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  1. OK. I relied on KB2256 but it seems wrong then. What in case of update to v9 for example, will it also auto-update via uPCU updates ? While I think auto-update is great for bugfix and security issues, I'm afraid of it deploying newer version with new features and changes automatically without any control over it ?
  2. Hi Marcos, Sorry to interfer in this thread, but I don't get it. I tought uPCU updates were for updates in the same version (8.1.2031 to 8.1.2037) while PCU were for upgrades (8.0.2039 to 8.1.2037). Is this incorrect ? Also, how do we manage both type of updates / upgrades in ESET Protect ? AFAIK there is only one setting for this.
  3. Ok so I checked, and there was a filter set on the access group... feeling so dumb sorry. 😅 Now I see them The thing is that if I select the root Access Groupe called "All" then it doesn't show Policy that are in a child item, only policies that are in the root Access Group itself, that mislead me.
  4. I have an issue with ESET protect 8.1 where some policies are not showing in the console in Policies tabs while I can see them or edit them when I open the Applied Policies tab in a computer. Anyone encountered this as well ?
  5. Hum ok... Never noticed this ! The change is at ESMC level not on endpoint level ?
  6. Hi, I cannot find the exact name of it but until a few months, AFAIK, when you set up a policy in ESMC / Protect and assign it to the client and then unassign it, it did not revert settings back to default on the client. Today I tried something with the HTTP Proxy settings and I saw that it did revert itself to original settings after I unassigned the policy. Is this a new behaviour or so ? Thanks
  7. Hi Since update to ESET Protect 8.1 on several customers consoles, I have the issue that I can only log in once and then if the login times out I cannot relogin I get : Login failed: Invalid username or password If I open the page inprivate then it works, but subsequents logons fails as well I need to close browser and reopen. Computer has been reinstalled yesterday. Happens with Edge and Chrome.
  8. Both would be nice, having the ability to set a default for all existing customers once and when a new is created, and also then set a different expiration time per customer could be helpful in some rare cases.
  9. All clear thanks I missed it. By the way, thank you for your products, you are doing great job !
  10. Very good news thank you. Do you think it will be activated by default or a way to activate this for all MSP users we have already created ? It would be nice.
  11. Ok in this case it is a good move, it makes much more sense that a successful block / remove / clean is auto resolved. Before it was unclear whether we still had something to do or not sometimes. I just regret that I wasn't aware of this change, I don't remember having seen it in the changelog - or maybe I missed it ?
  12. In this case, how do you check / change / know what type of event is auto resolved and what isn't ?
  13. There is a feature "Deactivate seats not connected to ESET Business Account" in EBA that can be set to deactivate seats when they do not connect for a long time. In MSP console this feature is not available, I think it should because it's useful imo.
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