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  1. I'll do that after my exam month. Can't afford to lose more time on it right now.
  2. There are many possilbe reason since i do use internet through AnyConnect VPN provided by our University campus. But I didn't have any problem since I am on this configuration. The only changes I had made was installed new updates for Windows. I did a reset on my Laptop and the issue was gone. But it came back again. It was only out of desperation I uninstalled Eset Internet Secruity and things were back to normal. It is natural to have my doubts on this software.
  3. Like I mentioned. This software my least suspected software to be causing issues for me and I came to this forum the minute I found out. I am better off without it.
  4. This software just wasted my one whole week. Faced a problem I ending up learning was being caused by this anti-virus. All of a sudden all Google sites stopped working on my Laptop. I contacted every support from all other applications I was using on my machine, including Windows support and all VPNs, but the minute I uninstalled this anti-virus the websites started working again. I lost a good amount of my time that too during my exams period. If there is hell I wish for makers of this piece of to go there.
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