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  1. Hello, I'm trying to write global policy using ESMC to allow ICMP/PING . I've searched forums and found, that blocked connections should be displayed at endpoint network debug. I don't have any blocked connections there, yet when I disable endpoint firewall - PING works like a charm. Any ideas, where I can find some information where ICMP/PING is blocked? Or how to write global policy for ESMC that allows this protocol? Thanks in advance
  2. Making new agent installer with IP address worked. Thank you for your help.
  3. Looks like the agent is unable to connect via hostname and able to connect via IP. Is there a way to deploy installer with IP instead of hostname?
  4. Scope Time Text Dynamic groups 2020-May-21 04:31:44 Device is not member of any dynamic group Last authentication 2020-May-21 07:02:13 Enrollment failed with error: Request: Era.Common.Services.Authentication.RPCEnrollmentRequest on connection: host: -removed- with proxy set as: Proxy: Connection: :3128, Credentials: Name: , Password: ******, Enabled:0, EnabledFallback:1, failed with error code: 2, error message: Failed to create subchannel, and error details: Last replication 2
  5. Hello, I'm new to ESMC. I've installed ESMC 7.1 server, made deployment package and installed it at 8 PC's. All of them are downloading AV updates from server with no problem. However only 3 of them are visible at ESMC web server console. There is no track of missing 5. Could you guys tell me, where to start diagnosing this problem?
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