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  1. No need for a duplicate topic! Your issue was answered on the following topic:
  2. You need to follow the instructions in Marcos's reply! Also no need to create the duplicate topic at
  3. Hello. Has the new cleaner update been released to the public release channel? I know that I can switch to the pre-release update channel but, for the usual reasons, I prefer to stick to the public release versions.
  4. Hello. Any update on when this issue is going to be sorted?
  5. All with the new Initial Scan: 1 hours 38 mins Objects Scanned: 265982. WMI & Registry Only: 1 hours 7 minutes 34 seconds (before I stopped it!) It's clear from these figures, and other provided by itman, that the current public release is an utter load of rubbish! How on earth a company of ESET's reputation released this mess into the public arena is disgraceful and worthy of a detailed report. Don't see why I should stay with ESET, when my confidence in the company has been reduced to nil.
  6. WMI and registry: I will let you know. Previous Version Initial Scan: 23 minutes 33 seconds.
  7. Initial scan on a clean windows 10 pro 2004 took 90 minutes (Dell 15R laptop 16G Ram, i5 4th gen, 1TB SSD).
  8. If the scanner worked properly then it should indeed take a slightly longer time, but I do not think that a scan that takes 2-3 times longer as "... slightly longer ..." Should have been sorted before 13.2.15 entered the public release phase.
  9. itman is correct. Since the update to 13.2.15 my "Initial Scan" and the "Scan your Computer" are taking over twice as long to complete. Also the "Objects Scanned", which should increment as files are scanned, remains on 0 (zero). Extremely disappointed that ESET allowed something as major as this to enter the public release version.
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