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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to EAV8 in Customer satisfaction survey 2021   
    You said everything.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to peteyt in Customer satisfaction survey 2021   
    I'd like to add that that while I enjoy Eset and enjoy being part of the insider testing group, and have no plans myself in leaving, I've seen that some features missing are being offered by the competition and other users may decide to jump ship.
    For example a lot are offering more features to help with ransomware e.g. protected folders, rollback etc. While these can go wrong e.g. ransomware may break into the protected folders, surely it is better to have it as extra protection.
    Same goes with things like the ability to block things with no or low results. If disabled by default I can't see it causing too many issues if users are given a warning.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to itman in Customer satisfaction survey 2021   
    7). Will not renew my EIS subscription unless LiveGuard capability is provided in EIS to block and submit for cloud scanning all locally detected suspicious Eset detection's. That is all currently files being submitted to LiveGrid but allowed to run.
    8). LiveGuard in ESSP currently does not include the ability to set detection confidence levels and receive a suspicious verdict based on those levels as exists in EDTD. This would also include a display of suspicious factors found.
    9). HIPS file wildcard specification capability that I have asked for years.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to QuantumFour in Internet Security has damaged Firefox   
    Reinstalling Eset Fixed my firefox issues - Thnx
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Baldrick in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    I would like to suggest that LiveGuard is introduced into the Internet Security version for a number of reasons but primarily that it would improve EIS's ability to protect users...the ability to quickly respond to zero day threats is now a requirement of all ISs...and most of the competition that ESET faces is from ISs that have already implemented this feature.
    IMHO it should not be used as a marketing tool...ESSP already differentiates from EIS sufficiently given the current additional features available.
    Just saying...for what it is worth. 🙂
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to 9Chris6 in Update ESET Smart Security V15 now blocking all sorts of applications   
    Uninstall and reinstall helps, but this is a major problem. We are ESET Gold Partners and we receive several calls a day since the update that nothing in the network works after the update. People cant't scan, print,  access network shares, use database Software and so on.
    The Eset support on the phone said they are working on a fix and can't stop the rollout of the update. Does not feel good to explain to my customers that the AV i recommended is suddenly preventing them from doing their work. 
    I have other work to do than reinstalling ESET all day, so please fix asap!
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to SnowdeninRussia in Cannot update to   
    Trying to update from to   From the home tab I've hit Accept & Update for the new license agreement, once I hit that I get and Elevated ESET client prompt, I hit yes on that window and it takes me to the update tab.  From there I hit Update product now(because it isint updating at this point).  That takes me to another Elevated ESET promt, which again brings me back to the update tab and does nothing...
    Please Alpha and beta test your software before unleashing it on the public, unless you want to pay us for testing... thanks
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Simon Bowland in Internet Security has damaged Firefox   
    Is there a way I can roll ESET back to v14, which worked perfectly, and then block ESET from updating to v15 until a fix is implemented?
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Nightowl in antivirus version 15.0.6   
    I wonder what you guys meaning of all of this, LiveGuard was introduced probably because there was need for 0-day protection and also Smart Security lacked something special that differs it from Internet Security
    The complaint here is that LiveGuard does take 1-10 minutes inorder to process what has been sent to Cloud and with that time it's blocked till it gets approved by ESET, even also as been reported that Signed files are even reported and uploaded, Let's not forget that before a while there was an article about Microsoft signing drivers which in the end was a malware
    LiveGuard is a kind of sandbox analysis server that is available for Smart Security products, which is normal thing for a sandbox to take time to process and analyze and send back information, there was a complaint before that LiveGrid doesn't block/prevent because it didn't have an update for a kind of file/threat , now that what LiveGuard is doing , it's blocking a file that it never seen before , which what people requested in order to prevent never seen before Ransomware files
    For sure a new feature , it would contain bugs and need to be fixed and optimized more and so the servers are , even if one will go and have EDTD and one endpoint for it , it would take the same amount of time for analysis
    And probably LiveGuard is powered by EDTD so would be same same.
    LiveGuard is very nice addition by ESET , it can be fixed and optimized more for sure and I believe by the time passes it's database will be bigger and better, it's still the first public version for it , but for the question to use it or not , well Internet Security is still there if answer is not.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to AZ Tech in LiveGuard not working for me !   
    I agree with that
    I totally agree with you and I think the LiveGuard reports need to be more detailed.
    Also, an option should be added that allows the user to send the file directly to LiveGuard, and to avoid sending many files that are already known, the software can do a quick verification of the files before sending them at the request of the user, and notify him of this if the file was sent or not sent with an explanation Reason .
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to SeriousHoax in antivirus version 15.0.6   
    One thing that I don't like about LiveGuard is that it seems to send every new file created on the device to LiveGuard upon execution. Even if it's an old, trusted and safe file. As you soon as I try to execute a new file that wasn't on my device before, ESET sends that to LiveGuard. Eg: If I just extract a newly downloaded 7zip installer from a zip file where the installer exe is trusted by literally every AV, as soon as I execute it, it gets blocked and submitted to LiveGuard for analysis. What's the point of this? A ESET's reputation check shows that the file is old with reputation status being Fine & green and the number of users is also high with a green mark. 
    ESET should feed from this LiveGrid status and determine that the file is trusted, whitelisted and not necessary to submit it to LiveGuard for analysis. This alone would massively reduce the load on LiveGuard's server. This type of unnecessary submission needs to be avoided. Kaspersky and Norton makes use of their cloud reputation appropriately, which is something ESET is not doing here. The LiveGrid reputation should mean something. The LiveGrid and the LiveGuard combo should communicate with each other to determine what needs to be submitted and what not. Otherwise, LiveGuard servers are going to be bombarded with excessive unnecessary submission. 
    Unnecessary submission is going to annoy even expert users.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Marcos in antivirus version 15.0.6   
    The user must choose whether to enable or disable the LG feedback system. We cannot enable it automatically for legal reasons:

