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  1. It's mean when I activated the Pre-release upadate is safe for the stability (is it different like beta version?)
  2. Dear Marcos, Thank you for your information, however I still only got BPP module version 1154 for this moment. Best regards,
  3. Thanks for your valuable explanation, I will do it. Best regards,
  4. The Banking & Payment Protection only available in Eset Internet Security & ESET Smart Security Premium, for the old version of ESET Smart Security (this discontinue version didn't had The Banking & Payment Protection) replace by Eset Internet Security. This is the sample of The Banking & Payment Protection (you must choose between Firefox or Chrome instead of Edge as the default browser).
  5. Dear Marcos, For me its difficult to reproduce when the computer boot it
  6. Dear All, This morning after login my computer then after several minutes I didn't found the Eset icon in taskbar as usual, then I check it in the Task Manager also nothing loading only 3 ESET Command Line Interface & 1 ESET Service, after several minute nothing change in the Task Manager as per screen shot, after I reboot the ESET Main GUI appear in the Taskbar and in the Task Manager. Please advise how to make the stability ESET Service & ESET Main GUI/Icon working at all. Awaiting the advise. Thanks & B/regards,
  7. Dear Marcos, Please advise so it's to be better if this feature still in turn off for the common users?
  8. Dear All, I got the phenomenon in the menu of EIS, there are something missing under User Interface Setting in the Duration & Transparency, I didn't find anymore for the Duration & Transparency setting, even I have uninstall using uninstaller and re-install the EIS, still got the bug. Awaiting the advise. B/regards,
  9. Thanks Peteyt for your information, I have clean uninstalled use uninstaller then re-install the EIS, however still leave a bug in installer there something bug in User Interface Menu, I will report it due inconsistent compare with the User Guide. B/regards,
  10. I got the experienced problem when used Google Chrome the green line sandboxing didn't appeared now I changed to Firefox seems everything goes well
  11. Thanks Marco for you quick information, would you pleased also reply my report about Pasword Manager & Desclock Instaler
  12. If I not wrong the Password Manager (powered by Deslock) is the feature of Eset Smart Security not of the feature of Eset Internet Security as the premium feature, therefore it's strange my Eset Internet Security download the PasswordManagerinstaller dan DeslockInstaller.
  13. Recently there is no Data appear in Security Report of EIS as per screenshot attached. Regards,
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