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  1. it is windows server 2016 std. server1(App): sharepoint and custom application server2(Db): SQL
  2. Dear Macros, Thanks for your quick response. It is an application server, do I have to install ESET file security or Endpoint security? Thanks in advance.
  3. We have custom applications for document management system which is built on top of sharepoint and SQL. Some of the services of the application were not starting unless i disable ESET Endpoint 6.5 firewall. Interactive mode doesn't provide any alerts. As a workaround, I disable the firewall then start the service and then enable the firewall back. Requesting your kind support.
  4. Thanks for the response ITman, Hope you have noticed it is trying to access different ports. FYI OS is Windows 10 Pro and did a normal restart. ESET clearly failed to detect many of it. Could you please help me further.
  5. Dear ITman, Thanks again. I was waiting to get maximum details to share with you. I haven't installed Ccleaner. Here are the results, Scanned with free version of malwarebytes and got following results, Cleaned it and got rid of few things but not all. Now malwarebytes shows a clean report. Please find the below alerts from ESET and Malwarebytes, Malwarebytes gives more accurate information it seems. Why are they showing different IPs? It was keep coming. Then i have worked out on autoruns, unchecked every red marked. But i am still getting the alerts. 1. Why ESET is unable to find these malwares like Malwarebytes? 2. I would like to know whether the hacker succeeded in getting data from my PC. Requesting your quick support, thanks in advance. Best Regards, Clinton
  6. Dear ITman, Thanks a lot for the response. Please check the below alert details, Could you please guide me how to get rid of this. Best Regards, Clinton
  7. Dears, I am always getting this notification. Tried scanning and removing items using adwcleaner, it cleans but when i restarts its the same situation. ESET couldn't find any threats so far. I am using ESET Endpoint security solution in my entity. Requesting your support. Thanks and Regards, Clinton
  8. Thanks again. But I believe it is indeed a good option to have ability from ERA console to individually select actions.
  9. Thanks for the information Marcos. Okay in this case i would like to take actions individually. how can i do that? Thanks in advance.
  10. I couldn't find an option to take action like clean or quarantine the detected files.
  11. Dears, I am finding some threats on one machine without taking any action by the endpoint from remote admin view. Could you please tell me why those threats are not automatically deleted or moved to quarantine?
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