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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to peteyt in antivirus version 15.0.6   
    As far as I'm aware the pre release version contains fixes to issues and eset recommend people use it to see if it works and if there are any other issues. However eset don't recommend activating it on work computers in case of any issues 
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to NewbyUser in antivirus version 15.0.6   
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Timur Born in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    I understand the spinning platter situation, but modern systems don't use HDDs for system drives anymore. And even then, scanning network shares on my HDD based NAS is faster when done by multi-threaded AV products.
    All of my own and my customers' computers use SSDs for years already. Defender peaks at over 2500 mb/s during on-demand scans running 24 threads/files in parallel, meanwhile ESET is chugging along one file at a time. This should be brought up to more modern standards rather sooner than later.
    Furthermore large compressed archive files should be handled by multiple threads, too, especially for the uncompression part of the operation.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Timur Born in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    What is meant by "whitelisted" files in this context? I noticed that out of the 456 .exe files contained in the WSSC GUI (Nirsoft, Sysinternals) only those 5 are re-read after reboot that qualify as "potentially unsafe applications" (regardless of the respective settings and exceptions). All none exe files on my system seem to be re-read by ESET after each reboot, regardless of module updates.
    This includes all TTF (font) files, but also things like loading thousands of Lua addons files, hundreds of Toc files, dozends og TGA and font files when World of Warcraft is started for the first time after a reboot, plus NVidia and Battle.net client cache files.
    I assume that most of these files are only re-hashed instead of rescanned (analyzed)? But it's still re-reading of files that were already scanned when the PC was last turned on (or just before reboot a few minutes ago).
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Timur Born in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    I just went through all windows again and curiously all windows that feature a "maximize" button are resizable today, even when it is quite difficult to hit their narrow 1 px border. When I tried this yesterday some (but not all) windows would not let me mouseover/hit their border in order to resize them, try as I might from all directions. So I change my suggestion to either increase the border size or offer a resize handle in the lower-right corner (and keep an eye on this one).
    There are some windows that are not resizable, though, and don't fit their content (115% scaling here). This is most problematic in windows featuring tabs at their top, like the Firewall rule window.

    Other windows not fitting their content:
    Network Attack Protection -> IDS Rules -> Add/Edit (only half a row missing)
    Web and Email -> Excluded Applications -> Add/Edit (only fits 5 rows of a scrollable list)
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Timur Born in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Description : Improve ESET update server capacities.
    Detail: Last week some connections to (some?) ESET update servers were abysmally slow, as in downloading at 0.01-0.1 mb/s while my internet line offers close to 13 mb/s. As a consequence download single update files took a *very* long time.
    According to e-mail support some major ESET module update caused high spikes, so the server/connectivity infrastructure should be improved to handle these spikes much better.
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    New_Style_xd received kudos from SlashRose in Borked HIPS   
    Now how do we consumers report problems that happen to our products?
    Because I'm always seeing problems and never a solution. and a lot of delay to solve, whenever what I hear is on V15 it will be corrected.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to SlashRose in Borked HIPS   
    And that's exactly our problem here Marcos, you never see reported problems, no matter how much you show them to them and that's why they are not useful here, as I already wrote to their superiors!
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to itman in Borked HIPS   
    Good advice. I am tired of wasting my time in this forum reporting Eset problems that ultimately get dismissed.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to Marcos in No option to disabled License Auto-Renew !   
    Regarding the forum not saving what you have typed, I was not able to reproduce it. Navigating back and forth or refreshing the page didn't clear what I typed. Anyways, the forum is developed and maintained by a 3rd party provider and we have no permissions or rights to change the code ourselves. If there's an issue we can report it to the provider but we'll need to provide step-by-step instructions how to 100% duplicate it.
    Last but not least, I would like to ask you not to mix different issues in one topic but rather create a separate topic for an issue.
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    New_Style_xd gave kudos to SlashRose in Borked HIPS   
    I, like you itman and others, no longer see Eset as trustworthy and where since Corona the attacks have increased a few times. This is not a fine kind of Eset.
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    New_Style_xd received kudos from SlashRose in Eset Update Hang on ver. 14.2.24   
    What are you talking about I totally agree, you are correct in your opinion this away from the users.
    I am finding that ANTIVIRUS ESET does not have TELEMETRY to identify all these problems.
    The worst thing is that the updates of the product problem fixes take a long time to get out to the END user, that's because we pay dearly for the product, so much so that competitors like KASPERSKY products are very cheap and have several promotions and even more has FREE antivirus.
    I am finding that ESET is unable to work faster.
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    New_Style_xd received kudos from nabeelmansoor in Infection   
    What is making me worried is the image below, with updated information on the tested products.
    NOTE: ESET has low detection compared to weaker products. what is happening with personal ESET?

    Real-World Protection Test July-August 2021 - Factsheet (av-comparatives.org)
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