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  1. Dear All, Recently I changed the browser to Google Chrome ver 75.0.3770.142 and update the EIS to version, (64 bit version) in Windows 10 1903 64 bit verstion, however the ESET Banking & Payment protection in Google Chrome no.green Sandbox Border and without ESET Secured Label as common appeared on top, I attached the screen shot. My question is it without green Sandboxe Border the ESET Banking & Payment protection is secured without degradation functionality?. Please adivse it. Thanks
  2. Dear Marcos, Please attached the file you need to investigate the case, Boot Collector & ESET Log Collector. Bootlog.zip eis_logs.zip
  3. I have did as your information in Startup Scan configuration with selected Enable Smart Optimization after installed it, and nothing changed since EIS ver.11 Thanks for your information. Regards,
  4. Dear Marcos, Thanks for your explanation, I have ran the manual Startup Scan from Scheduler and took only 7 second, however when I restart the computer the Start Up Scan took longer almost 3 minutes, therefore I confused about it and refer to your advise to provide you with a Procmon please find enclosed the Procmon file in zip/rar. Thanks & B/regards,
  5. Dear All, I'm using the ESET Internet Security version, after using it I saw there are something different with the previous version (for i.e version 11) the Startup Scanning still in progress after user Log In and cause the program delay to open it, if I look in the Scheduler there are the option to turn of System Startup file check to after user logon and when computer is running on the battery, please advise if I turn of the Startup file check cause it less protection of my computer, due its different behavior with the previous version I didn't seen the progress it. Awaiting the advise. Thanks
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