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  1. Yes, the scans with this build take much longer, it takes about twice the scanning time for the same files as the previous build!
  2. Windows is a completely different story and 1000 times more complex than Eset and all of that. If errors have already been reported in an alpha phase and then still exist despite the report in the final + the errors of the previous build, then this has nothing to do with a final version or do I see something wrong? Above all, one wonders why one tests Alpha versions for Eset if the reported errors still exist in the finale?
  3. This is the first time since NOD v2 that I had such a buggy final version of Eset on the PC, first the automatic update does not work after booting the PC, the first signature update must be carried out directly after booting Manuel, then play the signatures automatically open again. Error 2: The number of files already scanned does not work with a virus scan, this stops counting at some point during the virus scan Error 3: This is an old known bug that was actually ironed out and that when upgrading from Eset to the new build not all the rules created are adopted, in some cases you have to enter a newly created firewall rule several times until it really works! Error 3: When the Eset Gui is called up and you want to run a virus scan and want to define settings for it, the Eset Gui starts to tick. Error 4: The specified settings for a virus scan, especially if the registry is only to be scanned, Eset not only scans the registry, but also all possible folders, this does not always occur, but very often! Error 5: The network monitor does not always work, sometimes yes and sometimes just not right, then there are the well-known errors, namely the logging of network attacks that are not logged, etc. etc., this time I am really amazed at all of them Error in the final version, this version is best known as beta, but did not deserve the term final. With these things I always ask myself, because these errors already existed in the alpha version, why should I report this to the German support if these messages seem to be ignored!
  4. Thanks for the info Marcos, I would not have expected this answer, because I already know that when a new build appears, bugs are also fixed, but ok, stop something new.
  5. I was installed the new Eset Internet Security today, but even in this version there are exactly the same errors as in, I have to honestly say that I find it a very poor performance from the Eset coders, not one of them Having ironed out the mentioned errors, when can you, as a paying customer, hope to have the error rectified? In Eset, I don't know what errors have been with Eset since Windows 10 came out, a shame!
  6. Thanks for the info, ahhh it's up to Eset, why did I only know that!
  7. You see Marcos, you should believe users who have already tested the Bethas and Alphas for Eset long before you had your own support forum, because at that time we at Computerguard did the things!
  8. No itman, this Problems is on Eset Build Build 13.2.14 is not yet available in German
  9. Marcos would be nice if you could answer me whether you really think it is just because it does not appear to you, which you always say about 90% in your posts and over 90% have been refuted, whether you are serious about it Do you believe this statement that it has nothing to do with Eset, especially since like you read I am not the only one with these problems. In my personal opinion, the admin would be more suitable for itman, because itman really knows what he's talking about and what about Marcos' second problem, it's not Eset's fault, right? Man Marcos, every time I reported an error from Eset here, it was also due to Eset, please check my posts and see for yourself !!!
  10. And what does that say from Marcos now, nothing! @itman, at 1909 the problem didn't exist yet, it's only been since the 2004 build
  11. Yes, this is a mistake, I think Eset has some problems with Win 10 Build 2004!
  12. For a few days now Eset Internet Security Build has shown me between 10 and 15 port scan attacks a day, but nothing is entered in the log. Then to error 2, which has occurred since today and zwat is shown to me in the security center, so Eset protected it in 0 days, because I am enclosing the screenshot. Have already searched for the error, but can not find anything and ask for support! Thanks Slash.
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