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  1. MichalJ

    Offline Installer + Silent Install

    Would the remote deployment tool work for you? https://help.eset.com/eca/en-US/deployment_tool.html
  2. Hello @kaf-alcosan Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are actively working on resolving the issues with regards to sorting implementation and search improvements. Other issues were reported to our quality assurance department, and the responsible product manager. I can´t promise a timeline to the fix, but your issues have been noted, and acknowledged.
  3. MichalJ

    ESMC - Agent Outdated

    Can you please share the details about your environment? Agent could be updated by following procedures: ESET Security Management Center Component Upgrade task - you need to target it to computers which are having the outdated agent Local installation via MSI Pushing the agent MSI via package. Can you provide details about: product you are using & version (server / agent) results of the "component upgrae task", including the details of the execution (if there are failures, you can find more details in the "history" per each of the machine).
  4. ESET Security Management Components Upgrade task is only intended to upgrade agents & other ESMC components. If you want to install a newer version of the endpoint, you need to do it via "software install task". The simplest way, if you already have ESMC V7 would be to navigate to the main dashboard, tab "ESET Applications", locate the table "outdated applications" and click on the individual entries you want to update. You can then click "update installed eset products", and that would automatically create corresponding installation tasks.
  5. MichalJ

    update antivirus to security

    You can simply create a software install task, choose "ESET Endpoint Security for Windows V7" package, add the valid license, and target it to the computers you would like to upgrade. ERA is build for those things.
  6. MichalJ

    Login domain in web console

    What do you mean, by you have a problem? Do you expect web-console timeouts? I would recommend to report a ticket. Logs (server trace log from the time) will be required. Also, what do you mean by "a very large domains" ? How many security groups / users is in there?
  7. MichalJ

    Offline Installer + Silent Install

    Will be the endpoints connected to ESET Security Management Center? Will there be ERA / ESMC agent installed? This might help to you:
  8. MichalJ

    Moving a device to Dynamic Group

    What is the DG condition for the clients? You can´t put clients into the DG manually, they need to meet the inclusion criteria. Those are defined in the "DG Template". If you want to be sure that policy is applied to a client, you can either do it by manually assigning the policy to the client, or putting them to a static group and assigning the policy to the static group.
  9. Do you know, what are the reasons of the failed upgrade? There could be many, like issues with repository connectivity, pending reboot, not enough disk space, etc. I would recommend to look at the failed clients, check the execution history at attempt to rerun the task. It might resolve itself. Some cases needs to be troubleshooted manually, but your description is so generic, that I can´t provide any guidance.
  10. In general I would recommend to just let them connect to the new server. You can use this procedure: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/?migration_same_version.html But before I would recommend to upgrade the appliance to the same version, and then stick to this procedure above. You can actually migrate the policies by exporting and improting them, only thing to be done then is the assignment. How complex is your group structure? Do you have an AD?
  11. MichalJ

    Using Licence Manager

    Hello, @Busselton RSL When you refer to "License Manager" do you mean "ESET License Administrator" ? Also, when you refer to "Security Manager", do you mean "Security Admin" Account? If the answer for both of my questions is yes, you can deactivate / reactivate each of the computers by "license key". Or you can migrate your license to "ESET Business Account", which is a successor to ELA, where you will have full control over the license. That moment, license will be removed from all previously associated ESET License Administrator accounts.
  12. MichalJ


    Did you check if Apache Tomcat Service is actually running? Does the issue persist after the reboot? Also, when you say manually, what was the procedure? How you upgraded the webconsole?
  13. MichalJ

    ESMC Agent can not connect to use "repair"

    We won´t be able to judge, without seeing the status html / trace log from one of the affected clients, and also ideally your settings, to validate whether they are correctly configured.
  14. Hello @database What I have in mind for the point 3 is to create a report, that will show you the policy application status for a specific computers. You can either filter it per specific policy, or sort the report by policy, so you see all of them.
  15. MichalJ

    New in ESMC, connection error

    I would recommend that you contact ESET Technical Support in Slovakia which might be able to help you. But maybe @Marcos will have an idea directly