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  1. I already have, and they pretty much gave me the option of hiding the GUI entirely or upgrading. I just hope the feedback received makes the decision makers behind these decisions re-think this next time.
  2. This is not accurate. The current notification causes a Windows notification and alert sound upon logging into the machine which draws attention to the GUI.
  3. You are assuming that I plan to deploy 21H1 in the near future. The users in my environment will actually never have access to 21H1.
  4. At least for me, the issue with the notification is causing me to receive un-necessary support tickets from my end-users thinking there is an issue with their computer when in fact there is nothing wrong.
  5. That's not the point. This was not well executed by ESET. This message should have been displayed to the admins in the console and not on all endpoints without the ability to control it.
  6. On a similar note, can I ask why there isn't a way to hide this message on the client via policy? There is an option to disable every other alert message on the client but this one. In my environment, the end-users need to not worry about the agent/product being out of date as that is handled by IT. We are actively working on it and don't need users calling and telling us.
  7. Not necessarily related to ERA, but for the enterprise A/V products Description: Consistent handling of update profiles between Windows and macOSDetail: I would think that two products that are essentially branded the same should operate the same between platforms, ESET Endpoint A/V 6.* for Windows and macOS. When configuring update profiles to pull from an internal mirror on a PC, you essentially have to go in an update the the task for the update to use your internal mirror first, then use ESET's servers second. However, when you manually trigger the update now using the GUI, this fai
  8. @pps @MichalJ It is currently available under the sync task. See screenshot below
  9. This is already an option in the task settings. I believe you can choose the behavior.
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