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  1. @MarceUTD Release of ECA that will included EDTD screen is coming later during July*. Currently, EDTD tirlal license would not be visible in ECA, however this is going to change by the beginning of August*. *- this is current plan, and might eventually change, but as of now the plan seems feasible.
  2. Hello, if you want to protect just the "host server" and not the "e-mail protection component" (mail flowing via exchange will not be scanned), you can also install ESET File Security.
  3. Hello, after you synchronize the Active Directory, you need to deploy the management agent and a security product. You can use various methods for deployment, like GPO / SCCM, remote deployment tool or manual deployment by using a generated installer. None of the tasks will be working, before the machine is actually managed = agent is installed on the target computer.
  4. Hello @Cp3p0, thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the responsible product managers and UX experts. All of the issues you have highlighted are not user-errors, and we plan to address them in the future releases of EMA 2 (especially option to automatically hide suspended sites, de-provisioning of customers (incl. replication of such changes into ESMC) and adding settings with the option for auto deactivation. We do not however plan to allow retroactive creation of a trial license per customer where full license was already present due to the potential of license misuse. However I do agree that the noisy records of cancelled license should be hidden / removed. That is AFAIK planned as well as some other improvements in the user behavior.
  5. Hi @ShaneDT Indeed, you are right, and I can assure you, that enabling automatic product updates, for both the endpoint clients, and the management environment (both cloud / on premise) is our uppermost priority.
  6. On the screenshot in the original post, the Live Grid Feedback is enabled, and "locked from editing" meaning it is set via policy. What is needed, is to disable that particular setting in the policy assigned to your clients, and then the alert should go away. You can also disable that particular alert via user interface section of the policy, in the list of the application statuses that should be shown on the client computers, and sent to the ESMC server. That would resolve your issue.
  7. Hi @Cameron. Yes, you can easily setup a new ESMC server, deploy couple of endpoints. If you activate those endpoints, they will add to the total of your license, meaning if you for example have 100 licenses, and 95 are used on the "current ESMC", then you have 5 seats to use on the new ESMC instance.
  8. Hello, can you please provide the version of the operating system that agent is installed on? Also, after a brief check with developers, can you please upgrade agent to the latest version 7.2, at least on the affected system, to check whether it would have any effect on this?
  9. If I do understand it correctly, you have left the "agents protected by password" on your client computers, and uninstalled ESMC server + installed a fresh one. I assume that you have not performed the certificates backup from the old server. Please note, that what you should have done, is to just remove the "agent password" via policy (reset it to empty value and then apply the settings to all of your computers). I do not want to be a bad prophet, but I hope either @Marcos or @MartinK would have some suggestions.
  10. Yes, that´s the way to go. If you have one account name.surname@company.com used for both EMA and EBA, just add the EDTD license under the EBA portion of the account, and then when you add this into ESMC, you will see licenses from both EBA and EMA. I have it done that way in my setup, and it works correctly.
  11. Yes, @karsayor it is completely normal. As mentioned, what was previously solved in EMA 1 (ordering) and ELA (transport of the license / management of seats), is now handled just by EMA 2. So if you have only MSP licenses, the only system you need to use is EMA 2. Just add your EMA 2 account into ESMC, and all of your MSP licenses will be automatically synchronized there. EMA 2 also features the views that will show you the seat usage and list all of the activated seats under any chosen license, with the option to deactivate them, for example in case computer was malfunctioning, so you can free up the license quantity for future usage.
  12. What you can also check, is to drill down into the computer details, and in the overview tab, there should be indication whether there is any user currently logged in.
  13. Hi @Alexku - export logs to syslog server from Cloud Administrator is currently not possible. We are planning to add such feature in the future versions of our product. Maybe @igi008 can provide more information.
