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  1. Slow app startup

    Perhaps using ESET Log Collector for macOS would be more appropriate.
  2. notification for new version

    There was a newsletter posted on the 22nd December about version 6.5.600 being released. You haven't received anything yet because 6.5.600 is the latest version and you signed up for the newsletter after the 22nd December. As I said previously, for now you should manually download and install version 6.5.600 from the ESET website, restart your Mac and I will be in touch as soon as the next public version is released to see if you received the new version as well. For your convenience, I have provided you Download buttons below. Simply click on the version you have.
  3. notification for new version

    ESET Cyber Security should have also notified you. Once you have installed version 6.5.600, let's see how the next release/update goes. I have switched to Cyber Security instead of Pro as well. This is an obvious question, but your license is valid and you are recieving module updates successfully from ESET, yes?
  4. notification for new version

    I recieved a notification about the new version of 6.5.600 released a few days ago in my ESET Cyber Security Pro... did you not recieve it?
  5. Forum Feedback

    Thanks foneil, I'll use that option from now on.
  6. Hello, Have you tried to repair or reinstall ESET Internet Security since the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Is this with ESET Version Is the product activated and are all modules up to date? Have you since restarted the PC?
  7. Forum Feedback

    Great, thank you Tomas. Another Forum Feedback/Question, what is the best practice to report misplaced posts or topics that are in the wrong spot in the Forums? I always felt like the Report function would be too harsh for a situation like that.
  8. Forum Feedback

    Hi Hazzard, ESET Help online contains the help/documentation for the System cleaner feature, is this what you were looking for?
  9. notification for new version

    Hi @pygocentrus, In the past ESET have said that they usually give it some time before they notify users about new versions in-product. I'm unsure about how long or when they do decide to notify you, but they have done this before so they can be 100% certain that the release is completely stable before releasing the update to absolutely everyone in Cyber Security. As long as you have an active license and your update settings are either Default or set up correctly, you should eventually receive an in-product update. Otherwise, you can continue to check on the forum or on the ESET website for new versions if you like to have the newest versions released.
  10. Forum Feedback

    Would be great to have the option of two-factor authentication for the ESET Forum.
  11. Forum Feedback

    Not sure if staff are aware that anyone (logged out and in) can see all the Groups available on the ESET Forum? Is this okay @Marcos, @MS-adm, @dwomack? ~~ Image removed, so as not to show the groups. TomasP
  12. Forum Feedback

    No problem Tomas, thank you for bringing the idea to the staff team and providing us with a conclusion. That makes sense, that comparison went over my head when I originally posted that idea.
  13. Forum Feedback

    One more suggestion regarding the forum — I noticed ESET Smart Security & ESET Internet Security are merged into a single sub-forum. As ESET Cyber Security & ESET Cyber Security Pro are very similar (with only the Firewall & Parental Control different), would ESET consider merging the two sub-forums into a combined single sub-forum?
  14. Forum Feedback

    Thank you, looks all okay now from here!
  15. Forum Feedback

    Just discovered this little forum layout bug with this particular post (link), screenshot below. Seems that this typo is still visible as well.