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  1. I tired the following: in eras web console, the test computer click deativate products. Replicated to all servers, at licence management pressed the action\sync licenses, waited 30+ mins, nothing happened. Went to eba.eset.com, searched for test computer, deactiveted online, result was almost instant. Okay, activation task, with different licences from eras Go! Done. Some update i saw, but now i am confused, at licenes it says multiple license. At eras it says it have the old licence. I do not happy with the result. What i am doing wrong?
  2. Hi. I am still doing this task. I made dynamic groups, with some conditions like Device identifiers . Identifier type = (equal) Computer name Device identifiers . Identifier value has prefix "Company-A" OS edition . OS name ≠ (not equal) Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OS edition . OS name ≠ (not equal) Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Installed software . Application name = (equal) ESET Endpoint Antivirus Copmuters are appeared okay, but if i create a new product activation task, it is not working. Task finishing succesfully but no licence change made. Step by step, test on 1 computer. Let's say computer-001 is owned by company A. Company A has ESET Endpoint Antivirus. But computer-001 is activated with Endpoint Security Business Edition. So i create a new product activation, with selecting licence type endpoint antivirus. Nothing happens. What now?
  3. Dear all! We have ESMC server ver. 7.1 installed in a domain, where multiple organizations working. We have one central server, but 2 different licences, with different products and activation seat numbers. The collegues of mine doing the installs, accidentally mixed the licenses. My goal is to have company A use the licene AND product type which is rightfull to company A and so too company B. I need a solution for mass product licence change AND product type change. (product type change: company A has endpoint antivirus with more licence number, company B has endpoint security with less licence number) I hope my problem is clear and understandable what I would like to achive. Please ask me, if not, or need more information. Thanks.
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