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  1. I am referring to those processors announced with AI, the NPUs of the PC Copilot+ computers. (NPU)
  2. Hello, ESET community. Recently, Microsoft announced new processors that promise significant improvements in performance and security. I would like to know if ESET has plans to update its security products to ensure compatibility and optimization with these new processors. Can we expect any updates or an official statement about this in the near future? Thanks in advance for the information!
  3. Hi @kurco No, we want to install the latest version available. The funny thing is that I downloaded the latest version from the download page: https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/efs/linux/latest/efs.x86_64.bin Isn't that the one? Thanks for your help!.
  4. Hi @kurco Thanks for your answer. Attached you will find the logs after installation. I thank you very much. Here you can see an image of the stopped service: customer_info2.zip
  5. Hi guys!. We are about to implement ESET Inspect on 1000 computers, and I would like you to help me clear up some doubts before implementing: This was the result of the average events per day: My doubt arises because the hardware requirements for the database are calculated, in this case, it will be MSSQL. These are my doubts: Should I take into account more RAM for the Windows Server operating system? Can I install the application (ei_server_nt64.msi) on the database server? If I can't install the application on the database server, what would be the minimum requirements for that new server? What other recommendations would you make? Thanks for your help.
  6. The core of the matter is that every time we reinstall, the antimalware does not work. The EFS service does not start in the system and we have not been able to get it to work. The server meets all the minimum requirements described in this KB: https://help.eset.com/essl/10.2/es-ES/installation.html?system_requirements.html How can i fix this?
  7. Hi @kurco, Attached are the logs for you to please validate. Thanks. customer_info.zip
  8. The product we installed is ESET File Security, and it was working fine, but suddenly it stopped working. So, we proceeded to uninstall it, and after uninstalling, it appears as Nod32. I think it's a misinterpretation of the console, but we have never installed Nod32 on that server.
  9. I have uninstalled ESET File Security for Linux, but it never fully uninstalls; remnants of folders and services always remain. How can I completely uninstall it? Is there an esetuninstaller for Linux? Now it appears in the console like this: Tipo de sistema operativo Linux Versión de sistema operativo 8.9 Nombre del sistema operativo Rocky Can someone help me with this?
  10. Felipe, although the message does not indicate that it is a license activation issue: I have solved it by sending an activation task over all the computers that presented this alert. Hope this help you.
  11. I have the same problem. Is there a log that we can check? Thanks.
  12. Hi guys!. Problem Summary: The client reports that ESET Cloud Office Security (ECOS) has been allowing multiple phishing emails through despite being active. They request assistance in elevating detection levels to mitigate the associated risk. Client Description: The client has been receiving an increasing volume of phishing emails over the past few weeks. ECOS, which is set up with default settings, has not detected or blocked many of these emails. The client is concerned about the security risk this represents and desires a solution to elevate phishing detection. How can we elevetade or improve phishing detections? Thanks a lot.
  13. Thanks for your instructions. We have managed to get a .bat file to replace the agent and direct the computers to the new IP address, but when sending it by Windows domain we have no positive results.
  14. We are trying to implement the solution you give us. I will be informing you of the result. Thanks. BTW: local support says there is no solution other than manual deployment.
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