you are questioning the reliability of the product." I don't know why ESET takes so long to fix its product issues?
  7. It could also be that you are not connected to the internet, so it looks like that.
  8. I have witnessed from some users that when they see this they feel that the system is slow the eset does not stop scanning, this gives a bad impression of the product. If there is any kind of visual or even flaw in the product, it could send a fix quickly and the agent would download it by updating the modules. no need to wait to be released in a next version.
  9. I understand that it shouldn't affect system performance, but nobody likes to have a problem like that on their computer screen, that's why it should be fixed quickly, don't wait for the next version of the antivirus.
  10. I agree there are several smaller companies and with AV not as recognized as ESET already has its own VPN, ESET urgently needs to evolve in the market. especially with the world working remotely we need VPN... URGENT
  11. Guys, I'm using Windows 11 Final as you can see in the image below: My question is whether the version of eset is compatible with the new version of windows 11? Will I have problems because ESET is only compatible with windows 10 so far.
  12. Could you tell which month it will be released later this year?
  13. Description : Eset - Manage and schedule tasks. Detail: What's the real reason to still have this option: Automatically update after dial-up connection has been established? Since No one in the middle of 2021 has a dial-up telephone connection.
  14. I'm very concerned about that you said this in 2016 and to date it has not been included in the ESET product for consumers.
  15. I also didn't understand why take the green edge off since it's only used to access banks and shop online. But to see videos it will not be necessary to use the protected browser.
  16. What did you say and show. we really have to always have the most up-to-date product, to have better protection. But what I like most about ESET is that it gives you the option to disable it so it doesn't install the latest version, even if it's not recommended. I am one of those who use the disabled option to not update to the latest version. more then i go and update to the latest. after it is stable. I always update later because that way I know the product is stable.
  17. I wonder if ESET staff are reading and taking our opinions into account? Was taking a look and previous comments, there are several opinions about ideas suggested by customers, but so far none of them have been placed in the ESET product. so it generated this doubt that they are looking at our comments.
  18. Am I understanding that KASPERSKY is a better product than ESET? From what I'm seeing there's more security.
  19. I ended up doing some research on the subject below this link. https://pplware.sapo.pt/tutorials/eset-secure-authentication-em-teste-2fa-em-any-empresa/ I checked on the website that eset has been working on the subject for a while. more for the matter it's been a while and so far nothing to implement. will it go out to home users? I found that KASPERSKY's product has a lot of tools in its products, I really wanted ESET to also have products like the competitor, with this Kaspersky every day is gaining more market because of the varied security products, it would be time for eset to open their eyes so they don't get left behind on their products?
  20. I had a doubt, ESET does not participate but the test of vb100 more in the installer of eset comes information that it is awarded by vb100 but when going to consult it does not participate for more than 1 year. There are people who, when you install the product, see this and see that it is not true. this could be a way of deceiving the customer and may lower ESET's product reputation.
  21. Description: MyEset with more tools. Detail: You could do as KASPERSKY does in her product, put more options for the user, giving the option of Scanning and other settings remotely.
  22. Is there a site explaining better about changes to each number "" 14? 2? 24? 0? What does each number listed above what happens and what changes when these numbers change. for consumers to know where it has changed and what has changed?
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