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  1. I think this illustrates why it would be good if there were a script option available in addition to the executable in the MSP automation. I can't speak for other MSPs, but for our use case a script is much easier to deploy than an executable. This might be different if all we were installing was ESET. With a script we can more easily automate our client setup. Basically, to take advantage of the new MSP automation framework (which I think is a great step forward) we currently have to manually create a script for installation. While this certainly is doable, it feels like a missed opport
  2. Yes, that is exactly what I'm referring to. Understandable that there would be a default based on most common usage, but it would be nice to have a script download option there too. We have a general installer script but that doesn't automatically populate the client in the MSP automation framework. Is it just a matter of adding the corresponding tag and parent group when manually generating the installer?
  3. We have relied on pushing a .bat agent installer to our MSP clients through our RMM when deploying ESET. With the move to the new MSP management and the creation of per-customer agent installers there only seems to be a .exe download now, not a .bat. Is there a way to get a scriptable install for the agent? This appears to still be available for MAC clients, but not windows. ESMC v.7.2.1278.0
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