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  1. Yes that’s right. I think the uacinstall.vbs script runs but it then fails as per the screenshot on my original post. It is the same error on all 4 systems. Other scripts run fine so it doesn’t seem to be the computers blocking scripts from running, it seems to be something specific to the uacinstall script. I opened in notepad++ and checked line 184 but nothing obvious there to cause a problem, but this is outside of my skill set so might be missing something.
  2. I now have 4 different systems with this same issue, all from different offices, not domain connected and no policies applied. All other systems in all 4 offices work fine. Any idea on the cause or what more I can do to try and fix? Thanks
  3. I did as you suggested and the test vbs ran fine from temp, I then copied all of the Eset files from %temp% to a new folder on C:\ and ran the vbs from an elevated CMD and the same issue occurred. Any other ideas? Thanks
  4. It is a standalone workgroup computer with no policies in place, I don't think there is any software on there that would block (unless it is Windows doing it). I will see if I can find a script that I can put in there and try to run.
  5. I have had this issue with 2 endpoints since yesterday, each used a different Agent as they are different clients and the same agent worked fine on multiple other systems at each client. When running the bat file on some Windows boxes as admin, the CMD box opens saying installing then Windows Script Host pops up (image attached). It says the issue was line 184 of uacinstall.vbs, code 80070002. Any ideas how to resolve? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I am trying to create a custom report that I think a lot of people would find useful, the purpose of the report is for me to highlight which of my client systems are running builds of Windows that will reach EoL in January and to quickly see what spec those systems are so I can recommend software upgrade or hardware replacement. All I need to do is create a column for Static Group Name which will be used to sort ascending so each client has all their devices listed in a block, then I just need extra columns for Computer Name, Processor Description, RAM Capacity, Mass Storage Description, OS Type, OS Version. The problem is it seems you can select one of these columns but then you are extremely limited by what additional columns you can add, and another minor problem is that Mass Storage Description lists more than just the OS HDD/SSD, it also lists ODD drives etc. Is there a way to run a report and just show the static group, computer name, CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD and OS version? This would be very useful! Thanks
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