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  1. Dos anyone know if there is a way to clone the firewall rules between profiles in ESMC policies i.e. Public, Home and Work? It's annoying to have to switch profile and set up the same rules again manually.
  2. Thanks, I was trying to avoid having to set specific versions but if that's my only option then so be it. I think I will use "does not contain" and then use the latest package version and for the OS name I will use "contains" "Windows" and I will set the software name to EES as I only use EES (Mac/Windows) and EFS for servers.
  3. I noticed there are some resent threads but they seem to concern emails/web browsing and SSL so not sure if this is related. I had a call from a client who have EES managed by us via ESMC. They have a Word plugin that communicates with a remote server to activate itself, it has always worked fine with Eset but now there is an error "The secure connection to the activation servers failed due to a TLS or certificate error". If I change the Word application filter action from "Auto" to "Ask" and open Word then I see the Eset message, if I click ignore then it will activate fine, if I click s
  4. This seems to work, thanks. EDIT: Actually, it just shows macOS clients as they are on pre v7, when I get some more time will look into this and see if I need to alter my filters or it might just be only showing non-v7 clients.
  5. Thanks, that is what I do already but I just wondered if there was a way to use a dynamic group so I can set up an automatic task just like I do for when an unactivated client joins to auto-activate it. I wasn't sure if running this task to all clients would use resources on the ESMC server or clients unnecessarily. It seems if we were able to filter the Computers section like we are able to in the reports section then this is easily achievable and also I could use the "does not contain" filter on the software version with a value of "7.3." to list devices that need the urgent update. At
  6. Thanks, this is what I do already but my issue is I can't find a way to create a dynamic group so I can apply the task to only computers running outdated agents. Do you know how to create a dynamic group that only lists outdated agents?
  7. Hi all, I am trying to solve a problem I have. On the dashboard of ESMC I can see that there are some outdated agents, if I click the bar chart and select Update Installed Eset Products it says "No ESET products that can be updated automatically have been found". I can generate a report and filter by the outdated status but I can't then run a task based on the report and to do this manually would take too long. I tried to create a new dynamic group using Application Name filter but then it does not list the Version Check Status filter so I can't then only add devices which are outdated.
  8. Since I deployed these rules using ESMC I have not had any reports of Teams issues so I'm not sure what is going on for you but if you take the logs and send to Eset hopefully they can help?
  9. I just had a reply from Eset tech support and they suggested adding rules for the following, I already had the first two so hopefully the third rule will be what resolves for me. I don't have the systems available to me right now to test. /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Microsoft Teams Helper.app /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Microsoft Teams Helper.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Teams Helper
  10. Hi Tom, I had updated Eset ES on the systems before trying any of the above so I will try to capture that info now and send to my Eset rep. Thanks
  11. I appreciate that it is not possible to track all third party apps but given the popularity or Office 365 and the current need for Teams is there a way to request that the engineering team can track this one? I am having the same issue here, I have tried setting rules for: /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Microsoft Teams Helper.app TCP&UDP, all ports, all IPs, both directions /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app TCP&UDP, all ports, all IPs, both directions But still Teams will not work properly, as soon as I disable EES firewall it works
  12. I just noticed on a sign-in to ESMC there is a reset token button so I guess this might resend the SMS link to my number so I can add to the app again. Does anyone know if this is the case? Otherwise I will just test it myself but didn't want to cause a probem.
  13. Hi all, In the past when I changed my phone I have been locked out of my Eset accounts that have 2FA enabled as during the phone backup and migration the Secure Authentication entries were not moved over. It's a shame I cannot choose my own auth app as I hate having multiple apps for one task, but I understand Eset are pushing their own product. In the case where I got locked out I had to get help from Eset support which took a bit of time to do. I have just re-enabled 2FA on ESMC as it is accessible from the WAN and if anyone got in they could cause chaos. During this setup I was no
  14. Try the few "risky" areas on the left pane here: https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/SecurityMenuBlade/RiskyUsers
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