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  1. Paul.R

    AV Comparatives May 2018

    hi! @claudiu For me the best antivirus are: Kaspersky, ESET, Dr. Web, MSE . I test all of them and I use some of them and I never regret it. By the way if you want privacy and a better antivirus pay for him, if you want to be a donor of your data to a 3 party use a free one. Look at those test with a gram of salt. On some test Bugdefender is best solution in galaxy but is just marketing.
  2. hi! @Marcos I have Little Snitch installed on my macOS and he shows me that ESET has 484 connections...wtf ESET? Location: Seattle - Westlake - all ESET connections go that way.
  3. I confirm this too.
  4. Paul.R


    Thanks! Have a nice day!
  5. Hi! Can you provide a version of sysinspector for macOS devices?