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  1. Indeed via satellite 10usd per MB. I Mean the webcontrol to block for example YouTube. We have tried this in our office and we found out that we have to clear the cache of chrome (or any webbrowser) before the block is actually working if you don’t clear the cache of your browser you can still visit YouTube. When you want to remove the block you have to do the same again but now in the ESET client itself as the block even when removed from the era policy will stay in place. Maybe this is more as a bug this part although our local ESET distributor told us this is how it works.
  2. 1. Make micro updates work with eset products later than 6.5 as micro updates don’t work on version 6.6. 2. When sending a block policy to the endpoint via era you first have to clear the local cache else it will not work Which is strange and very cumbersome when adding a block rule to 100 endpoints. The other way around is just the same when removing the block in the era it is not removed from the endpoint.
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