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  1. I'm curious if you're right itman. For me, the network has always been public.
  2. This error has been around for quite a while, namely since the Windows 10 May Update. I find it really, very strange that the Eset developers/coders do not notice this and this error is taken over by Eset from build to build, as well as other bugs and all this moved me to stop constantly sending logs etc. and not to engage me so much anymore,
  3. After today Eset once again stuck to the update and even after 1 hour waiting nothing changed, I doubt the reliability of Eset now more than just! The last few months are just too many errors that Eset has had since several builds and therefore I doubt so slowly the reliability of this AV's
  4. itman is almost always right, is here the best man on forum.
  5. I feel the same itman, especially because rarely anything comes out of it!
  6. Then take a look at nvpn.net, in my personal opinion and experience this is the best VPN provider because there is and, above all, really has a policy above, is the fastest provider and above all has port forwording!
  7. Yes itman I had read that from you in the other topic and had also emptied the update cache, it took a while and then the problem was there again, just like with other users.
  8. And what comes from Eset's side when you send the data, that the traffic is encrypted and you don't see anything, as in my post about it, only these are rarely encrypted links, not as everyone claims, only what does the internet traffic have to do with this faulty module? Nothing.
  9. 100% there is no problem of my system, there are one or more Eset problems and these are already running through several builds as confirmed by me and other users here!
  10. No, that's not the case, Eset gets stuck and then it's not really possible to work on the PC, that's what others have already told them, so what's the point? It doesn't stop even after an hour, so what do they want to tell me here? Is it so difficult for Eset to admit mistakes, because listen to the whole thing often and what always turned out, it was eset!
  11. The bug is Eset known and is not only since the current build!
  12. Yes I have the latest build right after running and namely the and the problem as well as other reports, is not fixed in the build, unfortunately.
  13. And the Eset scans immediately for signatures after the system starts, that was the first thing I turned off, but Win Update Does not always update itself immediately after the system start, but partly also sometime during the OS operation and should Eset update itself this month, Eset's signature update hangs and therefore I also stick to my opinion, that there is a conflict between Eset and the Windows Update, especially since Eset has been having problems since Windows 10 2004.
  14. It's not about how long the OS start takes while Eset is running, it's just as fast as usual, it's about the Eset although the computer takes just 1%CPU, Eset then updates the signatures and this then takes 20 minutes and especially you can't really do anything on the PC in these 20 minutes and that's not normal and I'll stick with that!
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