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Goodnight. I have a doubt that has been going on for some time, about how ESET behaves when I connect to a VPN, I will describe my doubts in steps to make it easier to understand.
1- I like to leave ESET configured to update manually, my preference.
2- When I connect to a vpn automatically ESET will look for an update, even if I have it manually configured.
3- Why does ESET search for the update when I log in? because since I set it to be manually it wasn't for him to force the update. Could you tell me why it tries to update when connecting to a VPN? 🤔
4- Below is an image of ESET signaling that it tried to do an update and failed. Of course I wouldn't be able to because I put it manually. What bothers is that ESET is colored YELLOW and with this information that bothers.😒




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There are also internal update triggers that work besides manual and scheduled updates. Those cannot be disabled. Network change is one of them.

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For me, the solution with the VPN provider was to release the Eset used ports, but for this you need reasonable VPN provider with portforwording.

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