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I'm a little bit confused about the VA strategy. Why is the latest VA for download configured with an outdated OS (CentOS 7)? And additionally, after starting the webmanagement, I get informed that I has to update the OS shortly. Last time I tried to update the VM components the whole installation was messed up (not compatible components/configuration). 

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Not only the Virtual Appliance still relies on CentOS 7. We want to migrate our CentOS 7 based Linux server to a newer operating system, but for the current ESET Protect version (11) only Debian 10 (outdated) and CentOS 7 (soon outdated) seem to be supported. At least these are the only operating systems besides SLES with an installation manual: https://help.eset.com/protect_install/11.0/en-US/installation_linux.html

How is it possible that a new software is released and all manuals rely to old operating systems?

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Okay, so far so good for the virtual appliance. And what about the list with the supported operating systems and the manuals for the manual installation of ESET Protect which still point to old operating systems?

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