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  1. Regarding to your screencaps, you are mixing things up a bit. Cap #1 are the settings for the Real-Time Protection, #2 are the settings to perform Computer Scans for internal and external drives with Smart/In-depth/Context selections. In your screen #2 a scan is performed By profile setting and selected only your Macintosh HD. Please note that you have to set up and select your drives in Scan Targets for all scan scenarios in the Scan Profile Setups for Computer Scan (Smart/In-depth/Context)! 1. Select Scan Profile 2. Select Setup for Scan Targets (see selections above) Greetz
  2. Thank you @itman and @Marcos for chiming in and adding some valuable additional info's. Of course automatic mode in ESET is for the 'average' PC user but when installing beta/preview software, it's nice to know - even for a much lesser tech savvy person like myself - what connections are made in- and/or outbound. For me that's one of the fun part testing beta's. Greetz
  3. Thanks for your reply, appreciated! Yes, to monitor every single connection by any application, inbound and/or outbound the best way to go is using the "interactive mode". It's more time consuming, but sets my own mind at ease. It also gives you a great insight - e.g. when testing beta-software - what the behaviour is in connecting to what server and which protocol its using like http(s). I'm an insider for Windows as well. The ESET SS software goes bananes - in interactive mode - when doing the first time clean install of Windows. Heh, its fun to watch the telemetry entering your computer! The GRC Leakage Tester sends an inbound connection to the firewall, when in "interactive mode" you have the option to rule in/out the connection you find suspicious. See my screens. The last test is to rule out that some other process then the ESET firewall is blocking the connection. The combination of both let's you check if your firewall is oke. If you have any more questions please don't hessitate to ask them here on the forum, a great place te be! I'm still on the steep learning curve myself! 😊 Greetz
  4. What warning were you expecting, I don't quite follow you on this. I've set ESET products always in "interactive mode".
  5. Just a quick Q: Did you DENY & ALLOW the rules correctly by clicking twice on the OK button after removing/adding the rules for the GRC Leakage Tester, according the sequence advised in this test? Perhaps you could share some screencaps on where ESS failed on you? I want to share my test sequence with you, perhaps other users running this test, being my first! 1. Test sequence start: 2. Run Leakage Tester -> create rule and remember permanent: DENY 3. Result Unable To Connect 4. ESS added the create rule (#417) and remember permanent: DENY 5. Removing (#417 -> #416) the create rule and remember permanent: DENY (note: don't forget to OK + OK the removal!) 6. Run Leakage Tester again -> create rule and remember permanent: ALLOW 7. ESS added the create rule (#417) and remember permanent: ALLOW 8. Result Firewall Penetrated 9. Removing (#417 -> #416) the create rule and remember permanent: ALLOW (note: don't forget to OK + OK the removal!) 10. Close the GRC Leakage Tester application Greetz
  6. WOW when I booted my VM after a 10 days absense, I NOTICED that Anti-Theft is back on track in my ESET SS v10 10.0.386.0 (NON-PREMIUM version)!!! Thank you ESET! Greetz!
  7. Oke. Please post screencaps here to check if we're talking about the same prefs. Greetz
  8. In the Select Scan Tragets you (un)select any external drive you want. Just uncheck the name of the drive you do not want to scan during the Computer Scan. I would NOT disable any drive for the Real Time Protection!!! Greetz
  9. Hi Ren, you can set them in the preferences of ESET CS(P) for RTP & CS: In main preferences select RTP: Select your desired Media to Scan. Better leave this one selected for RM: In main preferences select CS: Select SPS (1) for several profiles and then select the ST (2) for each profile that you want to change. Repeat for each SPS needed. Select desired scan targets BY PROFILE SETTINGS: OR select desired scan targets BY DRIVE TYPE -> i.e. in your case only Local Drives. Select the drives you want to scan and click OK! Hope this will help you! Q's? Just let me know! Greetz
  10. Roger!
  11. Hi @TomFace, I received an e-mail notification with your added link to the post from @SCR about the same spelling typo: 1. Did I post in the wrong subforum? Seems to be a double then. Thanks for that! 2. I can't find your edited quote/post in which you added the link. A bit confusing, but not an issue of course. Greetz
  12. Just a little thingy I noticed today! Should be "See WHO gave kudos" Greetz
  13. Same to you!