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  1. Perhaps using ESET Log Collector for macOS would be more appropriate. https://support.eset.com/kb3404/
  2. Hi @ten9its, This doesn't look too good at all. My suspicion is that this is something running on your Mac. Firstly, have you run an In-depth computer scan on your Mac? I would also have a look at the running processes and seeing if there is something not labelled as green/safe by ESET LiveGrid.
  3. Hi @forMel, welcome to ESET. You can do this by exporting your Cyber Security Pro settings to a file, and then importing that file to your other Mac. This will also contain your firewall and zone settings. ESET has a Knowledge Base article with more details here: https://support.eset.com/kb3366/?viewlocale=en_US
  4. The update appeared just now, and I've installed it. I then ran the test again in both Firefox and Safari (as this update apparently patches both macOS and Safari), and both browsers still showed the message in the test. I'm not using NoScript in Firefox, and version 57.0.4 apparently patched Spectre... https://github.com/hannob/meltdownspectre-patches Is this test valid for my configuration? Surely these updates I've got now that apparently addressed both Spectre and Meltdown are meant to stop that test from showing me that message?
  5. Somewhat off topic, but interestingly on macOS 10.13.2 and Firefox 57.0.4, that test didn't fail and I saw those words. Apparently both 10.13.2 and 57.0.4 were versions that resolved these. Got some Googling to do.
  6. As you mention it works fine with Sierra, it sounds like it's not loading and hanging with High Sierra because ESET can't load the extension, as you haven't allowed it after installing the latest version. See: ESET system extension blocked in macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) Just to confirm, have you clicked on the Apple icon > System Preferences... > Security & Privacy and clicked Allow next to ESET? Once you click Allow, restart macOS and ESET should load normally. If it doesn't, then I would do as @Marcos said so they can figure out what's going on with your MacBook Pro.
  7. You're welcome @Ren, let us know how the automatic backup went.
  8. Hello, Firstly, please manually update to the latest version of ESET Cyber Security Pro by clicking on the download button below. For your convenience, this directly links to the Slovak language version of ECSP, version 6.5.600. Simply run the dmg and it should perform an upgrade for you. Once complete, restart macOS. Secondly, have you set exclusions for your backup destinations? Exclusions are set in ESET Menu Bar Icon > Preferences... > General > Exclusions Setup... For Time Machine, make sure you have excluded: the Backups.backupdb folder on your backup destination (eg. /Volumes/Synology_DS216play/Backups.backupdb/*.*) If you are using the new AFPS on your Macintosh HD, you will need to also create an exclusion for the local snapshots Volume that is created. This will be resolved in a future update, but for now you will need to add an exclusion manually. This is located at /Volumes/com.apple.TimeMachine.localsnapshots/. If you are unable to see this, you either are not using AFPS, or you need to enable Hidden files in ESET Preferences... > User Interface and restart macOS first. For Carbon Copy Cloner, make sure you have excluded the entire destination drive. Once you have done the manual upgrade, and added the exclusions... see how your backup goes at 6pm again. I would also open ESET Cyber Security Pro, go to Tools > Protection statistics and select the Real-time protection graph so while the backup is being done, you are able to see if ESET is interrupting the backup still. You will see this under Scanned object: on the bottom. If you see anything being scanned aggressively that you know is from Time Machine or CCC, it means that destination or process will also need to be excluded. Let us know how you go. Hope this helps.
  9. There was a newsletter posted on the 22nd December about version 6.5.600 being released. You haven't received anything yet because 6.5.600 is the latest version and you signed up for the newsletter after the 22nd December. As I said previously, for now you should manually download and install version 6.5.600 from the ESET website, restart your Mac and I will be in touch as soon as the next public version is released to see if you received the new version as well. For your convenience, I have provided you Download buttons below. Simply click on the version you have.
  10. Thank you, @TomFace! Happy New Year to you all.
  11. I should mention that shortly after that post, version 6.5.600 was released and contained the following: So it seems that some progress is on the way, which is great.
  12. ESET Cyber Security should have also notified you. Once you have installed version 6.5.600, let's see how the next release/update goes. I have switched to Cyber Security instead of Pro as well. This is an obvious question, but your license is valid and you are recieving module updates successfully from ESET, yes?
  13. I recieved a notification about the new version of 6.5.600 released a few days ago in my ESET Cyber Security Pro... did you not recieve it?
  14. Because you factory reset your device normally, you know you haven't rooted your device, and Root Check has said that your device isn't rooted... it seems that ESET is giving you a false-positive about your root status and will need to be looked into further by ESET so they can figure out why their app is telling you this. In the mean time, it is safe to assume that your device is not in fact rooted. You will need to reactivate ESET Mobile Security by entering the license key of your Multi Device Security Pack, similar to the first time you installed ESET onto your tablet. See: Activate premium features in ESET Mobile Security for Android You may recieve a reply from ESET staff shortly here on the Forum, however I would contact customer care in the ESET Mobile Security app so they can look into this and have your application log. Contact customer care by tapping on the three lines next to the ESET logo on the top left of the app, and then tap 'Customer care'. Under Case type, select 'Security audit', and then for Issue type, select 'Incorrect data'. Provide the issue sescription about your device being incorrectly marked as a rooted device once you factory reset, that you never rooted your tablet and checked with another app that the tablet is not in fact rooted (or if you like, provide them a link to this Forum topic so they have everything that we've discussed). Make sure 'Submit application log' is left ticked. In the mean time, if the warning is annoying, you can hide it for now by once again tapping the three lines next to the ESET logo, tapping 'Security Audit', tapping 'Device Monitoring' and then turning off 'Rooted device' by using the switch on the right. It should turn grey and say 'Not monitored'.
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