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  1. My guess is that there is not enough of a user audience that would participate in public betas of macOS compared to Windows Insiders, so it is not suitable for ESET to try and constantly keep the Cyber Security suite compatible, as the inner workings are very different as well compared to ESS or EIS on Windows. From my understanding, this is also the case for most (if not all) other security vendors providing security software for macOS, as they normally release compatible versions around the public stable release date.
  2. No problem Tomas, thank you for bringing the idea to the staff team and providing us with a conclusion. That makes sense, that comparison went over my head when I originally posted that idea.
  3. Hello, The link you provided states that this license is for 1 Device for 1 Year, meaning you can use this license for only one device, which can either be a Windows, macOS or Android device. Based on what you’re looking for, you would require a license for at least 3 PCs + 3 Mobile Devices. However based on where you live and what ESET can provide locally, this may not be available to you, or it may be different. I would suggest contacting ESET directly to discuss this further and provide you with the right license. You can usually find the ‘Contact' link at the bottom of the ESET website.
  4. That’s great Bruno, good to see that adding exceptions via rules is allowing NordVPN and Sonos to work successfully.
  5. One more suggestion regarding the forum — I noticed ESET Smart Security & ESET Internet Security are merged into a single sub-forum. As ESET Cyber Security & ESET Cyber Security Pro are very similar (with only the Firewall & Parental Control different), would ESET consider merging the two sub-forums into a combined single sub-forum?
  6. This is correct — ESET does not support Public Pre-Releases, Betas, or Developer Preview versions of macOS. Only the stable, publicly released versions of macOS.
  7. I can imagine this becoming a standard in the years to come with Internet Service Providers teaming up with security vendors to provide the usual ISP-locked gateway device, but with 'Bitdefender security' built in, or for current in-market gateways like D-Link to partner with Symantec to block and protect all devices for security. This would be a large benefit as security vendors can focus more on a solid security product in a central point, rather than trying to create software for a wide range of endpoints that continue to grow. Blocking ads or trackers from the gateway would benefit TVs that stream online content, with the opportunity to block YouTube ads, for example, or the existing 'web/phishing/malware protection' to apply at the gateway level to easily protect every single device connected. I can see many advantages to this. It will be an interesting time ahead in the next couple of years to see where it goes.
  8. Thank you, looks all okay now from here!
  9. Just discovered this little forum layout bug with this particular post (link), screenshot below. Seems that this typo is still visible as well.
  10. Not good to hear that it’s continuing to happen on Would be good for ESET to have some collected logs/diagnostics to investigate what is going on in your system to cause this. Perhaps a mod from the forum can help you with this, however it might be best to contact ESET support directly so they can immediately investigate the issue.
  11. Hi Bruno, I would see how you go with version, and if you’re still having issues, try running NordVPN with the Firewall in ECSP disabled. If it works, I would suggest looking into the Firewall configuration to whitelist the processes used (eg. openvpn,, etc.).
  12. Hello @gtr7, Just to confirm, is this regarding an ESET product on macOS? Or NOD32 on Windows? Are you able to tell us in detail what usually happens for the network to take a long time to initialise and connect?
  13. ESET does not support Public Pre-Releases, Betas, or Developer Preview versions of macOS. Only the stable, publicly released versions of macOS.
  14. That shouldn't be the case. Is this the original notification before you turned it off? You may need to click on it once or restart your Mac for that message to disappear, and it should then prevent future notifications about macOS updates from appearing.
  15. Hi @pygocentrus, There is a Knowledge Base article with instructions on how to disable macOS update notifications in Cyber Security: