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  1. Hello @peteyt An excellent suggestion on something that should have been done ages ago.
  2. Hello. Worked as expected here. Created a file eicar.bat on my desktop, edited the file and just pasted in the EICAR string (shown in your message). As soon as I saved the file, ESET real-time popped up with the expected alert.
  3. Hello @MrWrighty You are correct. I was making the point to @bvj that his statement "Tomcat uses log4j. You obviously don't know what you're talking about." is misleading and doesn't apply in this ESET situation.
  4. Hello. "As of Tomcat 5.5, Apache's Java Commons Logging (JCL) technology is used throughout Tomcat. JCL is a lightweight API for Java applications that allows hierarchical logging to be supported across all log levels, independent of logging implementation. This means that rather being limited to a specific hard-coded framework, you can choose the solution that works for you with only a small amount of extra configuration. ... The two most common logging implementations used for Tomcat - the included JULI implementation, and Log4j, a popular, feature-rich implementation compatible with JCL." https://www.mulesoft.com/tcat/tomcat-logging You can configure TOMCAT to use log4j but just stating that TOMCAT uses log4j is incorrect.
  5. I am pleased to confirm that I am now able to install and activate the software as expected. Thank you for your assistance.
  6. Hello. PUBLIC ID: 3AR-RBM-RSF Trying to install and activate ESET Smart Security Premium on my PC. When the software attempts to activate, I get ACT.0 errors. I removed all my devices from ESET HOME and still get ACT.0 errors
  7. Hello. This is why you should be using the official ESET Russia site: https://www.esetnod32.ru/home/products/
  8. Thank you for the very prompt reply. The support ticket has been sent (from within the EMS app).
  9. There is a problem with eset anti phishing. It doesn't block the AMTSO phishing test site. hxxps://www.amtso.org/check-android-phishing-page/ ESET Mobile Security (EMS) on my Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G works as expected on the other 3 Android tests. I only use the installed Google Chrome browser and EMS states that the phishing protection is correctly enable for Chrome.
  10. No need for a duplicate topic! Your issue was answered on the following topic:
  11. You need to follow the instructions in Marcos's reply! Also no need to create the duplicate topic at
  12. Hello. Has the new cleaner update been released to the public release channel? I know that I can switch to the pre-release update channel but, for the usual reasons, I prefer to stick to the public release versions.
  13. Hello. Any update on when this issue is going to be sorted?
  14. All with the new Initial Scan: 1 hours 38 mins Objects Scanned: 265982. WMI & Registry Only: 1 hours 7 minutes 34 seconds (before I stopped it!) It's clear from these figures, and other provided by itman, that the current public release is an utter load of rubbish! How on earth a company of ESET's reputation released this mess into the public arena is disgraceful and worthy of a detailed report. Don't see why I should stay with ESET, when my confidence in the company has been reduced to nil.
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