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  1. Hello all, I would like to ask something about the latest ESMC. I have an ESMC on Ubuntu 16.04 hosts running ESMC 7.0 and i want to upgrade it to the latest version. I started the upgrade procedure from the ESMC WebConsole and running the ESMC Component Upgrade task, but it took me over 3 days and the task is still running and without any error message on the log. So i just stopped the upgrade procedure and run the upgrade proccess manually. I backed up the database dan stop the eraserver services. Then executed the esmc installer script to install the new vers
  2. I observed the ESET warning ---- ESET Management Agent is outdated Your current ESET Management Agent is out of date and no longer fully compatible with your security product. Upgrade it to vresion 7.2 or later and make sure your versino of ESET Security Management Center is 7.2 or laer See your options: https://support.eset.com/kb7465 ---- I upgraded all of my machines using the ees_nt64.msi installer. 17 of the upgrades worked fine. One did not. The failing scenario is a Windows 8 64b machine. ESET itself reports it is ESET Endpoint Security 7.3.2041.0, but
  3. Hello. I have ESMC v7.2.1266.0 running with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RT Express Edition (64-bit) v14.0.2027.2. I'm doing some maintenance in our environment and I see that SQL Server 2017 CU21 was released on 7/1/2020. The version I'm running (v14.0.2027.2) was released 7/9/2019. My question is am I able to upgrade our SQL to CU21 without causing any major issues with ESET? I believe it should be okay, but I wanted to see if anyone else has upgraded their DB or if the version of ESMC has be using SQL v14.0.2027.2. Thanks! https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4047329 https
  4. Good Morning guys. We're planning to upgrade from ERA Server 6.1 to ESMC 7 soon. I'm having some doubts about it, if someone elucidate these questions I would be thankful. 1- The old 6.5.522 Agent installed on my clients will be compatible with the new server (ESMC 7) if I migrate the DataBase correctly from the old Server? Or I will have to upgrade all agents from my network to the latest version (7.1) before migrate my server? Since if It's not compatible i won't be able to send a command to update the agent, and I will have to do this manually, right? 2- I already read about this
  5. I ran a standard upgrade task from ERA to upgrade an OS X client to the latest release. During the upgrade process, is popped the ESET splash screen to the logged on user (me). ERA policy for these clients is set to disable the splash-screen at startup. Are there any options to suppress the splash-screen during upgrade?
  6. ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server version 6.5.10055.0 has been released and is available to download. Changelog Added: Ability to export Mail server protection log to Windows applications and Services Logs Added: New rule with “From header” condition to help detect sender spoofing by allowing a user to compare message “From” headers with envelope senders Added: New rules for blocking “Office files with macros” (.doc, .xls, .xml, etc.) and "Dangerous script file attachments" (*.js, *.jse, *.vb, *.vba, *.vbe, *.vbs, *.bat, *.cmd, *.ws, *.wsf, *.wsc, *.wsh,
  7. Good Day, Please note that I am getting the following error when I try run a software update to get the new Version of software from the ERA. GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (error code: 20017,HTTP response code: 503 url: 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/apps/business/eea/windows/v6/6.4.2014.0/eea_nt32_enu.msi') HTTP PROXY is not blocked on our fire wall and the following address are allowed on our firewall: *.eset.com *.eset.eu *.e5.sk *.cloudapp.net *​.trafficmanger.net *.cloudapp.net
  8. Dear all; I am facing a serious issue; ESET Smart Security is unable to update virus database but it claims up-to-date (automatic update). OS: Windows 10 V1607 Software: ESET Smart Security V10.0.369.1 (I believe this is the latest version) I tried to update manually but couldn’t find any links for downloading the virus database. Please help and thanks very much in ahead! Please check attached pictures, sorry for the UI is in Chinese, as the red arrow indicates the version information and virus database info.
  9. Hello, As part of our ongoing desire to provide you with the best and most secure experience possible, on December 15, 2016, the ESET Security Forum will be upgrading to a new version of its forum software. This change will largely be transparent for most users, and should have no impact on your ability to log in, search for answers, or ask questions. A couple of changes, however, may affect some users: Usernames will no longer be shown on messages. Only the Display Name will appear. BBCode is being deprecated in favor of new HTML-based WYSIWYG editor. The Friends system is being dropped
  10. Good Day When trying to upgrade a workstation from the ERA we are getting a http error on the era. GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request(error code: 20017, HTTP response code: 503, url: 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/eea/windows/v6/6.4.2014.0/eea_nt32_enu.msi') and GetFile: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e2a) ​ Our Fire wall allow's anything thought that is todo with the Eset DNS *.edf.eset.com *.eset.com *.eset.eu *.e4.uk *.cloudapp.net' *.trafficmanger.net *.Cloudapp.net
  11. I have a question regarding mail security I have a SBS 2011 server with ESET Nod32 anti-virus which has worked well for a number of years but my users are experiencing high amounts of spam if I install Eset mail security will this replace the A/V ? Jason
  12. Hey guys, I've seen a forum post on here from 3 years ago about the 'free upgrade' but it didn't answer what I wanted to know. bear in mind, this has only just started happening in the last 12 months here in Aus. The "Click here for a free upgrade" prompt to upgrade NOD32 to ESS I've got a 'yes' button and a 'not now' button (in really freakin small print. Really ESET?) I don't like and don't want ESS, I'm totally fine with NOD32 as are the rest of my customer base (I'm a freelance tech) The problem is, there's no "do not show again" box to tick, so I"ve had this prompt on my home PCs a
  13. I'm running with Nod32 Antivirus 9 version 9.0.402.1 and today I've noticed that a new version is suddenly available for download, the so called version "9.0.408.1", but I can't seem to find any change log for the new version? Plus I thought you were done with new version 9 upgrades after the release of version 10. So in short, what's different in version 9.0.408.1?
