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  1. Hi guys!. Problem Summary: The client reports that ESET Cloud Office Security (ECOS) has been allowing multiple phishing emails through despite being active. They request assistance in elevating detection levels to mitigate the associated risk. Client Description: The client has been receiving an increasing volume of phishing emails over the past few weeks. ECOS, which is set up with default settings, has not detected or blocked many of these emails. The client is concerned about the security risk this represents and desires a solution to elevate phishing detection. How can we elevetade or improve phishing detections? Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks for your instructions. We have managed to get a .bat file to replace the agent and direct the computers to the new IP address, but when sending it by Windows domain we have no positive results.
  3. We are trying to implement the solution you give us. I will be informing you of the result. Thanks. BTW: local support says there is no solution other than manual deployment.
  4. When trying any remote installation task it fails, as I mentioned above, this is possibly because the agent is password protected: Could I send the installer with this password somehow?
  5. According to the client it is not possible to return to the previous IP. It is a public health entity and they are blind and at risk, any way to install the agent massively with the new connection data?
  6. The client made an arbitrary IP change without changing the routing of the agents and now cannot return the old IP. Is it possible to carry out a solution that allows the change of the IP in the agents in a massive way? It should be noted that the agents were password protected and when performing a GPO installation the addressing does not change, apparently for this reason. How can I help this client?
  7. If a customer buys ESET Protect Complete On Premise, can they use ESET Cloud Office Security?. My client has had ESET products for more than 10 years and needs to use the On Premise console, but we have doubts about whether the ESET Protect Complete On Premise version can be purchased and especially if he has no problems using ECOS. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thank you very much @jpritchard for your answer, this solves my doubt.
  9. Thanks for your answer @JPritchard The user is managed by EEES. That is to say that if it is managed I can decrypt the information that the user has encrypted with a password?. If so, how should I go about the process? Best Regards.
  10. Hi guys A client of ours asks us if it is possible to disable password encryption, this is because he fears that a user encrypts information and it will be lost if the user does not provide the password or worse if he dies. Or if there is any way to recover that information in case the password is not found. How can i help my client?.
  11. A few days ago we managed to get one of our clients to change their protection product to ESET's. But we haven't been able to effectively detect spam and phishing in your emails. Is there any recommendation or good practice that you can recommend us? The client tells us that with his previous product the user had at his disposal a button to report phishing or spam, something that is very useful for users. I don't think ECOS has this option, but how can I get it to better detect phishing and spam?
  12. A video has appeared on youtube that talks about an alleged vulnerability in ESET products. The video is very recent and its link does not work. Does anyone know if it exists or is it definitely fake news? Here is the link:
  13. Hi Emilota, I sent you the message already Regards.
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