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  1. <) NO, you can't! Anybody already has this version up-and-running? How is it performing in OS's < macOS HS? Cheers
  2. ESET Smart Security is still running like a Swiss Clockwork in the latest Windows 10 Insiders Preview Fall Creators Update - FCU - 1709 (OS Build 17017.1000)! Have a nice day!
  3. All those url's are on my WHITE list! On topic: good question and suggestion!
  4. Thanks @Marcos for your quick response, appreciated! I noticed the upgdate is 27,1MB! Manual updates fail as well and I'll just keep trying! Cheers!
  5. Something wrong with the ESET update servers? My ESET CSP update is very slow - FTTH 500/500 speedtest - and eventually keeps aborting the download...
  6. ESET for macOS High Sierra

    Hi @Peter Randziak, This is a great sentence, BOLD! Cheers
  7. Thanks @Marcos The new update to 16257.1000 fixed my issue! Up-and-running again! Cheers
  8. I confirm this issue. For the very 1ST TIME EVER! I encounter problems with ESET Smart Security in a Windows 10 Insiders Preview (nl-nl) since the start the Insiders and being on the fast ring ever since. Cheers
  9. Mac Os 10.13

    But, what is the biggest difference between the Public Beta for macOS High Sierra and the Windows 10 Insiders Preview release, in which I can install any version - beta or not - of ESET Smart Security (Premium)? Cheers
  10. Forum Feedback

    I second that! Cheers
  11. Empty Threat Log

    Hi @AntaresFR, Has your issue(s) been resolved yet? Cheers