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  1. Hello Joe, thank you very much for your question. Yes, you are right. If there is a chance, that end user will request blocked email, it will be better to quarantine item. You can quarantine the whole email or only specific attachment. Example: Other recommendations: If is possible try to use the newest version (7.0.10025), which provides the newest features and improvements Useful could be also online help page related to the "Rules", which is localized to many languages Thank you very much for using our products Best Regards
  2. Hello guys, the new version of EMSX has been released (7.0.10025). https://www.eset.com/int/business/mail-security-exchange/download/ SPF result rule was extended (currently is possible to configure an action for "Soft fail"). Enjoy the newest version. Many thanks for using ESET products!
  3. Hello (and happy new year to you too), we are planning to release build with mentioned rule on the end of January or on the beginning of February. Thank you very much for your interest, we are very happy that we can build products according the customers needs.
  4. Thank you very much to Marcos for great work in this forum. We are planning release EMSX 7.0.10024.0 on Thursday 20th December (here will be accessible). We are very happy that you are using ESET products and of course many thanks for providing your valuable feedback.
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