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  1. Thank's to Marcos and itman for the replies, not to worry, thanks for trying. Regard's to all, Dave.
  2. I've downloaded the two KB stack files from MS catalogue as I did with my desktop but only one would go in..... the other one I got 'Not campatible with this machine' - I tried putting it in first and then last I haven't tried downloading the entire updates.... is there a 'trusted' link. I don't know why I bother with it to be honest, it does have Win. Defender which I never used. This machine as I said is not all that important, the reason for posting was hoping of a 'quick fix'.... I take it the two KB files that are needed would also be needed for Win 7 Starter pack. Ah well
  3. I have a Acer Aspire D255E notepad with Win 7. Starter Edition. It did have Nod32 on that worked inspite of EOL warning. I tried updating from the window that popped up and it loaded to my surprise Nod32 Security no problem..... I uninstalled it and now I'm 'zapped' - no AV. It would be nice to be able to get Nod32 AV working again inspite the machine's slowness. I had a similar problem with my Win 7 pro desktop when Nod32 reached EOL, thanks to this forum that was resolved by loading two KB files.... so I tried doing the same. I could only load KB976902 and not the KB4474419, I
  4. Thanks for your solid patience you are showing.... I've never done any re-installs since I always keep a clone. YES I have ran disc clean up in the past. There is nothing in Update History, there was a few I can remember seeing, it say's that 'I haven't tried to install any'..... I'm flummoxed now, surely a drive wipe shouldn't clean them out. When running update I get error 'Windows could not search for new updates showing error code 80080005 underneath. Is this service 'live' or is the server no longer in use? Dave Edit: Searching for installed updates come's up bla
  5. What is going on here? The link above sometimes works and sometimes doesn't AND this is where I got those files from! Dave
  6. https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=windows+7+hotfix Dave
  7. Ah, it sticks a file on C drive I did not know this..... I am sorry, I'll snip the rest here is the result-: Hotfix(s): N/A Now this explains a lot... there isn't any! So what to do now The OS is genuine, Win 7 pro SP1, version 6.1 x64, pretty sure this is the answer you are seeking. Dave
  8. Please re-read my post again Marcos..... I ran CMD as Administrator, that is running CMD elevated isn't it? I get ' Loading Hotfix Information ...' nothing comes up it reverts to C:\windows\system32> Is this what it does when it finds nothing or is something stopping the scan? Dave
  9. I can't understand....! Nothing comes up, I ran CMD as Admin. and typed systeminfo > c:\updates.txt, sure did scan but produced no results, I tried again but I 'copied and paste' and got same result - scans but finds nothing reverting back to input command. I KNOW there should be some in there, which ones I can't say, I doubled checked I'm running Win 7 pro Sp1 6.1 x64 bit and shows a valid installation. Dave
  10. That's where I looked before nothing - completely empty nor could I see them anywhere even with hidden files exposed....! There was some there the last time I looked I'm pretty sure, don't ask me which ones though, I've been snookered here. Dave
  11. I'm pretty sure I did, I seem to think I went back to get the other file and it took three attempts as the site wouldn't open. Before even thinking of running ANY file I do right click them and let Nod32 do a scan first, they came up clean. I doubled clicked them and also right clicked them and clicked 'Open with installer, I tried them starting with KB4490628 then KB4474419, just to be sure I reversed the order, in both cases I got update not applicable. I'm gonna try Marcos idea of un installing using Eset tool in safe mode and then updating to the new version.... somehow I can't
  12. I'm stumped...! I was pretty sure it looked like a MS website, I did scan them before opening. It appears THEY COULD NEVER be from MS, I do have them here if you want to check them, these sited ought be removed. As I can see it Win 7 is pretty much useless without them or changing an AV that 'still' works.... wonder why Eset are still providing the links? I've still not tried Marcos suggestion of removing it in safe mode yet, sure will try though. At this point of time it's pretty pointless me renewing the license, as I see it there must be some update that's missing, should I
  13. Thank you all for the great patience. Before I do a complete removal and re-install as Marcos suggested, could I question how you install the KB stand alone installers, do you click em' or place them on the C drive? I've been clicking them. It looks as if I don't have the cumulative updates, is there a place I can get them? I'm using a cloned drive, and to prove the update path is working I installed KB449915 (a .exe file) and it installed with ease and shows in the update list, so this proves update path is working. Dave
  14. I did have a quick look for the update files, I've either not got them, been corrupted or missing.... or not looking in the right place. I'll try Marcos suggestion of installing again, the last time all I got was unable to install because I needed the two files... I never thought of looking at log files, been at it all day here, I'll try again tomorrow. Dave
  15. The files I have, KB4490628, KB447441 and KB4490628. I had no problems with downloading from MS catalogue earlier except on one occasion, I can't get any of them to install I get 'update not applicable' error. I just tried MS again and is down again as you say. Dave
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