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  1. Not necessarily related to ERA, but for the enterprise A/V products Description: Consistent handling of update profiles between Windows and macOSDetail: I would think that two products that are essentially branded the same should operate the same between platforms, ESET Endpoint A/V 6.* for Windows and macOS. When configuring update profiles to pull from an internal mirror on a PC, you essentially have to go in an update the the task for the update to use your internal mirror first, then use ESET's servers second. However, when you manually trigger the update now using the GUI, this fails at doesn't know to use a secondary profile and only uses the primary. In my mind, the macOS behavior is ideal method where you specify a primary and secondary server. It attempts the first, if it doesn't connect, it fails to the second. P.S. I am not interested in using the caching proxy that has been recommended me more times than I can remember. I am confused on why these products from a administrative standpoint are so very different. Another example is the ability to password protect the settings on Windows, but a horrible method of using groups/accounts on macOS. I simply want to apply a password before dropping into the settings panel. I am forced to mark all of the settings as Forced on my macOS policy to prevent users from modifying them which is a real pain if I have to have a technician troubleshoot something with an end-user.
  2. @pps @MichalJ It is currently available under the sync task. See screenshot below
  3. This is already an option in the task settings. I believe you can choose the behavior.
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