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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for that answers, it is really important for us defend the brand in front of our clients and your contributions help us a lot!. Really appreciate your comments. We are now presenting a report with this information, but i have an extra question to make you: based on the logs of the product, this had its modules disabled? I ask because when i saw the logs file it show me this: Regards.
  2. You can see the report here: https://we.tl/t-4YzLo8kS6B Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, A few days ago one of the most important customers we have shows us an executive report about a test made by a program named cymulate, in that report (it is attached by the way) show how the ESET Endpoint solution could not detect some types attacks. Im not really sure about this report but i need to justify our solutions because this report has put in doubt the antivirus and he told us that if we do not configure the antivirus so that these attacks do not happen it will not renew the subscription and it is a client of 1200 machines, a very important client for us. They run the test in one machine, i took the logs and a sysinspector if that can useful to examine the case. The module used in CYMULATE was the one called web gateway. There is a few questions: Can we detect those attacks and how i must configure the endpoint policy? Cymulate make a real vulnerability test? How ESET as a brand can respond in this case? I hope you can help me in this one!. report_executive_web_gateway__2019_06_20__15_43_50.pdfRegards. OneDrive_1_20-6-2019.zip
  4. A little bit more information: Today i have 2800 endpoints with agent v.7 and EES v.6.6 and all of those have Windows O.S. I have ESET Security Management Center. Regards.
  5. Hi guys, I need to upgrade all my endpoints (2800) but i have a recurrent issue with the apache proxy, then, i want to send the installation from local repository, but i have a question, can i put both .msi (x86 and x64) in the same folder so that the console chooses which one to install according to the architecture of the system?. Which is the best way to accomplish this task? Thanks and regards.
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