  14. Hello @karsayor, in general you do not need EBA at all, unless you do have any license that is "non MSP". EMA account and EBA account is in fact the same account on the backend, meaning you have the same e-mail address, and password. Once you have been migrated to MSP Administrator 2, you can use your EMA 2 credentials to synchronize all of your MSP licenses with ESMC. EBA is needed only in case when you have a traditional license, that was obtained outside of EMA. Please note, once ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is available in EMA, EBA won´t be needed as well. In Q4/2020, we will make available ESMCC, which would be a solution that would replace ECA, and also remove the 250 upper seat limit for management of devices. Once a compatible license is ordered via EMA 2, it will directly allow you to setup your ESMCC instance, so you can have a fully cloud based ESET Management Environment for your MSP, consisting of EMA 2 + ESMCC. In case of any further questions, please let me know.
  15. Hello @ZJeyZ, deletion of a the customer from EMA is not possible for the moment. Only thing that you can do, is to "suspend" the company, however that would not allow its deletion from ESMC. We are working on a change, that would allow customer removal from EMA and also from ESMC. Internal reference: P_EMA2-3334
  16. @Embercide in case your computers still retain connectivity with the server, you can still issue the "software install task" with the 7.3 as target version and send it to the clients. They will download the the installers from ESET repository, so will use their connection. Nothing will be downloaded from the locally installed ESMC server. For the future, most probably for 2021, we will enable auto updates of ESMC agent as well, and the uPCU should be as well launched, as the common goal is to have a "transparent and easy" migration between product versions, so it would work as seamlessly as the module updates.
  17. Hi @helis - you should be in general getting a tiny notification in the upper right corner of the webconsole, about new version of ESMC being available. Alternatively, you can create a "ESET Security Management Center component upgrade task" and target it towards the machine, where the ESMC server is running. It should upgrade the agent, server and webconsole to the latest version. However, even if your agents are on a newer version, there should not be any problem in communication, as those versions are mutually compatible, and no break in communication should occur. I would investigate one of the affected machines, for problems in agent tracelog / status.html to determine the underlying problem.
  18. Yes, you can always increase seat count as compared to the pack, the EEPAC spans from 5-250 seats (and we will expand it even further in the near future).
  19. @beethoven Thank you for your feedback. Can you share with me the feature list of the Business Pack (web link, or any other source), I will make sure that this is corrected, as it creates unnecessary confusion.
  20. Hello @beethoven. What confuses you is that the "ESET SECURITY MANAGEMENT CENTER" is a newer version of "ESET REMOTE ADMINISTRATOR". So you just need only one, and in this case the first one (V7.1 is the latest version). If you opt in for ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud, the primary difference is, that you will not have to install and maintain the management server (update it to newer versions, patch the system, etc ...), but it will be instead provided via a cloud service, maintained, updated by ESET. You will just download the installers, deploy them to your computers, and that´s it. So the primary benefit is that for you it´s almost zero maintenance solution, which will be always updated to the latest version by ESET to ensure you have the latest features at your disposal. If you want to see how this solution looks we have an interactive demo available here: https://www.eset.com/us/business/cloud-administrator/demo/
  21. Hello @RSS, this is already being tracked, however due to relatively lower prevalence of this request it´s not yet planned for implementation. Internal reference: IDEA-1281
  22. @beethoven I would recommend that you use ESET Cloud Administrator, meaning purchase one of the eligible cloud bundles (ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud would be my choice). In those cases, the console is hosted by ESET in the Cloud, you do not need to maintain it, and as it is cloud based, the only thing you need to handle is internet connectivity at your two locations.
  23. Hello @avar39 - as stated by Marcos, this is currently not possible. However, we have seen such requests in the past, so we are tracking improvement request for it. Can you please share your details / use-case, for what you would like to use this mechanism?
  24. Hello, as stated by Marcos, exclusions super-cede any blocking rule, regardless whether it is by hash, or the detection is triggered by Live Grid, our updated detection database. The same would apply for the case, where it would be present in the excluded folder.
  25. Hello, the build you have installed is in fact ESET Endpoint Antivirus, which compared to ESET Endpoint Security does not have Firewall in it. Now the question is, whether it is due to the FW not being present, or the actual beta helping to address the issue. Maybe @Peter Randziak who shared the build can comment further.
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