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  1. Thank you, @MichalJ. Not sure why it wasn't obvious to me.
  2. We are using PROTECT Cloud with our MSP account. When a license becomes overused I get an email alert daily until this is resolved. Unfortunately, I am the only one who gets these. How can we set this so that other admins at my company can get these alerts as well? Alternately, can we specify that these alerts go to a particular separate address? This could be a distribution group at our domain or even our ticketing system. Thanks!
  3. As an MSP, are we billed for activated licenses or ordered licenses?
  4. When trying to connect to the PROTECT Cloud I'm getting a page saying it's down for maintenance. Is there any type of status page or maintenance notification? How might customers get an ETA on maintenance completion?
  5. Details from this post seem to be working for me right now. This way I can deploy with just a script pointing to the customer specific download url.
  6. Thank you. It is much appreciated. In the meantime, it would be nice if the documentation for the command line options was available! 😁
  7. With our on premise PROTECT server we can choose to download a .bat file Agent Live Installer. We are an MSP and we use this with our RMM to deploy the ESET agent to our customer's PCs without having to manually run the installer on each one. With PROTECT Cloud, it appears that the only deployment options are an .exe executable installer or a .msi with a GPO and/or SCCM. This creates a great burden when deploying a new MSP client. Additionally, in the help documentation the link for the silent installation instructions is broken, so I can't craft my own script using this .exe. Are there any other scriptable options available for agent installation? This feels like a big step backwards.
  8. I think this illustrates why it would be good if there were a script option available in addition to the executable in the MSP automation. I can't speak for other MSPs, but for our use case a script is much easier to deploy than an executable. This might be different if all we were installing was ESET. With a script we can more easily automate our client setup. Basically, to take advantage of the new MSP automation framework (which I think is a great step forward) we currently have to manually create a script for installation. While this certainly is doable, it feels like a missed opportunity for a more streamlined process. BTW - Thank you for your clear answer to my question.
  9. Yes, that is exactly what I'm referring to. Understandable that there would be a default based on most common usage, but it would be nice to have a script download option there too. We have a general installer script but that doesn't automatically populate the client in the MSP automation framework. Is it just a matter of adding the corresponding tag and parent group when manually generating the installer?
  10. We have relied on pushing a .bat agent installer to our MSP clients through our RMM when deploying ESET. With the move to the new MSP management and the creation of per-customer agent installers there only seems to be a .exe download now, not a .bat. Is there a way to get a scriptable install for the agent? This appears to still be available for MAC clients, but not windows. ESMC v.7.2.1278.0
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