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  1. Ok I get it. But if I have a mix of both, for example I have all licences created in MSP console except Dynamic Threat Defense which is a normal license for now since not available in MSP, then waht shall I do ? Add the Dynamic Threat Licence to the same account in EBA and then add this account to ESMC -> will show MSP and Dynamic Threat license ?
  2. Hello @MichalJ Thank you, very helpful ! Is it normal then that the licence assigned to an EMA/EBA account in MSP console V2 doesn't appear in EBA ? Will it still appear in ESMC when adding the account ?
  3. Hello I'm having troubles figuring exactly how things works / are linked now between new MSP console and EBA. Is this correct ? If yes, whats the relation between the user created in MSP and EBA ? Because it seems the user created with MSP can be used for EBA using this assistant for country / company setup, but then it doesn't contain the licences that were created in MSP and allowed to be managed by the user. I'm not sure in what cases EBA would be necessary, AFAIK it would be to use Cloud Administrator or to group licences in one account, but what other reasons ? Thanks for the help, I'm trying to figure this out for a few days already. Maybe I just didn't look at the right place.
  4. Hi @MichalJ Ok we can do this. We plan to make another ESMC console for MSP management, this one has been used up to now only to manage ESET in our own domain and we don't want to mix things. But since licences were initially added to this console using the MSP account, they all appeared as says since EMA 2. I created a sub account in our MSP portal for this console now, but it seems I cannot remove this MSP Group now, even though MSP account is no longer set in licences tab of ESMC. I hope I am clear enough...
  5. Hello OU AD Sync is failing since a few days. It seems related to the MSP branch that appeared in our AD since migration to new MSP portal : Our AD Sync task is configured to sync with the "All" folder and "Delete" groups that are no longer present. If I switch "Delete" of group to "Skip", the Sync works. /var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/trace.log shows this 2020-05-19 08:07:33 Error: CServerStaticGroupsModule [Thread 7f53425a1700]: Linked synchronized static group may not be removed Anyone seen this ? Since MSP related, maybe not many concerned.
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