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  1. Oke. Please post screencaps here to check if we're talking about the same prefs. Greetz
  2. In the Select Scan Tragets you (un)select any external drive you want. Just uncheck the name of the drive you do not want to scan during the Computer Scan. I would NOT disable any drive for the Real Time Protection!!! Greetz
  3. Hi Ren, you can set them in the preferences of ESET CS(P) for RTP & CS: In main preferences select RTP: Select your desired Media to Scan. Better leave this one selected for RM: In main preferences select CS: Select SPS (1) for several profiles and then select the ST (2) for each profile that you want to change. Repeat for each SPS needed. Select desired scan targets BY PROFILE SETTINGS: OR select desired scan targets BY DRIVE TYPE -> i.e. in your case only Local Drives. Select the drives you want to scan and click OK! Hope this will help you! Q's? Just let me know! Greetz
  4. Roger!
  5. Hi @TomFace, I received an e-mail notification with your added link to the post from @SCR about the same spelling typo: 1. Did I post in the wrong subforum? Seems to be a double then. Thanks for that! 2. I can't find your edited quote/post in which you added the link. A bit confusing, but not an issue of course. Greetz
  6. Just a little thingy I noticed today! Should be "See WHO gave kudos" Greetz
  7. Same to you!
  8. Hi Marcos, Thanks for your prompt reply and I wish you and all members of the ESET Team a great 2017! I'll just let ESET surprise me with the new (beta) ECSPro for Mac. Will a beta version also be submitted to the Insiders Program? Greetz
  9. Hi Marcos, Any updates from your product development/management department? Really looking forward to a new release for the Mac! All the best for 2017 for you and the ESET team? Cheers
  10. On iOS 9.3.5 / Safari it just works! Greetz
  11. Glad it got your issue solved and glad to be of help! But the shortcut installed by the ESET installer should be reviewed by the ESET team, when it gives you a risklevel 9 as that should clearly not be the issue. @ESET
  12. Thanks for the confirmation @itman Sometimes a solution is just around the corner!
  13. It looks like that (some of) your modules were installed into your desktop "c:\users\?username?\desktop\software\eset\modules\...." and not into the default folders for the ESET installation. In Sysinspector I have no search results for the string "desktop\software" for the ESET installed modules, because I installed ESET using its default folders. EDIT: I copied the sysinspector.exe to my desktop and launched it from there. The .exe now shows up in the running processes table, but not giving me a red (9) risk level. Running it from desktop gives a totally different outcome for the inspection, so ESET will see its own process as a thread/risk, when run from desktop. I hope @itman can confirm!
  14. My problem started after updating to the latest version AND I changed nothing in the Live Grid settings and/or (firewall) ports! Help appreciated!