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  1. Thanks, I'll give it 'another' try. Dave
  2. Time to say goodbye to Nod32. It won't let me update to the new version, when my license expires so will the payment, there are other Anti Viruses programmes that cater for Win 7 for another 2 years at least - so why can't Nod... are they pushing things they don't want us to know about? Running Win 7 and Sp1 and still can't install, WHY isn't there clear EXACT instructions - I'm having a hard time in trying to install them so I have given up. ....and if MS thinks they'er pushing Win 10 on me THEY ARE TOTALLY WRONG. Dave
  3. Nod32 got me wondering. Why Nod32? How about Nod64 or NodAV, NodIS? Many systems now run on 64bits, when you see Nod32 it fixates the mind that the product only runs on 32bit systems..... a long time since the dos old days, big floppy's them were!!! I had to show one guy there was a NOD64 version and that it ran happily on my Win7 64bit. he thought Nod32 was only for 32 bit systems. Keep the good work up ESET. Dave.
  4. Just keep Nod 7 rolling and I'll be happy...... I like the Nod32 signature when sending Emails, that is a must for me on my outgoing Emails, plus it's good for business by self advertising have you forgot? No, no don't tell me I should be using the latest version - I don't wanna hear or be knowing because it does not display the 'checked by.. Nod 32 signature' so if this could be included then I'll be happy to update... but alas not only has the browser war gone crazy the operating system has too. Sooo, I'm happy and no complaints yet. ESET you doing a great job, nice and clean, no slo
  5. I did say in the header and obviously meant on the index page.... not in some obscure place at the bottom of the page. Obviously, only the op can activate it, I know that! Dave
  6. How about a tick icon or 'solved' icon in the header that the poster can set when the problem has been solved.... just an idea. I did have a problem myself a day or two ago where I thought it was a Nod32 problem it wasn't, it was a computer fault which I resolved. Pretty sure I marked the post solved, I couldn't see any indications. Dave
  7. Product updating: My product version kept telling me it was 'up to date', yet a new product was released. Thanks to a reply from Marcos I was soon put right and had the new product installed in no time. Is the user notified in the GUI? Seemed a little odd to me there was a newer version out and my GUI didn't tell me, it could be the update was of no significance. Dave
  8. Hi all, especially to Dr Teeth. I'm a radio amateur too, like working cw, rag chewing and home brewing.... no, no not the liquid stuff, also like making pcbs. You'll see an article or two of mine in Sprat, the G-qrp club magazine. I came here from another AV, a very buggy AV I kicked into the long grass, nuff of that I couldn't resist dropping by when I saw Dr Teeth, just like a union man eh, one out all out!! Would love to learn the guitar, I do practice the mouth harp, for some reason all the cats n' dogs wanna join in. Good luck all, Dave
  9. ..... and a link to the latest virus threats on the forum. Dave
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