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  1. Thanks Marco for your kind information, now I understand which one to be chose for optimum scanning.
  2. Dear All, Can anyone inform about the new Threatsense Parameters in Cleaning Lever option for the new ESET Internet Security version, the option of cleaning now have 4 option with totally new words: 1. ALWAYS REMEDY INFECTION 2. REMEDY INFECTION IF SAFE, KEEP OTHERWISE 3. REMEDY INFECTION IF SATE, ASK OTHERWISE 4. ALWAYS ASK THE END USER Note: If I chose the No.1, whether the EIS trying to disinfection a malware, and if failed is it still trying to disinfection and cause the scanning process will be longer? Please advise and thanks for the attention.
  3. Thanks for your information, by the way above information for the new version of EIS is it 13.1.16 as this version not yer arrived in my region, however those setting for the Malware Scans, but for the Startup Scanning under Scheduler menu, its more complex for common user there are a potential the user can make miss in setting and confusing for i.e if select the setting the Startup Scanning will be run When Idle then chose After User Logon (the left question is it the Startup file before user Logon didn't scanned?). I hope from ESET can explain how to optimize the Startup Scanning without impact the system perfomance. Best regards,
  4. So do you mean there are an update concerning for The Startup Scanning setting to make it simple way for general users? if yes very grateful. The version not yet come in my region.
  5. And change also the processor to i7 10th gen...😅
  6. Nope I'm not using SSD, but using the harddisk.
  7. Dear ESET, For the next version please make the setting in simple, I got the problem to setting the Startup Scanning as there are too many option... I suggest to make it simple for example with only 3 options for Setting the Startup Scanning as: LOWER, NORMAL & AGGRESSIVE without any option the user choosing it. This is to avoid any misleading in the setting, as known now there to many option to setting the startup scanning in scheduler and made me confusing, for i.e to avoid the Startup scanning take longer I have choose when Idle and After User Logon (left me question about this option, whether the startup files didn't scanning or scanning). Please advise me if there are wrong in my suggestion. Thanks
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