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  1. On a positive note, the results from the malware test was really good. Happy to see that.
  2. Do you only have the drives themselves selected? If for example the operating memory option is still selected, ESET can still scan files in other drives if they are currently opened in memory, could also explain why it's jumping around between disks.
  3. Getting the same thing and is 99% a false positive. The domain is owned by Let's Encrypt and ESET seems to be the only provider reporting this as malicious as per VirusTotal EDIT: Already gone from VirusTotal, probably fixed?
  4. I wouldn't worry about those being modified by malware. The drivers themselves aren't malicious, but ESET must have (recently?) been aware of a way to use these drivers in a malicious way (as in they are possibly vulnerable), and is blocking them to play it safe. Also, it only seems to care about the NVFlash utility's drivers themselves, and nothing with the BIOS files of your old GPU. As for why this happened out of nowhere, Windows usually does file indexing for Windows Search randomly in the background.
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