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  1. Just checked your website and seems the warning is still there.
  2. Hey @Marcos "I wouldn't recommend ESET because it doesn't have a proper behavior blocker like Kaspersky's System Watcher or Bitdefender Advanced Threat Defense." I'm curious to hear your opinion. How would you respond to these claims? I'm interested in learning more about how you deal with zero-day threats.
  3. Is there a difference in scanning speed between the antivirus and the ESET online scanner?
  4. "Does ESET Online Scanner use Live Grid technology?No, our feedback system consents to only collect data about found threats." [KB405] ESET Online Scanner FAQ So basically it just collects data and does not add to the detection capabilities compared to when you do a full scan with ESET AV?
  5. Does ESET Online Scanner use ESET LiveGrid? If not, why not?
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