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  1. Win 10 x(64) 1909, FireFox x(64) 74.0, EIS 13.1.16 pre-release updates. This just started today, The funny part is BP&P opens fine as far as I can determine:
  2. I would recommend Internet Security. The differences between NOD32 and Internet Security are shown here: https://www.eset.com/us/home/for-windows/ The major enhancements for Internet Security are two-way configurable firewall, Network Attack Protection; i.e. IDS, Banking and Payment Protection, and Botnet Protection.
  3. Did you do the following per my prior posting? Activate my Windows home product using my Username, Password, or License Key. Note: If you are activating NOD32, use the NOD32 license key you have. If that license key is already used on another device, you can use your Internet Security license key as long as it hasn't been already installed on three devices.
  4. As far as I am aware of, the only updating that is occurring is for signatures. So assume the problem lives there. You will just have to wait till Eset gets around to fixing it. Note this a free product so assume its not high on the priority list.
  5. This is a memory integrity violation. Why the installer is generating it, I have no clue.
  6. https://support.eset.com/en/kb872-i-receive-the-error-message-serial-number-or-activation-key-already-activated-or-serial-number-exceeded-the-allowed-number-of-activations
  7. Check your Error and Warning logs for anything related to Eset for today. Also the fact that you were receiving Eset driver errors previously is indicative of a possible conflict with other security software you have installed. You might have to disable Avast or at least, its real-time scanner while running Eset Online Scanner. You can also try adding exclusions in Avast real-time scanning for Eset Online Scanner associated processes.
  8. SMBGhost Vulnerability Allows Privilege Escalation on Windows Systems https://www.securityweek.com/smbghost-vulnerability-allows-privilege-escalation-windows-systems
  9. Also if you are using Win XP, Eset Online Scanner doesn't work on it: https://forum.eset.com/topic/22577-eset-online-scanner-doesnt-work-error-101/
  10. If you feel there's a bug in Eset Online Scanner, post in the appropriate forum section; i.e. ESET Standalone Malware Removal Tools.
  11. That's the internal PE name. The external file name is esetonlinescanner.exe
  12. One detection by some obscure AV solution. It's a false positive.
  13. I had issues a while back with Eset auto updating on my Win 7 to Win 10 upgraded installation a while back. In most cases, a forced in-program attempt would do so but not always. My boot drive died a while back and I opted for a fresh Win 10 1909 install w/reinstalling all my apps including Eset. Since then Eset program updating has worked flawlessly along with a number of other things. Now the Eset program update downloads automatically and is waiting for me to reboot if required.
  14. Personally, I would recommend using just FixMBR as noted below which has shown effective in removing boot sector 0 malware in prior forum postings. If you don't have a recovery CD or Win 10 installation media, this article shows three options how your can boot into the Win 10 recovery environment directly from Win 10: https://www.howtogeek.com/126016/three-ways-to-access-the-windows-8-boot-options-menu/ . Then proceed starting at the below 'Troubleshoot' step.
  15. Also are you referring to G-mail access via e-mail client or web mail access.
  16. @Smithannae2 no where in your postings do I see any mention that your father actually paid for an Eset license. Appears the repair guy is using a cracked/hacked license key or the like. If your father was not explicitly charged for an Eset license, he needs to purchase one to resolve this issue. Or alternatively, uninstall Eset.
  17. It appears Eset is not activated. That is the only explanation I have for this Eset screen appearing. The computer repair person should have given your father the Eset license key. If not, he needs to specifically request it from him. An Eset license key is formatted as USAX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX where the first three characters is the country code. Once the licensing key is received, he can then select "Use a purchased license key" option in the above Eset activation screen. Then enter the license key including the dash marks. Eset will then connect to its licensing servers and verify the license key. If the key is not a valid one, a message will be displayed indicating this. If the key shows it was invalid, I would demand that the purchase money be refunded. You father can then purchase a license for Eset Internet Security here: https://www.eset.com/us/home/internet-security/ .
  18. I'll answer two of these questions. Most definitely. Have yet to find something that can get around it. First, Eset HIPS is not a "full feature" HIPS along the lines of Comodo's Defense+ or OutPost's now default HIPS. The Eset HIPS lacks features such as a Trusted Publishers feature and the like that auto allow trusted System processes and the like. "The rub" is when you start monitoring a process for modification, you also must also manually create allow rules for trusted processes that do likewise. This means you must have the technical knowledge to know what those trusted processes are and if its normal activity for them to perform such modification. And in reality, it doesn't end here. Those trusted processes could be possibly be injected by malware, so those should also be monitored ........ ad infinitum. Most browsers are sandboxed; e.g. Edge's AppContainer, or run at low Integrity level which prevents malware from infecting the rest of the system. There are also products designed for this like Sandboxie although it appears, its days are numbered.
  19. Read this above posting: https://forum.eset.com/topic/22995-latest-update-bsod/?do=findComment&comment=111480 The last update to 2004 borked things. Also as I posted previously but apparently you did not read, Eset doesn't officially support Win 10 Preview builds.
  20. If you're using a Win 10 Preview build, the solution is to uninstall it and use the the latest released version of Win 10 which is 1909.
  21. Which message? The previously shown Win 10 notification message relating to Eset Proxy GUI?
  22. As far as candidconcepts.com goes, the IP addresses associated with it are and As far as domain name blocking goes, have you tried *.candidconcepts.com/* and *.candidconcepts.net/*? I assume Eset mail server supports that wildcard notation. Block that IP address then. Doing so might end up blocking a lot of legit e-mail though. It appears a lot of Internet traffic routes through those relay backbone servers.
  23. @Aryeh Goretsky can you check this out and verify the origin of this Win 7 upgrade alert.
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