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  1. By "update", you mean to install a newer version (upgrade)? Or to initiate a module update? How is your repository server address configured in agent / server policy? Is it set to "autoselect"?
  2. What would help is the actual error (screenshot from the ESMC console, that is showing the required restart). As there might be multiple reasons to trigger a restart: product was upgraded to a newer version - that needs restart (even if you do a repair of the installation, it might trigger restart - so check whether it´s not being reinstalled, we saw that with misconfigured dynamic groups). some feature was disabled (like HIPS) and it needs restart to apply changes some feature was enabled (like device control) and it needs restart, to apply changes If the machines are Windows 10, which I assume they are, please make sure you need to initiate the proper "reboot", instead of a shutdown, as the Windows 10 does not "shut down" like in case of Windows 7, it goes to some sort of hybernation.
  3. Is this computer located in Lost and Found group, or elswhere? AFAIK, there might be a default task "rename computers", which renames the computer to entry reported in FQDN (or any other condition). The name in the ESMC console should be persistent, unless overwritten by the task / manually. You can check if such task is not set and how is it set in the "server tasks" section of ESET security Management Center.
  4. It shows that the agent is connecting OK, as the "last connected time" shows today. When you click on the "list of alerts", does it show you that updates are available? If you click on the particular alert, it should offer you a one click action to update the operating system. Have you done it this way in the past? I would just for sure choose the "custom settings" option, and select all 3 checkboxes. If it won´t work even then, I would recommend to contact official ESET customer care.
  5. @carmikIs the agent installed on the appliance actually reporting to the ESMC? As the behavior you have experienced would indicate, that agent is broken, and is not getting the task, and not reporting the current status. But without more data, It´s just a guess.
  6. It´s meant to be also caching the data for both installations (installers) and updates (modules)
  7. This was a known issue for the summer release of the ESMC, but was supposedly resolved in the service released in October.
  8. @axlgabo10 Hello, no problem. Although I am not an expert in this offline installer method, based on what´s written in the KB article, it should work exactly like that. Meaning, if you have the installer and the dat file in the same folder, it should download / distribute the installers from the offline cache, instead of contacting the ESET repository servers. This is listed in the documentation: Keep in mind that the .dat file must be in the same folder as the installer .exe file in order to work. The next time the installer is executed it will use the .dat file instead of the online repository. This scenario is recommended for situations when the installer is executed on each new computer from a shared disk
  9. Hello @axlgabo10 You can use the offline cache option that is described here. https://help.eset.com/epi/2/en-US/eca_win.html By default the All In One installer package is downloading the Agent / Endpoint from ESET repository, but the offline cache should resolve this issue for you. Yes, but you will have to set those properly in your policies - different proxy setting for agent & endpoints, meaning 4 policies in total. But amount of apache proxies is not limited. Out of curiosity, what is your primary reason for migration from the on premise remote administrator? Also, were you running V5 or V6?
  10. Sorry, I am not able to decipher your message. Only thing I can think of is, that someone installed ESMC V7 agent (upgraded agents to V7) which has broken your environment, as V7 agent is not compatible with the 6.5 server you are running. But as I have said, I would recommend to contact Dutch support, it will be for sure quicker, than trying to troubleshoot your issue over forum.
  11. But there are no PCs listed under "license management". There is only numeric explanation of how much clients are activated. How does it look when you click on "computers" and click "show subgroups" ? As I check on "last connected" chart, it shows that many computers have "never connected", which means that they might have stopped reporting a long time ago, and the information about "last connected time" was lost. Also, was this ERA server either upgraded or was repair performed? The best thing would be to contact our very capable Dutch customer care team, they should be able to help you resolve the problem, even remotely.
  12. I will check with the teams, whether the template will be automatically updated. However you are correct, that you need to upgrade both agents and server, so that template / DG can be used for automation properly.
  13. There is a "bug" in the pre-created DG template. The DG template expression is looking at "operating system is not up to date" error, however in EP V7 we have changed the value to "Windows update available". If you upgrade your ERA Server to ESMC, you will be able to create the corresponding DG template, in case of ERA 6.5 the new "status" (Windows Update Available) is unknown to ERA Dynamic Group template evaluation system.
  14. Can you please send me the screenshot of the dashboard? I am not completely sure I get the point. In "licenses" tab, there are no computers listed. Only the overview of the license itself. Or you mean "ELA / EBA" by "licenses" ?
  15. @Quimax Basically this would depend on the fact, how big is your network, and how much aware you are of the Linux Platform (as the appliance is build based on CentOS) + whether you have available VMware / hypervisor resource, or some Windows Server. You can find the information about how to deploy the ESMC Virtual Appliance here: https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/ Administration guide is basically similar for both Windows and Linux (appliance) as there are none differences. With regards to others, our internal statistics show, that approx 20% of our deployments are appliances, the rest is running a standalone Windows Server installation. As you have mentioned that your clients are scattered, how they will be connecting in? Will be your console exposed to the internet, or your clients will be connecting over VPN? It should not make a difference, however the agents will have to have the visibility to the server. @carmik If you may, what were the problems you have encountered during the upgrade procedure? We are continuously working on addressing those, so I am interesting in learning about your problems.
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