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  1. Hi @Peter Randziak, Thank you! Just the comfirmation I was looking for! ;-) Cheers
  2. Hey guys, anyone care to share? Cheers
  3. Hi guys, How's this release working for everybody? Has the cloud-based app/daemons crashes been resolved yet? Cheers
  4. Yes, sorry I mixed up the Windows 10 INSIDERS and the CENTERCODE for ESET beta's! 😬 Best for you to ask Peter to grand you access to the beta for ESSP! Good luck on your beta hunt! Cheers
  5. Just ask Peter for a link to the Beta release, or simply enter the Insiders Programm. 😎 Good luck! Cheers
  6. Aha, I see now. But IRL, I use this phrase the most, when my wife is acting up again! 😂 Cheers and enjoy your tweakend!
  7. My lips are sealed @Peter Randziak! 🙃 Cheers
  8. Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703 (build 15063) now available from Windows 10 Update Assistant. Or grab your ISO @ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO Updating my Windows 10 14393 ATM and will trial-and-error ESSP as well in the meantime! ;-) Cheers
  9. As stated in my thread header, I'm seeing a steep increase in issues regarding the recent ESET products line-up for SS(P) and/or CS(P)! What's the consensus here on the ESET forums? Note: I'm a hybrid OS user too. Cheers
  10. Hi @Marcos, Just a reminder to send me the new version of CSP you promissed. Cheers
  11. Hi everybody, After booting one one my Windows Insiders Preview test VM: 1. I got an in-app update notification, what is the release date? 2a. Is there any more info's at ESET available for below notification? 2b. Is it possible to add some more additional information for it? Cheers
  12. Thank you again @Marcos for your prompt help. Please do send me the new release on monday, so I can provide you the log files it creates. I 'expect' this release to nail down all my issues and live happely ever after! "-D Cheers
  13. Thanks @planet! Yes I have some 3rd party network related apps/devices running: - malwarebytes - debookee - istat server - istat menus - rubbernet - Synolgy DS1812 machine My question still remains, why 1-2 years later I'm having the exact same issues from the very past, when i comes to network- / (i)Cloud-based apps and/or machines. @Marcos is investigating to for me right away thanks you! But I still have to send in the logs asap. First I need to finish my project(s), so maybe as per instantly after this weekend, I'll manage to send him the requested info's. Marcos, do I need to re-install CSP again? I for sure hope NOT! Cheers all for your help and enjoy your weekends!