  14. My ESET Smart Security 9 is about to expire and I can't renew it... I click the renew license link through the SS's main page and it sends me to my web browser which tells me "That username or license key is not recognized by our system " I contacted live support, and the guy tells me that there is an internal issue and to phone the support line. Your support line is only open Mon-Fri 8-4:30pm, I work the same hours, and I'm not taking time off to renew something that should be so simple! Should I just be buying a new antivirus program, or is this problem going to be resolved in the nex
  15. I'm in the process of migrating from ERA5 to 6, along with all client PCs. I made a new server for v6 and imported the database from the v5 server and have pushed out the agent to all client PCs which are Win7/10, all PCs are running v5.0.2665. Some installations work, but when I push out an installation to upgrade the client from 5 to 6 about 90% of them fail with : 'SoftwareInstallation:Installation failed with: (0x643), Fatal error during installation (0x643), The older version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus cannot be removed' Which leaves the PC without any AV protection as the insta
  16. We're migrating our endpoints and ERA from version 5 to 6 but we're very wary of the many changes that have been made (especially to ERA). We've installed ERA6 but did not migrate the database (we're rebuilding configuration policies from scratch), my problem is, we don't want to do a direct migration as we want to do extensive testing first as we have many clients at many sites and some are in mission-critical environments. How can I test ERA6 with Endpoint 6 clients whilst still maintaining ERA5 and Endpoint 5 clients in production and be compliant with our license?
  17. hi i'm running the last v8 on all my pc , w10 with the last anniversary update is a nightmare for me , i restore an image prioor the anniversary update well , i have several friends ,they running older version on w8.1 and w7 , like v5 , v6 and v7 now my question , to updagrade from v5/6/7 to v8 (for now) is much better to avoid every issues? 1) download the v8 full installl and install over the older version (5/6 or 7) 2) export the settings , unintall maybe use the cleaner developed by eset , install v8 and import the V5/6/7 settings (it include hips and firewall rules)
  18. Hello Team I have some clients installed with eea 6.4 and era 6.4 manage so i see some lock it say read only but i have some clients who dosent have any read only lock so how to remove this read only lock i attach image of lock symbol. Regards Vimarsh P.
  19. Upgrade to ESET Remote Administrator 6 on your existing server ref: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3607/#sameserver On point 8 "Using ERA 5.x, uninstall ESET endpoint solutions on client computers." I really don't want to get to the point to uninstall the antivirus on all of the clients at that moment, I was thinking to proceed to the ERA 6 install and manage the 5x clients from the new ERA installation Was wondering if the uninstall of all the clients is a crucial step on the ERA upgrade operation Regards Juan Juan Manuel Lainez Perez
  20. Hello, I upgraded to ESET 9.x a couple of months ago. I immediately found that the new interface presents some serious usability issues, but I waited patiently for following updates to fiss this mess. Unfortunately, in recent Software updates, nothing changed on this front, so I decided to create a user account for this forum to ask whether it is planned to fix at least the most annoying issues, or if this is the "new course" ESET is willing to pursue, in which case I will decide on my next renewal accordingly. The issues - mainly tied just to (very poor) UI design - are the following
  21. I just upgraded my customer from v8 to v9 (9.0.386) and I lost connectivity to one of my pc's. I have a four pc network and Eset Smart Security on all four machines. After the upgrade I was unable to detect pc1 on any of the other 3 pc's. However, on PC1, i was able to detect each of the other 3 pc's. By detect, I am referring to ping and visibility under Network on each pc. The pc's are interconnected via a Comcast modem/router. All pc's are wired. After troubleshooting a while, I decided to disable the Eset firewall on PC1 and my connectivity was reestablished both in the abili
  22. hi The full version after version 10 when ready to download?
  23. today I've update nod32 SS to 9.0.402.1, after reboot no internet connections were allowed. My cmputer is windows 7 64b ultimate, nearly fresh install some help? is possible to download previous version, i thing it was 9.0.375... or similar? Thanks
  24. I just upgraded to Sierra but did not update ESET CSP beforehand. As soon as I started up in Sierra I was greeted with an alert "Unsupported OS: OS 10.12." I tried to run CSP to see if an update was available but each time the alert popped up and nothing else. I uninstalled CSP, restarted, downloaded the newest version and am attempting to install it now. However, nothing runs once I mount the disk image and click "Install ESET Cyber Security Pro." Does anyone have a solution? Am I the only one experiencing the issue?
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