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  1. AdguardApp+EsetCibersecurity

    Hello, From my experience, I found that Adguard for Mac & ESET Cyber Security works together really well at the moment. Adguard is great for blocking ads, trackers, etc. and ESET will protect you against viruses, malware, ransomware, etc on your Mac. Adguard includes minor malware and phishing protection by checking URLs -- at the moment they also filter HTTPS which is a huge advantage as ESET Cyber Security can't do that at the moment. It's a great pair to have.
  2. Hello, Please see: How do I exclude files or folders from scanning in ESET Cyber Security Pro or ESET Cyber Security? The exclusions you add will be excluded from real-time scanning.
  3. Hello, I suggest two things: You can make it ask again in ECSP Preferences... > Notifications and check the box next to New Device Detected or similar (usually should be the only one unchecked). You may also need to adjust the Display Conditions next to it. If you don't remember how it should be set, you can simply click on the 'Default' button on the bottom of the window to reset the Notifications back to how it was when installed. Exclude Time Machine from ECSP completely which is recommended. You can do that in ECSP Preferences... > General > Exclusions and add the .backupdb folder inside the location where Time Machine back ups are made.
  4. Firewall clash

    Hello Joy, If you have ESET Cyber Security Pro, this does come with a firewall. When installed, ESET recommends that you disable the built-in firewall in macOS in order to use their firewall. If you wish to continue using the macOS firewall, it would be best to uninstall Cyber Security Pro and to install Cyber Security instead, as it does not have a firewall, and your license should still work with this version. In terms of which firewall is 'best', the macOS firewall in System Preferences can only filter incoming connections (when an application like Spotify on your Mac wants to let things from the Internet connect inside your Mac in a special way), and does not do outgoing connections (such as an application on your Mac wanting to send something somewhere on the Internet in a special way). ESET's firewall can filter both incoming and outgoing connections, and depending on your preferences, you can really get into details of specifying TCP/UDP, the ports, IPs/URLS, etc. Based on this, ESET's firewall gives you further protection with your Mac and the Internet. Some VPN Applications or other third-party applications are known to automatically keep switching the macOS firewall off in the background, but ESET should not be automatically doing this as it instead usually asks you to manually turn it off yourself via System Preferences. For the cause of your internet connection switching on and off, I would first check if ESET's firewall mode is set to automatic instead of interactive. To check this, click on the ESET icon on your menu bar (top right corner of the screen), click Preferences..., click Firewall and ensure your Filtering mode is Auto with exceptions. Then, either disconnect and reconnect your Mac from the Internet or restart macOS to refresh any Zones or DHCP leases for the ESET firewall to gel with your connection and possibly resolve any further problems. If you continue to have issues with your internet connection, you can try temporarily uninstalling ESET Cyber Security Pro to see if that seems to resolve your connection issues. If not, then the issue lies elsewhere on your Mac or other devices you use to connect to the Internet with. If it is resolved, then please let us know. Some useful links: How do I uninstall or reinstall ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro? How do I install and Activate ESET Cyber Security? How do I install and Activate ESET Cyber Security Pro?
  5. notification for new version

    Hi @pygocentrus, In the past ESET have said that they usually give it some time before they notify users about new versions in-product. I'm unsure about how long or when they do decide to notify you, but they have done this before so they can be 100% certain that the release is completely stable before releasing the update to absolutely everyone in Cyber Security. As long as you have an active license and your update settings are either Default or set up correctly, you should eventually receive an in-product update. Otherwise, you can continue to check on the forum or on the ESET website for new versions if you like to have the newest versions released.
  6. Forum Feedback

    Would be great to have the option of two-factor authentication for the ESET Forum.
  7. Is this with ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro? I noticed you posted this in Cyber Security which doesn't have any Firewall components, so it theoretically shouldn't be affecting Wi-Fi login popups. When you mention ESET blocking the popup, is there any visual indication by ESET or is it just blocked? Are you currently using the latest version which is 6.5.432.1? What version of macOS are you using?
  8. OSX.Proton malware

    Not running the applications will not compromise your system, so in this case, your newest MacBook should be fine. To be safe, if you have performed an In-depth scan from ESET Cyber Security and found no threats, your system should be fine.
  9. OSX.Proton malware

    The intention of Proton is to remain hidden and provide a backdoor on your Mac to steal all sorts of personal information. The WeLiveSecurity article that @itman linked provides a wonderful amount of detail about Proton — including how to manually check if you are compromised and what the payload does on the system.
  10. OSX.Proton malware

    There is also another option to download macOS High Sierra from the App Store on your main MacBook and create a bootable USB installer to use on your second MacBook, which you can boot into and perform the clean install. Easiest Instructions are provided by MacWorld: As long as you directly access the backup media by holding down the alt/option key before booting up into macOS, it shouldn't infect it. Once you use the CCC cloned Recovery and erase your Macintosh HD from your MacBook using Disk Utility, all traces will be removed since you've completely wiped the hard drive.
  11. Forum Feedback

    Not sure if staff are aware that anyone (logged out and in) can see all the Groups available on the ESET Forum? Is this okay @Marcos, @MS-adm, @dwomack? ~~ Image removed, so as not to show the groups. TomasP
  12. 30 Years Congratulations

    A big congratulations to ESET! Lovely little touch to see the 30 Year anniversary visible on the splash screen ESET's products.
  13. Hi @nwarp, that is an odd situation. The difference between ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro should not affect your banking online in your web browser. In regards to your Time Machine no longer working, I'd need more information about what you mean. Is macOS unable to backup to Time Machine, or can you not enter or restore files from your Time Machine? In terms of trying to delete the Pro version, the only way to uninstall is to use the uninstaller for the relevant version, which you can view more information on the ESET Knowledgebase here: You can also use the Uninstaller found inside the DMG file you downloaded to install ECS or ECSP. Then you can restart macOS and install the version that you wish to use. Apologies for the very late response to your topic. If you still need any help or you have found a solution to these issues, feel free to reply.
  14. License Renewal

    Sometimes the license renewal results in a new license key to enter into your ESET programs, and they usually arrive in a seperate email shortly after the email confirmation. If you did not receive that email, and your license has now expired, contact ESET or the reseller you renewed from as soon as you can and explain the situation so you can have this resolved.