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  1. For me, this is already blocked by the Defender Smart Screen with Edge, but there is nothing to see about Eset's protection!
  2. As if by magic, Live Grid runs since today again and because I had the same problems, like all other AV apps manufacturers, namely that each folder open every command took three times as long as it was with users of other AV manufacturers and only because here are some Cumulative Update KB4493509 did not have the problem, does not mean that Eset had no problem with it, because how many Eset users are on the board? Very few, so something is nothing and if you look at my error messages in Vergangehneit I had posted here, where it was always said that it is not due to Eset, who will find that I was right with my statements to over 90% , because I've been using Eset since the v2 years with Computerguard 10 years the betas tested, I know Eset really very well, maybe you should even believe me, especially if you were right with his error messages to 90%! Strangely, since the LiveGrid is working again, the whole program delays are awake, my guess is that Eset fixed the problem peer update and I would bet on that.
  3. These settings were set and then I copied them the log
  4. Here is the Eset Ereignislog: Eset Ereignislog.txt
  5. Even that does not work, I had already tried as a longtime Eset user
  6. It's just running the Eset firewall, just checked it, too, the ekrn.exe is allowed in the Eset firewall for incoming verbins. But I suspect that this issue is caused by the cumulative update KB4493509 and Eset is also one of the virus prorgrams, which has problems with this patch, because before this patch, LiveGrid worked quite normal, or could have another problem in charge his?
  7. Ist 1809 What can I do now to get it working again itman?
  8. Of course I have Live Grid turned on and as a firewall only the Eset Firewall runs and this does not block this service.
  9. Eset Internet Security last build Does not work anymore the Live Grd since some days!
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