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  1. Hello, you can follow the steps in the documentation here: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/71/en-US/?migration_same_version.html However, I would recommend to upgrade your old ERA 6,5 server before the actual migration.
  2. @Kirill Licenses for ESET products are not sold for a specific product version. Meaning, that with your current license you will be eligible to use the new V7 as well. Linux Endpoint product is the last one running the old version of architecture / scanning core, and it will be updated to V7 soon. We are already running a beta program (available here), V7 should not have this issue at all.
  3. You can install it locally using the downloaded installer. Activation can be done either locally, during installation / setup, or via "product activation task", once your licenses is present in ERA / ESMC.
  4. We do not see, whether the machine is connecting to ESMC / ERA. If yes, then the only thing how those statuses will disappear is to perform a product activation task on the computer deploying a correct license, that will let the computer to update. You can´t remove alerts, as those are functionality statuses, matching what should be shown locally on the client.
  5. You can´t create an installer (all in one) for Linux. However, you can install ESMC Management Agent via the script option. Then, installation of ESET Gateway Security is possible via software install task method.
  6. Hello, We will need to troubleshoot this further (ideally via a support ticket), and to find out, why the agents are not connecting (agent trace log, and status HTML would be helpful). Regards, Michal
  7. The "department group" is a "dynamic group". "Group Name" folder will display the "static group name". Computer could be a member of only one static group, and of various dynamic groups. Also, membership in the dynamic groups is evaluated on the side of the client, meaning the server might not always know the exact data (membership is reported ex-post). Simply said, it´s not possible to achieve what you are trying to do. You can however see in which DG the client is present in computer details.
  8. Just create a new policy for "ESET Management Agent". Navigate to "policies", "new policy",in settings choose "ESET Management Agent", and in the tab "Advanced settings" select option to "report non-ESET-installed applications".
  9. Yes, I would recommend that you download the all in one installer component, and run the installer locally. Maybe the webconsole was updated, but the server was not (most probable this could happen in case, when your server is 32-bit, as we have discontinued support for 32-bit installers).
  10. How you have updated the agent? If you have updated the agent by the means of component upgrade task, that triggered also the update of the Server & Webconsole. I would expect that one of the two components did not update (in this case Webconsole), and therefore it´s not possible to render the new set of data.
  11. Hello, Sorting by computer name is possible. It´s a bit more difficult to achieve it, as we have changed the way how the sorting is controlled. Numbers 1/2/3 indicate the order in which the sorting is applied, the arrow shows in which direction the sorting is applied. In case you do not have any arrow, and any number in your column headers, just click on the "computer name" header, and the arrow would appear. Arrow down means Z-A and arrow Up means A-Z sorting.
  12. Hello, sorry for the late response. I was informed by the team, that this looks like a problem of your antispam / antiphishing solution, that somehow performs "link inspection" upon arrival of the e-mail, and clicks on the link on the behalf of the user. Link is completely Ok, however once clicked on, it expires, and effectively locks you out for the license migration. But I am glad that the issue resolved itself.
  13. You can´t update them using the predefined action. Updating of ESMC components needs to be handled by performing a "security management center components upgrade task" that will be targeted to the machine where ESMC is running. I assume, that you was talking about this button:
  14. Currently when the column "resolved" is removed from the "detections" table, it´s not possible to mark as resolved. You just need to enable the column, and the option should work correctly. We will address it towards the future version of our product.
  15. That filter does not support range. That filter supports only a particular IP. You can alternatively create a custom report template, including the list of computers with required information, and utilize more advanced filtering that is available there.
  16. This KB should be valid also for ESMC V7: https://support.eset.com/en/log-all-activity-blocked-by-web-control-rules-in-eset-remote-administrator-6x (pictures are missing, but I have requested the team to fix it).
  17. Can you please share your PLID (XXX-XXX-XXX) here, so we can take a look?
  18. Hello, What you have to do is to configure the proxy for both the agent, and the mac security product. In case the macs are showing not correct "last connected time" it would mean that they are not able to connect to the server at all, which is the thing you should troubleshoot. To confirm this, please check the status.html of one of the mac agents. Also, what makes me confused is, that you mix topic of proxy and mirror. When you refer to mirror, do you mean actual offline generated mirror by mirror tool, or you utilize the proxy caching function. In this case, you just need to configure both agent / endpoint to communicate via proxy, and they should get the updates from there automatically. Please note, that in ESMC 7.1 you can configure proxy details for the agent live installer, and also choose a policy that will be applied to the machine. @Marcos can you please move this to "ERA" portion of the forum?
  19. If you are going to reinstall the OS from scratch, meaning you "wipe the machine" you have two options: do not remove it You will have to manually delete the computer entry from ESET management console afterwards Upon removing select the option to "deactivate installed products". This will free the license seat from the particular computer uninstall the security product first You will still have to manually delete the computer entry from ESET management console afterwards Upon removing, you can still select the option to "deactivate installed products", however the uninstallation mechanism should report "freeing of the seat" to the licensing system. In general, it really does not matter. In case of OS upgrade, in case you have installed a compatible version of ESET management agent / security product, they should survive the upgrade.
  20. Thank you for your feedback. We will work on addressing your concerns (filter bar, side panel) in the future releases, as our intentions are to streamline the UX, and eliminate unnecessary clicks. Also, unfortunately it is not a browser related issue. Also, when you mention that ESMC is click-heavy, do you have any particular examples of click-heavy workflows? Or anything that you would consider as worth optimizing for the benefit of all users?
  21. Hello @Campbell IT You can change the side panel layout to hide tags completely. However you can´t disable "tags" filter from the top pane, it´s present there permanently, without the possibility to be switched off. For what purpose you want to hide it? Don´t you ever plan to use tagging, or you want to maximize the filter panel space?
  22. Hello, ESET licenses are not version-specific. Meaning any customer using currently V4 on linux, can use any other available version on any of the platforms. V4 is a very old code-base, meaning addressing compatibility issues with newer browsers will be targeted towards the next major release of the V7 Linux Endpoint.
  23. What would also help is to check the actual product user interface, what is the status reported in there (in the local GUI, if the GUI is active). It could help us to better understand what could be a problem. Also, you have stated that this happened after agent upgrade, not product upgrade, correct? Sorry for the bunch of additional questions, but this is behavior I have never observed so far. Also, agent upgrade should not require a computer restart.
  24. Have you contacted our customer care? If you send us your license id (xxx-xxx-xxx) or the mail used for account registration we can check it on our backend.
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