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  1. I use 2 factor authentication for all devices, apps and services when provided! An absolute must-have these days with the incredible fast rising amounts of threads! Cheers
  2. Hi @TomFace, I received an e-mail notification with your added link to the post from @SCR about the same spelling typo: 1. Did I post in the wrong subforum? Seems to be a double then. Thanks for that! 2. I can't find your edited quote/post in which you added the link. A bit confusing, but not an issue of course. Greetz
  3. Just a little thingy I noticed today! Should be "See WHO gave kudos" Greetz
  4. On iOS 9.3.5 / Safari it just works! Greetz
  5. Hi all, FYI I changed my handle on these forums from BDM STUDIOS to "m4v3r1ck", due to personal circumstances, Thanks Peter! Cheers
  6. Good point - I will add this now. Most issues that have been resolved are on 10.11.x, due to both ESET and Apple fixing bugs/issues (like the iCloud Drive/Mail issue). Thanks for updating your resolve-log @planet! Seems the only route is to upgrade to OS X 10.10.x El Capitan YET! But, I would like to urge ESET to resolve these issues for OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite too, as I don't want to be forced to upgrade to an OS X version, in which a lot of my programs won't play well! Thanks in advance ESET for addressing these issues. Cheers
  7. @planet Could you please share with us what OS X version the above mentioned ECSP issues have been resolved; OSX 10.10 or OSX 10.11? I can't seem to find that in your revolve-log. Cheers
  8. Great thread and KUDOS to @planet and all others participating here. What are still the main (crull pit) issue with release of ECSP for Mac? My ECSP is working perfect, except for the shutdown lag. Cheers
  9. Hi planet, Great thread, thanks for your effort and time! BUT, on the other hand it keeps me from upgrading to v6.0.14.0. Any idea when ESET will fix all bugs and issues, do you have direct contact with the techies at ESET? Thanks again and cheers!
  10. Add search for [name] and [Application] fields in the "Rule and Zone Editor" v5.0.115 on OSX 10.9.5 -> don't know if yet implemented in v6? Cheers
  11. Just discovered this now - instead of clicking the Setup button, just click "Configure Rules and Zones...". Then you have a resizable, flexible window. fw1.jpg fw2a.jpg Thanks planet, GREAT find....
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