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  1. Future changes to ESET Remote Administrator

    +1 for this request. Or some other way of accomplishing this
  2. Change ERA server name and IP

    I would just do this ASAP well ahead of when you plan to make the change. Any clients that are not on or otherwise don't receive this policy will require manually changing them.
  3. Still seeing duplicated activations in ELA

    Yes, please sign me up for any beta releases. I am ready to get it installed on my dev server.
  4. Still seeing duplicated activations in ELA

    When can we expect v7? It has been promised for far too long, and we have many existing problems that are promised to be fixed in this version. I was originally told we should have it available Q1 of 2018, but it doesn't appear to be the case. Should we expect some type of release to be around the RSA conference, or are we still a long ways out?
  5. OS X - Update already in progress

    I have experienced this on my mac as well. I believe I have the stock update policies set as well.