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  1. Go to this web site: https://www.eset.com/ph/ Looks like they have chat capability. If you read through what is listed in the chat window, they list various contact methods. Use one of those to contact them about alternative payment methods.
  2. First, just what is KMS-R@1n.exe? https://www.quora.com/What-is-KMS-R-1n-exe-Does-it-affect-my-computer?share=1 If you are using a "cracked"; i.e. illegal version, of the Windows OS or any other legit Microsoft software, removal of KMS components will cause all licenses associated with them to become invalid. If all your software licenses are legit paid ones from the software manufacturer, then there is no reason for KMS associated components to remain on your PC. This situation is also a classic example of why Eset does not enable the potentially unwanted software option by default. Eset's stance to date is they are not the "software license police." The previous said, using of cracked software these days is a risky undertaking since the crack installers are increasing being used to push malware on installed devices.
  3. Take a close look at Eset default firewalls that exist prior to importing your existing firewall rules. If I recollect, a rule is added at the end of the rule set when Interactive mode select that is in essence an ask rule for any inbound and outbound network traffic. If that rule is removed, Eset will then block by default anything which hasn't been satisfied by an existing firewall rule. Or, the above ask rule is hidden but still exists. If you import settings for a prior export where Interactive mode had not been enabled, this also would remove this hidden ask rule regardless of if the firewall was set to Interactive at the time of the import activity.
  4. The best explanation comes from the Eset glossary: Since these apps may be used in commercial network environments by design, Eset leaves the monitoring decision of their use up to the user at Eset installation time.
  5. Well, I am on Win 10 1909 and see "oops there is no data available please try again later." I assume this is some type of LiveGrid issue on the Eset servers. LiveGrid process reputation appears to be working fine, No big deal as far as I am concerned.
  6. The settings you are looking for do not exist in ver. 13.0.xx. They were added in ver. 13.1.xx. Upgrade your Eset version. https://help.eset.com/eis/13/en-US/?whats_new.html
  7. I believe the Real-time and Advanced Machine Learning settings were added in ver 13.1.xx.
  8. Has Eset Outlook Add-in been allowed in Group Policy per this article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/troubleshoot/group-policy/office-add-in-not-loaded ?
  9. Open Eset GUI. Mouse click on Setup. From the Setup screen display, mouse click in Advanced Setup per the below screen shot. Real-time and Advanced Machine Learning settings will now be displayed. Additionally if Computer Protection is selected, mouse clicking on Advanced Setup from there will also display Real-time and Advanced Machine Learning settings.
  10. My best guess at this point is the software used to create the USB bootable media internally stored system data; e.g. UEFI data, on the media. When you attempted to use the media on another PC, the above UEFI data obviously was different. Does the SysRescue USB bootable media work w/o issue on the device it was created on?
  11. When you booted, did you select the appropriate keyboard key; e.g. F12, which displays a BIOS screen screen were you can select media to boot from; i.e. USB drive?
  12. Do you have pre-release updates selected in Eset? I do and have no issue with Eset updating on the same version of Win you have installed. This might be an issue with EIS 13.2.14 regular version.
  13. You stated in an earlier reply that this issue: does not occur when Eset is uninstalled. Reasons for this error are given here: https://www.wintips.org/how-to-fix-disk-event-51-an-error-detected-on-device-during-paging-operation/ Therefore, my best guess is there is some conflict with the SSD controller driver being used and Eset. Are you using the Win 10 Microsoft provided AHCI driver? If not, have you tried switching to it and observe if that stops the Event 51 error activity?
  14. Once its available on Eset off-line download servers, release changes will be available. It usually take a while for the this to happen after the new release staggered update to existing installations occur.
  15. Are you stating that SUMO has the capability to update individual Eset components? If so, I would say this is a no-no. Eset updates itself in various ways and always using its internal components to do so. Using any other means is a sure recipe for getting either hacked or ending up with a corrupted Eset installation. In regards to ecmds.exe, the latest version of Eset, 13.2.14, now rolling to devices shows that ecmds.exe is now ver. As far as whether 32 bit or 64 bit Eset components are installed, that depends on what like Win OS version you are using.
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