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  1. The conclusion is there are the bug in ESET System Cleaner (probably after Windows update to 1903) as I remember with Windows 1809 nothing happen The System Cleaner have the Green Check-mark. So we are waiting the patch of ESET Internet Security to solve it. Thanks
  2. The officially not yet mentioned probably will be roll back and will be release with newer then or take a time to server available to download it.
  3. Dear Peteyt, So the System Cleaner is not mandatory, the user no need to take any action with reset it even there are some warnings left it. Thanks
  4. I agree this phenomenon occurred after upgrade to Windows 10 1909, then the question if Left this issue whether is it to be weak for protection?
  5. I have doing the reset by per items, however nothing change, I think this phenomenon occurred after update to Windows 1909, the question is if Left this whether is it to be weak for protection?
  6. Please restart the Windows in Safe Mode then run the ESET Uninstaller (make sure you have the last version of the uninstaller), after you run the uninstaller you can find "ESET Purge Lover" in command prompt, choose it to cleaning.
  7. Please advise how to solve "The System Cleaner" didn't working, I have been trying several time to perform the System Cleaner, however didn't working till now. - Windows 10 64 bit version (1909) - Eset Internet Security, all Module have updated. Thanks
  8. Today I got the phenomenon that the Module Update keep running have reach 15 minutes (when wrote this information still running), for the information ESET Internet Security version and the Windows 10 version 1909 (64 bit) and the internet connection without VPN are OK and the last module: Detection Engine: 20414 (20191126) Rapid Response module: 15309 (20191126) Update module: 1018.1 (20190709) ...... etc Please advise how to solve it, whether I should restart the Windows? Awaiting the advise.
  9. Dear Marcos, Would you pleased share the best for most user the default setting, may be mostly user didn't understood how to setting the Network Protection, specially in Network Attack Protection (in Advance Option). Thanks
  10. Dear Marcos, Thanks for your explanation, so the Startup Scanning takes some minute depend on how much the has installed, and how much time it took the Startup Scanning in normal category to take future action to investigation?
  11. For me everything are fine after update to new version as well as when surfing to internet, if you decide it to uninstall and re install ESET please don't forget to save your setting under Setup Menu (In Main Menu of ESET Gui) and please select the Export to folder destination, you can re-import again your ESET Setting. Good luck.
  12. Dear Marco, The Startup Scanning should be running and finished it before user login, the task included config sys. Autoexec, Win INI, UEFI and The Boot Sector and is it also implement ELAM (Early Launch Antimalware Scanning), and it could be the double/still in progress when the Module Update in the time user login, therefore I found the Strartup Scanning still in progress even I have Windows logged in?
  13. Dear Marcos, First of all, apologize for being very enthusiastic about welcoming the new version so that I don't read any of the rules in the forum.
  14. Last night I received the update of Eset Internet Security version 13 ( with some feature and improvement as follows: * Improve Connected Home Monitor * Extended Detection with HIPS * Stronger Protection with Advanced Machine Learning * The Lower Impact on System Resources However the Icon Menu its look like little bit too left and for me still a question about "The Startup Scanning Progress" activity indicated in the Icon on the taskbar still running after user Login even I have been deactivated the Startup Scanning in the scheduler to not active in battery mode.
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