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  1. Who are you asking? Seth or itman? Quoting the poster might get you a response/answer quicker. Ask Marcos what logs he requires, and "portability" of what? Not sure what you're asking.
  2. Just another reason I do not need help from social media to get in trouble. I can do fine ALL BY MYSELF. Plain and simple...just don't use social media...and as SCR said, keep your clothes on (and stop being stupid). Is it that complicated?
  3. You may want to review this KB article: To send Marcos a Personal Message (PM), click on Marcos name, and it will take you to his profile, then click "message" and add your logs to the PM.
  4. Really? All I did was search ESET Germany. Here in the U.S. ESET support has always been good, usually responding (or at least acknowledging) within 24 hours (often times within mere hours). I am just a user, but Marcos is the ESET Moderator/Administrator.
  5. Supermarket gift card link scam

    These days it's a "Scam de jour" in the USA. Just don't open unknown e-mails, don't click on ANY pop ups (use Alt + F4 or Task Manager to close them) or call the toll free numbers they show and don't answer unknown callers (and DO NOT call unknown numbers back....*67 (number blocking) does not work on toll free numbers). You wouldn't invite a totally unknown stranger into your house to steal whatever they want would you?
  6. Here is the latest from ESET US Support: (I am not sure if I'll receive any more updates from Support. If I do I will post them here) ____________________________________________________ Update for Case #XXXXX - "Progissue - Otherprog" An ESET Technical Support Representative has updated this case with the following information: Hello, Thanks for your reply. We needed to rule out the issue with the scan file count was not due to a corrupted product update from v10 to v11. We did some internal testing with this after your reply and was able to reproduce the issue on our test environment. In older versions of ESET that "scan to administrator" was there when scanning your computer from a standard user account. We have escalated this issues to our developers for further analysis. Thank you for using ESET security products, ESET Technical Support North America
  7. Same results after uninstall & re-install Log Number of scanned objects: 409874 Log Time of completion: 2:23:00 PM Total scanning time: 1372 sec (00:22:52) Just referred it back to ESET Support.
  8. Introduce yourself

    Hello illumination and welcome to the forum. We are glad you are here.
  9. I have idle state is Support's reply.... *********************************************************************** Update for Case #XXXXX - "Progissue - Otherprog" An ESET Technical Support Representative has updated this case with the following information: Hello, Thank you for contacting ESET North America Technical Support. To troubleshoot this issue further, please use our uninstaller tool to remove ESET and any older remnants and reinstall the ESET program. After completing a clean installation., please contact us back if an in-depth scan (not as admin) does not scan all files. For illustrated instructions to manually uninstall your ESET product, visit: ========== REINSTALL ========== After you have completely uninstalled your ESET product, you can reinstall your ESET product. For illustrated instructions to reinstall, visit :
  10. You're spot on peteyt. I may be getting older but (most) of my memory is still intact (but a couple other things may not work).
  11. Think I'll open a ticket with US Support. I will post their reply here when received.
  12. I do not see a selection choice to "run as administrator" when setting up my scheduled scan. Where is it pray tell? In previous versions (up to 11) I do not believe there was a choice to "run as administrator" when setting up a scheduled in-depth just checked all the files automatically. It's was that way for years/many versions.
  13. I too use LastPass (Premium & Win 7x64) and have NO ISSUES with BPP. I open a BPP window and LastPass is there and functions without an issue. So I am not sure what Ash is talking about.
  14. OK....I have reviewed my scheduled scan settings and am still getting a cursory scan (400,000 or so items) instead of an in-depth scan (2M+ items). Smart scan is NOT enabled in my in-depth scan profile...pretty much everything is set to default for that profile. So what do I have to do?
  15. Have not had this issue before when setting up a scheduled count was 2069351 at 2 hours 10 minutes. I will review my scheduled scan settings (again).