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  1. Thanks foneil, I'll use that option from now on.
  2. Great, thank you Tomas. Another Forum Feedback/Question, what is the best practice to report misplaced posts or topics that are in the wrong spot in the Forums? I always felt like the Report function would be too harsh for a situation like that.
  3. Hi Hazzard, ESET Help online contains the help/documentation for the System cleaner feature, is this what you were looking for? http://help.eset.com/eis/11/en-US/?idh_page_systemcleaner.html
  4. Would be great to have the option of two-factor authentication for the ESET Forum.
  5. Not sure if staff are aware that anyone (logged out and in) can see all the Groups available on the ESET Forum? Is this okay @Marcos, @MS-adm, @dwomack? ~~ Image removed, so as not to show the groups. TomasP
  6. No problem Tomas, thank you for bringing the idea to the staff team and providing us with a conclusion. That makes sense, that comparison went over my head when I originally posted that idea.
  7. One more suggestion regarding the forum — I noticed ESET Smart Security & ESET Internet Security are merged into a single sub-forum. As ESET Cyber Security & ESET Cyber Security Pro are very similar (with only the Firewall & Parental Control different), would ESET consider merging the two sub-forums into a combined single sub-forum?
  8. Thank you, looks all okay now from here!
  9. Just discovered this little forum layout bug with this particular post (link), screenshot below. Seems that this typo is still visible as well.
  10. Seems like the graphics are shown using a @font-face with the font files located within forum.eset.com... is there anything you have preventing your browser from using @font-face or loading embedded fonts from websites?
  11. I'm happy to see that with the new Forum recently, these two things are now possible -- notifications for receiving kudos, as well as being able to provide a reason for editing posts. Thank you!
  12. Tried it today, it's A instead of A-, very close to A+ now!
  13. Good point - I will add this now. Most issues that have been resolved are on 10.11.x, due to both ESET and Apple fixing bugs/issues (like the iCloud Drive/Mail issue).
  14. I constantly edit the first post of this topic as much as possible with what's been fixed, new issues I've noticed and more - along with when it was last updated and versions of OS X and ECSP.
  15. Just wanted to say thanks to ESET for fixing the number of major issues with ECS & ECSP, especially with the shutdown issue and problems with esets_proxy. Will continue to update this topic on the first post for the last few things here and there that need to be certain it has been fixed after a few days of using ECSP, but it looks positive!
  16. Updates that have failed do appear in the 'Events' log, under the 'ESET Daemon' module and entries begin with 'Error updating Antivirus modules:', although there is no logging for successful updates (you could view in the update section the 'Last successful update' entry to see the last time it was updated, or else you receive the 'Update is not necessary' message). An option to also view successful updates along with the failed entries would be nice, like what Smart Security has.
  17. At the moment, you currently have a slightly coloured background added to posts made by ESET Staff, Moderators and Administrators inside topics. Could the forum possibly colour the username itself (very subtly so it doesn't look distracting) on the forum home page and within sections (home, business, beta, etc.) for users to quickly indicate that a Staff member, Moderator or an Administrator has replied or posted to the topic aside from regular users?
  18. I've noticed for a while that moderators and admins can edit their post and provide a reason for editing. When I edit one of my posts, I cannot see anywhere for me to be able to provide a reason for editing, which might be useful at times. Is it possible for regular users to provide a reason for editing a post and if so, how?
  19. Same issue here with Safari. Only started happening this year (possibly a month or two ago). There is a third way so you don't need to use the full editor or reload the whole page: you can still click on a second 'Edit' button on the right top of the post next to the number, which is a good workaround for now and works after editing the first time with the 'Edit' button on the bottom of the post.
  20. Hi Weety, in the zones section you can add or modify an existing zone where you are able to add an interface using the 'Interface' section and with your example you can also add a subnet to create the zone you require. Additional interfaces are automatically added to the list when the interface is active.
  21. I think you get asked what profile you want to use for the interface, and then in advanced options you can add a zone if you want Cyber Security Pro to remember this connection. You can see current profiles used on active Network Interfaces by going to the main window, clicking 'Setup' on the right and then 'Firewall'. You can alter or modify zones either by staying on the same page and clicking 'Configure rules and zones...' and clicking on the 'Zones' tab, or by visiting the Preferences window via the menubar icon and clicking 'Firewall' and then the 'Zones' tab. There you can decide how to associate interfaces or networks with profiles, including using a whole interface to decide on a profile instead of a specific network. I have no idea when or if anything will be looked into or fixed. No, I don't have direct contact.
  22. It would be nice to have the ability of getting notified when you receive kudos; such as making the option adjustable in "Notification Options" on the User CP.
  23. Who knows, maybe in the future ESET may provide a Chrome/Firefox/IE browser add on/extension similar to WOT for Smart Security when they feel like it is necessary. For now at least, the idea has now been mentioned and quite well discussed.
  24. One of the main reasons I went to ESET was their superb protection with their efficient software. After trying the majority of competitors, I found that year after year they begun adding more and more 'features' that felt a little unnecessary. So I will more than likely stay with ESET for a long time, as protection and security are the most important things I look for in a security solution, not the extras. Reading recent posts, I can see why a browser plugin or extension would be something that people want, but I already know that Smart Security already protects me with phishing, infected websites, bad downloads, etc. Then there is Parental Control, which also has the ability to block a wide range of categories (eg. I block 'Security & Malware' which includes 'Spam URLs, Parked & For Sale Domains, etc.). So if I do visit any website, I'm protected both on my machine and in the browser, even if I don't see a coloured icon telling me if a site is 'safe' or not, or an ESET logo sitting next to the address bar.
  25. For the session timeouts, try logging into the forums in a new private browsing window (or a different browser) and leave the window open for a little while, possibly browsing some topics. If it doesn't log you out after a while, logout and clear your cookies for Internet Explorer. You might need to uncheck "Preserve favourite website data". For pasting, see if right clicking the reply box and clicking 'Paste' does the trick. If not, see if any of the three methods work in the main reply box (by clicking "More Reply Options").
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