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  1. Thank you for your quick response @Marcos! Much appreciated! BUT! MS WDSC was not even active on my VM, what changed in ESET IS that it gives me this message? Am I the only one here, because I could not find any hits for my searchstring here on the forums... Cheers!
  2. Hi @Marcos and @Peter Randziak! Hope all is well for you both. I'm seeing this message for the first time ever in my VMware Fusion VM-WIN10PROx64 - 1607! What changed all of this? Cheers
  3. Cybersecurity Pro UI

    Thanks for the heads up @planet! But at this pace, I'll not live day that the UI is updated as required/requested by many ESET Customers. Cheers!
  4. Hi @Marcos & @Peter Randziak! This guerilla-marketing by MacKeeper, needs to be stopped asap in my humble/honest opinion! NUFF SAID! All the best for 2018! everybody! Lechaim!
  5. Hi @Peter Randziak and @Marcos, Even ESET NETHERLANDS are bailing out on me! What' the status of this issue at your end of THE MATRIX? Cheers and all the best wishes for 2018! Lechaim!
  6. Cybersecurity Pro UI

    @planet GREAT feedback and heads up for ESET! @Marcos & @Peter Randziak Have a splendid 2018 all!
  7. Hi @Marcos & @Peter Randziak, With all due respect - of which I have a lot for you both - I've escalated this 'Freemium Upgrade' issue from my supplier (from which I purchased my 5 seater) who I talked to by phone today, to ESET Nederland. Source: ESET NEDERLAND - investigating Freemium Pop-up EIS v.11 UK version on Windows 7 Pro (NL) 32bit LT. I made a big mistake to NOT make a screencap of the Freemium pop-up, but have high confidense that ESET Nederland will be able to clear things up in this matter! Cheers
  8. After reboot I'm still locked into ESSP with the trial version. Solution was to uninstall ESSP v.11 and reinstall EIS v.11 again. Problem solved! Cheers
  9. Hi @Peter Randziak, Thank you for your reply! Perhaps I didn't discribe my issue well enough, but when I use my original ESS - 5 seat - licence-key to upgrade to the Freemium (limited time) ESSPremium, I'm notified that ESSP will loose two key features: Why is my license-key not valid, after I've been notified that my ESS - 5 seater - qualifies for the Freemium upgrade to ESSP? I'm quite confused and caught in the middle here. Cheers
  10. Hi @cyberhash! Thanks, yes my laptop is nearly EOL, but I'm just pushing it to its limtits. The regular module-updates are also hogging - as high as 85% resources - this system, can you roger that? Cheers
  11. Hi @Marcos In my quest to re-install ESET IS v.11 I got a pop-up granting me a FREE - limited time - upgrade to ESET SS PREMIUM v.11 and so I went along upgrading my 1/5-seat subscription on my ASUS W2V laptop running Windows 7 - 32bit. Please see my new warning! WhatsUP with your product line-up lately? This is very annoying and shredding my confidence in ESET! Please advice and directions are greatly appreciated! Cheers
  12. Hi @tmuster2k Thank you! Yes, I used the web-based install of v.11 on top of v.10! I'm currently using 6 open tabs in Chrome. Do you have any idea what's going on with all these processes for chrome? I'll download the full installer and perform an offline un- and reinstall of v.11. Thanks again for your time and trouble. Much appreciated! Cheers