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  1. But, what is the biggest difference between the Public Beta for macOS High Sierra and the Windows 10 Insiders Preview release, in which I can install any version - beta or not - of ESET Smart Security (Premium)? Cheers
  2. I second that! Cheers
  3. Hi @AntaresFR, Has your issue(s) been resolved yet? Cheers
  4. Hallo @jdashn, Please note that this is a forum about ESET products and not for making remarks about the English grammar used by its members. Remember - pay respect to the fact - that we are not all ENG native speakers/readers/writers here. Can't help this or any other user with his/her specific issue? Just move on! [/] Cheers
  5. I use 2 factor authentication for all devices, apps and services when provided! An absolute must-have these days with the incredible fast rising amounts of threads! Cheers
  6. @Marcos, Hi, if you find the time could you please respond to my post. Thnx! Cheers
  7. I never use public wifi on my iPhone, strictly 4G with a 20GB/month dataplan! 😎 Cheers
  8. Hi @Marcos Thanks for your prompt reply! Always great to get the confirmation that we - ESET customers - have made the right choise in the past to be protected for future attacks! 👊🏻👍🏻😎 Cheers
  9. What's your view on this ESET? https://labs.bitdefender.com/2017/06/massive-goldeneye-ransomware-campaign-slams-worldwide-users/ Cheers
  10. Another warm reboot did not solve the issue! Winver: Cheers
  11. Hi @Marcos, Same issue here in v10 after a cold reboot for quite a while! Cheers
  12. Hi Peter, That's great news, thnx for your prompt and positive reply! Cheers!
  13. Hi Peter, The creation of "a new generation of the ESET Cyber Security product for macOS", may be the absolute - just-in-time - planning to do a (re)fresh development for its GUI. As requested many times by many others here on the forums, I'm confident to make the claim that all users of CS(P) for macOS are very much looking forward to a brand new GUI. I sincerely hope you and your team will reward us long time ESET CS(P) customers, by granting our wish for a HIGH-END new GUI and treats under the hood! Cheers!
  14. First this, out of the blue... Then this: Any help/directions welcome! Cheers
  15. 1. Not sure I understand what you mean by "I never ever got a notification there was a newer version available till I reloaded ESET on my Mac"? 2. Did you set and/or check your preference settings for ESET CSP? Cheers