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  1. Dear Marcos, Thank you for your information, unfortunately the APK is the old version (version 3) compare to Google Store is version 4. Please update the APK file to the latest version of ver 4. Awaiting the information. Best regards,
  2. ESET Please bring back the capability to download the apk file to avoid less function of the Anti Theft and SMS & Call Filter due to Google Play Permission Restrictions. Awaiting the information. Thanks & B/regards,
  3. Dear all, Last night I received the update of ESET Mobile Security version and give me a announcement that due to New Google Play Permission Restrictions some of features removed: SMS & Call Filter, SMS Text Command, Trusted Friends. Please see the attachement Through this forum please give me the advice how to check the device location and to remote lock if my mobile phone lost as in the "My.ESET.Com" didn't have the remote Anti theft command. Awaiting the advice. Thanks & B/regards,
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