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  1. I have run the install from login as domain administrator. I have also right clicked and run as administrator. Both fail with the same issue. I had a previous version installed prior to this V6.5 and that installed and ran without issue. The upgrade process removed this version prior to trying to install the new version which is when I ran into this issue. I have attached the log file here. I was going to raise a ticket referencing this discussion but am limited to 8mb uploads from the ticket system which is a bit limiting. I will raise a ticket and link the details back to this disc
  2. Hi have you had chance to review the logs here. Need to get File Security installed.
  3. The install is an exe package file generated from EMSC so creating the install.log will not work. Also there is not an C:\WINDOWS\INF\setupapi.app.log or C:\WINDOWS\INF\setupapi.dev.log dated today after another attempt at installing. I have attached the eset logs from %temp%/eset. The install is from a Server 2012R2 machine. I also have a VM running Server 2012R2 on this machine and that upgraded OK. liveinstaller_20200228105450_eraa.zip
  4. I have just upgraded a server (2nd one) to ESMC 7.1 from 6.X and started to roll out upgrades to clients. Every client is failing to install with the same error which appears to be related to installing the services. On the server, the upgrade process removed the old 6.5 File Server protection but then failed to install the update so now the server is not protected. A fresh install on a new machine worked fine, but I cannot upgrade existing clients. I have created a package and tried installing it manually but the result is the same. I have scanned the server with the Specialized Sca
  5. Why do you deem it necessary to have multiple AV solutions. Eset is more than capable of identifying malware. It is not good practise to have more than one AV installed on a machine anyway as they can cause conflict.
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