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  1. Thanks foneil, I'll use that option from now on.
  2. Great, thank you Tomas. Another Forum Feedback/Question, what is the best practice to report misplaced posts or topics that are in the wrong spot in the Forums? I always felt like the Report function would be too harsh for a situation like that.
  3. Hi Hazzard, ESET Help online contains the help/documentation for the System cleaner feature, is this what you were looking for? http://help.eset.com/eis/11/en-US/?idh_page_systemcleaner.html
  4. Would be great to have the option of two-factor authentication for the ESET Forum.
  5. Not sure if staff are aware that anyone (logged out and in) can see all the Groups available on the ESET Forum? Is this okay @Marcos, @MS-adm, @dwomack? ~~ Image removed, so as not to show the groups. TomasP
  6. No problem Tomas, thank you for bringing the idea to the staff team and providing us with a conclusion. That makes sense, that comparison went over my head when I originally posted that idea.
  7. One more suggestion regarding the forum — I noticed ESET Smart Security & ESET Internet Security are merged into a single sub-forum. As ESET Cyber Security & ESET Cyber Security Pro are very similar (with only the Firewall & Parental Control different), would ESET consider merging the two sub-forums into a combined single sub-forum?
  8. Thank you, looks all okay now from here!
  9. Just discovered this little forum layout bug with this particular post (link), screenshot below. Seems that this typo is still visible as well.
  10. Seems like the graphics are shown using a @font-face with the font files located within forum.eset.com... is there anything you have preventing your browser from using @font-face or loading embedded fonts from websites?
  11. I'm happy to see that with the new Forum recently, these two things are now possible -- notifications for receiving kudos, as well as being able to provide a reason for editing posts. Thank you!
  12. Tried it today, it's A instead of A-, very close to A+ now!
  13. Good point - I will add this now. Most issues that have been resolved are on 10.11.x, due to both ESET and Apple fixing bugs/issues (like the iCloud Drive/Mail issue).
  14. I constantly edit the first post of this topic as much as possible with what's been fixed, new issues I've noticed and more - along with when it was last updated and versions of OS X and ECSP.
  15. Just wanted to say thanks to ESET for fixing the number of major issues with ECS & ECSP, especially with the shutdown issue and problems with esets_proxy. Will continue to update this topic on the first post for the last few things here and there that need to be certain it has been fixed after a few days of using ECSP, but it looks positive!
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