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  1. Stay with ESET, on macOS is one of the best written antivirus...others seems like they are made by children from kindergarten.
  2. Go for ESET. Kaspersky on macOS is written by children from kindergarten.
  3. ATTENTION! LESSON LEARNED, NEXT TIME TAKE A LOOK AT THIS BEFORE BUYING A LICENSE: https://www.eset.com/int/business/partner/find/#c11842
  4. Hi! Coming with answer from firm that I have bought the license key: We had a data breach on supplier. They give to me a new license. ESET RO was very helpful. Thanks again to you all. @Marcos tell me when you are available to send you the new license to check
  5. On Monday I will talk with those who sold me the license, if they don't give me a straight answer I will contact Consumer Protection on my country to take action against them. Thanks! //I will come with updates on this, let this topic open. The problem is they sold licenses on big retail sites in my country.
  6. Hello! I bought an ESET IS license for about 2-3 months, in the meantime I reinstalled windows but I can no longer install that license. It seems to me that it is not valid even though it is bought from an authorized distributor. Error message: "license disabled" - in my.eset.com For more details I am at your disposal with any information. Thank you! A good day!
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