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  1. This was in Cloud Administrator topic but should be here too Description: A new task/setting to reboot computers with a popup message warning,Detail: Add the possibility to notify user that computer will be restarted when reboot computer task is triggered and let them for example 5 minutes to save/close programs/data.
  2. ESMC is telling, all our recently upgraded 7.3.2041 clients are now outdated, new version 7.3.2044 is available. No changelog, no announcement. This is not the first time new version coming out silently.
  3. No, it's server's syslog messages, like this: INFO: [karlisi] User sends gql request: qroups ( #id=TASKS:id=CLIENT_TASK_DETAIL;u=48eef0ae-96d2-4bed-ad2b-b5094a07cfe2;p=2:id=TARGETS_TRIGGERS_TASK_WIZARD;tru=be984c29-a03d-4cfa-9e16-d1d713f437a9;tsu=48eef0ae-96d2-4bed-ad2b-b5094a07cfe2) This message is one of many which corresponds to this ESMC audit log entry: Modifying client trigger of type 'Scheduled Trigger' with description 'ASAP; Outdated, Not protected' for task 'AV update to latest'.
  4. Some UI improvements for Tasks. In 'Summary' page 'Trigger description' section add trigger's expiration date, and in 'Triggers' page additional column 'Expiration date'. As for now the only way to see it is by editing trigger, AFAIK.
  5. In 'Computers' list there is 'Remote host' column with clients external IPs.
  6. Yes, You need only port 2222. Instead of two update profiles we are using one for all clients, pointing to our WAN address, to keep things simple.
  7. You can select 'Restart' in next step when creating this task. This is the same as Windows command 'shutdown /r'
  8. Ah, I see, the problem is, user don't restart Windows when asked, instead shut it down at the end of day and that's not the same as restart. Can ESET change this behavior? There should be some way, i.e. full shutdown occurs when Windows updates are installed.
  9. And how about restart using Windows Start, from my experience it seems not full? Average users typically don't read alerts, nor opens ESET GUI, we can't rely on it.
  10. As we now, after upgrade to 7.3.2032 Windows restart is required. Unfortunately simple Windows 10 restart not always works because usually it's 'fast restart' and ESET needs full restart. Even clicking on 'Restart computer' in ESET GUI not always works, I have some computers which still shows 'Restart required' after 2 or 3 such restarts. Command 'shutdown /r /f /t 0' solves it. Or restart after Windows update. It would be good if after such ESET upgrades Windows restart (or shutdown) always will be full, like after Windows update.
  11. Sure, it helps when reviewing detections but the question remains unanswered.
  12. These warnings are annoying and not useful for administrator. If connection attempts are blocked, they should be marked as resolved. The same as if file infection is cleaned.
  13. Why are ESET Endpoint version 7.1.2053 released silently? This is not the first time, suddenly in ESMC all my endpoints have outdated versions and no announcement in support forum.
  14. We have zabbix agent on ESMC7 server appliance, just follow the guide for CentOS
  15. Make sure your clients actually are not up to date. Perhaps it's because of bug in dynamic group template?
  16. I upgraded the 6.5 to 7, the template was the old one and I edited it manually.
  17. We upgraded Windows XP to EEA 6.6.2089.2 and no problems yet. So our setup is unsupported?
  18. ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.471.0), Virtual Appliance Installers -> Agent Live Installers In Agent live installer configuration you can change only ESMC server hostname, not port, like in All-in-one Installer configuration. I suggest to make port configurable also in Agent settings. Now, if you need non-default port in Agent configuration, you should edit downloaded .bat file manually.
  19. Red 40 means count of computers with red alerts. If problems will be resolved, this number will decrease automatically and eventually go to none. Red 108 means count of non resolved threats. You should manually set threats to 'resolved' state to decrease this number. https://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/threats.html?threats.html
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