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  1. I admit I used the copy I had on my hard drive already rather than download the newest one. I had it on hand from a previous troubleshooting attempt. If everything seems to be working, though, I guess I should just chalk it up to being a fluke? It certainly isn't red on the protection status at all.
  2. No errors reported on the home screen. Protection status is green. EAV logs attached as requested. eav_logs 3.zip
  3. Hi all. Today when I started up my computer, ESET started to update itself as per normal. When it began to attempt to apply the update, I got a series of errors: ESET then instructed me to reboot to complete the update of ESET, which I did. Upon restarting, ESET seems to be running just fine, but I presume that is with the older drivers or without the appropriate drivers installed (due to the errors). Updating again does not seem to do anything, unfortunately. Are these errors something to worry about? ESET appears to be functioning just fine now, but I'm not sure. Thank
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