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  1. Thanks for your answer @Marcos, For future cases where we must explain these records to this client or another, you may be able to teach us how we should search and find this evidence. Or if this is not possible, is there any KB that we can use to learn how to interpret these logs? As you can see this is a weekly report, then these questions are going to come up very often and it is not very practical to upload them through this channel every time. Again thank you for your answer. Regards.
  2. Hi @Marcos thanks for your reply. In the attachment you will find the ESET Log Collector. ees_logs.zip
  3. Hi guys, We have a non minor issue with one of our enterprise clients. Turns out that we have been exporting from ESMC a report that shows actions taken by EES when it find malware, but it shows empty spaces on that report as you can see: And my client is saying that the antimalware solution is not working. We have told them that if he has not impact or issue related he has nothing to be worried about but it's not enough. He insist that it's an evidence that shows antivirus malfunction. Look this is pretty important because the client is evaluating whether to stay with ESET or if it changes its brand due to the fact that there is no specific answer from the local ESET support or its answers are denied by the client very easily about this matter. How i can explain to my client? or is there a real issue? i have attached full report, if you need some extra information please let us know. Best Regards. Informe Amenazas semanal subred ok.rar
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