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  1. Also in this version, almost all of the bugs from the last two builds have been adopted, great applause.
  2. Marcos this service runs under any Windows 10, but see for yourself! https://www.giga.de/downloads/windows-10/specials/was-ist-cdpusersvc-windows-dienst/
  3. Must absolutely agree with iTman and that's why I've tried Marcos 1000 times to make things understandable! As always top itman
  4. itman I have to give you a big compliment again, you are really indispensable for the board here, you really hang in here and are really a big help!
  5. Yes, very bad, but unfortunately the problem also exists in the new build and is an Eset display error.
  6. Hello itman, I use the Fritzbox 6490 with the latest firmware and the last Eset Build 12.2.15, it is reported in many security forums by users, so it is not only users here in the forum who have this problem, it is also in other German forums Reported this bug!
  7. I can not tell you, because it is actually not an Eset problem, but a Windows problem, which can only be fixed by Microsoft.
  8. The router is not hacked, that is another Eset problem in build under Windows Build 2004, I also have problems with the network scan, I also reported in my Eset Many Bugs Report. So don't worry, your router is not hacked !!!
  9. Yes itman is a very good one in my eyes, one with a lot of knowledge about Eset, if you have problems with Eset the best way in my eyes to ask itman!
  10. It's about another problem, not about WMI crashes!
  11. @r1manThis has been a Windows problem for a long time and runs through various Windows 10 builds.
  12. I don't think that a new build will come out so quickly, they will have enough to do with ironing out the zich, zich, zich mistakes, although I would think that the best solution, because the current build is really only for the trash can!
  13. Of course, MBAM has a real-time scanner, the services continue to run even after the real-time scanner has been switched off, so I can only recommend either uninstalling MBAM or Eset, but under no circumstances would I leave both installed, so errors are inevitable!
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