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  1. Hello @municel , thank you very much for the good suggestion. We already have it in our backlog. We could probably improve it in next year's releases.
  2. Hello @kapela86, many thanks for the clarification. Yes, we will try to extend "OS Service pack" field also for WIN 10 and Server 2016/2019. Very good suggestion, many thanks for it. I was also interested if it will be useful for you to have the option to filter all OS version instead of a concrete one. I mean something like operator "IS NOT". E.G., I would like to filter all Windows 10 computers that are not on the latest version, which is 2004.
  3. Hello @kapela86, thank you very much for your suggestions. It really helps us to improve our products. One question to recommendation #3. What is your primary use case? Do you also want to filter based on this new column? Now we have column "OS VERSION" and based on this table https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/, it would be possible to find a specific version also now. However, I am guessing that you want to filter for expme all Windows 10 computers, which are not on the latest version. Is my assumption correct, or your primary use case is different? Many
  4. Hello @Zen11t, thank you very much for your explanation again. It helps us to understand your needs better. I hope this trick will help you You can filter the computers with an outdated version of agents and then click on any item in the table and select "In computer page (all)". It will navigate you to the computers section, where you will have only computers with outdated agents, and here you can also check the last connection status.
  5. Hello @Zen11t, thank you very much for explanation of your use-case. You can try to go: Dashboard -> Status overview (Tab) -> Product version statuses (Tile) -> Click on Agent bar -> Choose "Detailed information" After that, you will see the report, which you can also download (PDF, PS, CSV format), and in this report is "Version Check Status", that may help you identify which computers don't have the latest agent. Another solution could be to go to Dashboard -> ESET applications -> "Installed ESET Applications" (Table) -> Click on specific version of "ESET man
  6. Hello @Alexku, thank you very much for your interest in this feature. Yes, we plan to add the possibility of sending events to the Syslog server. Do you have any specific requirements? (e.g., for the preferred format of events, or something else) What is your primary reason to use this feature? Feeding events to SIEM tool? If yes, which one are you using? (for better imagination, you can look here how the configuration of this feature looks in on-prem ESMC)
  7. Hello JLKTechTeam, thank you very much for your request. We have it on the roadmap. We plan to add the possibility to create own or edit existing notifications. This feature should be available in Q4/2020-Q1/2021.
  8. Hello EricSchultz, Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. I think that is a very good idea. We will look at it, and if there would not be other problems like different behavior in different versions of OS, we will try to implement it.
  9. Hello tbsky, thank you very much for your post, don't worry, we plan to release mentioned versions in the middle of November. Stay tuned!
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