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  1. I'm getting dozens of quarantine alerts for Win32/TrojanDownloader.xxxxx located in /private/tmp/tmpxxxxxxxx/ on my Mac and haven't been able to figure out where the files are being downloaded from or why they keep reappearing after I've deleted the quarantine. Anyone have insight into this? Could it have been an infected website?
  2. That did the trick for me, thanks foneil! I was so close to getting this on my own, except that I tried Installer.app instead of Installer.pkg. Oh well, at least it's working now.
  3. I just upgraded to Sierra but did not update ESET CSP beforehand. As soon as I started up in Sierra I was greeted with an alert "Unsupported OS: OS 10.12." I tried to run CSP to see if an update was available but each time the alert popped up and nothing else. I uninstalled CSP, restarted, downloaded the newest version and am attempting to install it now. However, nothing runs once I mount the disk image and click "Install ESET Cyber Security Pro." Does anyone have a solution? Am I the only one experiencing the issue?
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