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  1. Thank you for answer. I will change the name. However, it is an installation question, not product activation. I am using CentOS 6.x version and there is no internet. Is there an installation method in that situation?
  2. Hello, When installing with efsl bin, download the necessary components from the mirror site. However, how to proceed with the installation in the offline network? If possible, please provide a list of required components. Thank you
  3. Thanks Martin, However this third-party repository requires payment. is there any other way? Also, there seems to be no QTwebkit 4.x provided for CentOS8 anywhere other than this repository.
  4. hello, I installed ESMC on CentOS 8. However, reports cannot be downloaded in PDF or PS format. I am unable to install QtWebkit 4.x version on CentOS 8. What should I do? Thanks
  5. I am trying to install ESMC on CentOS8. When installing server-linux-x86_64.sh during the ESMC7 server installation process, an error 2026 Unable to Continue occurs. Mysql version is 8.0 and ODBC version is 5.3. Also, when installing qtwebkit, libQTcore does not appear. Thanks!
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