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  1. I admit I used the copy I had on my hard drive already rather than download the newest one. I had it on hand from a previous troubleshooting attempt. If everything seems to be working, though, I guess I should just chalk it up to being a fluke? It certainly isn't red on the protection status at all.
  2. No errors reported on the home screen. Protection status is green. EAV logs attached as requested. eav_logs 3.zip
  3. Hi all. Today when I started up my computer, ESET started to update itself as per normal. When it began to attempt to apply the update, I got a series of errors: ESET then instructed me to reboot to complete the update of ESET, which I did. Upon restarting, ESET seems to be running just fine, but I presume that is with the older drivers or without the appropriate drivers installed (due to the errors). Updating again does not seem to do anything, unfortunately. Are these errors something to worry about? ESET appears to be functioning just fine now, but I'm not sure. Thanks very much in advance.
  4. I admit I'm a touch confused and unsure of what's responsible for the detection/lack of detection based on time. However, I do want to thank you both for your insight and your explanations, as well as your analysis! Just to be fairly sure about this, though: At any point were these DLLs malicious, or was this indeed a false positive?
  5. I admit I'm out of my depth. On Friday the 17th, I returned to my computer to find this in the log file: ESET auto-deleted and quarantined the files, and my own response was to delete the program entirely out of an abundance of caution. The files have not been altered since then. Today, when I restored the files from quarantine and scanned them through the windows context menu, I got these outcomes (Scanned one file on it's own, then the other two together - Restored the file to a different folder, because the original location was deleted along with the program): I don't think there's any possibility that the files themselves were updated at all between scans - The first thing I did upon noticing that the detection had flagged these files as suspicious was start this entire process. The last patch issued for the game would have been on July 15th. I suppose the possibility exists that something foul is going on throughout the system, but unrelated to these files? Subsequent full-system in-depth scans have come back clean, I admit. Edit: Though notably, the ESET portion of Virus Total didn't flag the files, either, earlier today?
  6. Huh. Well, I did scan them around 3 hours ago, I'll confess. This might lend more credence to itman's theory?
  7. I don't know what to say - I restored the DLLs from Quarantine, scanned them via ESET Context scan, and the ESET Context scan did not flag them as malicious. I would presume because ESET's definitions have been updated to unblock the files?
  8. Hi Marcos. The only DLLs I have were ones that I pulled out of quarantine, so I don't believe they've been updated. I deleted the program after the DLLs were flagged. The DLLs in question should be in the logs I attached above. I used the ESET log collector as you instructed. Thanks!
  9. ESET Context scan does not detect any of these files as suspicious or malicious. Though I wonder if definitions might've been updated between Friday when the on-demand scan picked them up, and now?
  10. Thanks for the tips. Here are the links to each file's VT profile. Each one came back with zero detections - that makes me wonder exactly why ESET flagged these files to begin with? Could that be a signal of a deeper problem? Unity.Timeline.dll PhotonUnityNetworking.dll UnityEngine.Monetization.dll
  11. Thanks for the Detection log tip - Though for some reason, the detections aren't in there? I can find the detections in the Scan log, it clearly labels them as suspicious objects and says "Cleaned by deleting" - But there aren't any hashes there. And again, the detection log doesn't have them for some reason, which is odd.
  12. The files were auto-deleted by ESET. The developer of the software in question did verify, however, that the files were legitimate. I reached out via email.
  13. No problem. Log files attached. Hopefully these files are only accessible to forum admins and moderators! eav_logs_Black_Ice.zip
  14. Hello, Today I performed a full system scan, and was shocked when ESET (version on Windows 10 x64) reported three detections, where I usually have zero. I hadn't installed any new software recently, so this got me very worried. Digging into the scan log, it seems that three files were flagged as being 'suspicious objects': PhotonUnityNetworking.dll Unity.Timeline.dll UnityEngine.Monetization.dll All three of these files are associated with the video game "Black Ice" sold through steam. This game has been on my computer for years, and never caused a problem - However, it seems that a recent update to the game occurred, and may be responsible for these files. The files were cleaned via deleting automatically when the full scan was executed. I went into the quarantine panel of ESET and submitted each file for analysis via the ESET GUI. Are these files legitimately dangerous, and could they have done any harm in the time they were active? Or are these potentially false positives? Thanks much.
  15. After updating to cleaner module 1199, the problem has returned with consistency. Edit: Check that - It is still happening periodically, but it was only consistent for the first few times after updating the cleaner module. It's happening only very rarely afterward. Just to add to the confusion, I guess!
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