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  1. Hi Tom, I had updated Eset ES on the systems before trying any of the above so I will try to capture that info now and send to my Eset rep. Thanks
  2. I appreciate that it is not possible to track all third party apps but given the popularity or Office 365 and the current need for Teams is there a way to request that the engineering team can track this one? I am having the same issue here, I have tried setting rules for: /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Microsoft Teams Helper.app TCP&UDP, all ports, all IPs, both directions /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app TCP&UDP, all ports, all IPs, both directions But still Teams will not work properly, as soon as I disable EES firewall it works
  3. I just noticed on a sign-in to ESMC there is a reset token button so I guess this might resend the SMS link to my number so I can add to the app again. Does anyone know if this is the case? Otherwise I will just test it myself but didn't want to cause a probem.
  4. Hi all, In the past when I changed my phone I have been locked out of my Eset accounts that have 2FA enabled as during the phone backup and migration the Secure Authentication entries were not moved over. It's a shame I cannot choose my own auth app as I hate having multiple apps for one task, but I understand Eset are pushing their own product. In the case where I got locked out I had to get help from Eset support which took a bit of time to do. I have just re-enabled 2FA on ESMC as it is accessible from the WAN and if anyone got in they could cause chaos. During this setup I was no
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