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  1. Good news...2 (or 3) days ago I did delete my scan logs (as per itman's suggestion) and for the past 2 days my scheduled scans are now logging. What I'll probably do is update my log maintenance so as to not have so many logs just sitting there. Thanks again itman. Regards, Tom
  2. zamar27, mocking the OP is very unbecoming, not very nice and is NOT funny in the least bit. This Forum is here for all interested people regardless of their level of expertise. Folks come here for help and interaction with other people who have the same interests. Not to be mocked. Regards, Tom
  3. Marcos it looks like the #count has not increased. What now? Let me know please. Regards, Tom
  4. As I practice safe web surfing, most of the other categories in the log file are empty. My events log is full (899) of kernel updates and unable to connect-server not found (I do not stay connected to the internet when I'm not in front of my machine). I do have one blocked website, but otherwise it's empty. I have log maintenance scheduled once a week. So, that being said, should I first verify the increase in the log size as Marcos suggested, or just clear the log now? Regards, Tom
  5. Well it's not working for me. EIS version 12.1.34. Here it is as of 10:41AM EDT I will review file size after todays scan. Thanks & regards, Tom
  6. Well I am still having the same issue after deleting the scheduled scan and re-establishing it. The scan did run, it is showing in the scheduler last run time, I have (all kinds of) screen shots showing that, but it is NOT showing in the tools>log files>scans. Not sure what to do next...really don't feel like uninstalling and re-installing...maybe the next program upgrade will have an affect.... Regards, Tom
  7. That was my first thought as well, but as you stated, I could not find any documentation that states that.
  8. Sorry I can't help you with Opera. You may want to open a trouble ticket with Support. https://www.nod32adria.com/ Sorry I wasn't much help....Good luck. Regards, Tom
  9. My best guess is I do not believe the fact that it's a trial version would impact your use. But take a look at the bottom of this page https://help.eset.com/essp/12/en-US/which_product_do_i_have.html A Forum Moderator would have to respond if that feature is available in your region (as I could be misunderstanding that page, plus it is a USA page). I should also add I use EIS and not ESSP. I use a different PW Manager which works with ESET BPP.
  10. It started after 5.4.19. That's when the scheduled scans started not appearing in the log file. Then EIS logged OK on the 9th and then stopped again. I did not cancel any scans midway. I run a scheduled in-depth daily scan. When a scan completes, I can open the scan file (in the just completed scan window) and see the results. It also shows in the scheduler as the "last time run". I have screen shots to document all of this. As I said, if I run a "smart scan" ("scan your computer"), that does show in the scan log. It's quite perplexing. I have not deleted and re-established my daily scan in scheduler as of yet. But, I guess that is what's next. It's a small potato, but I'd just thought I'd ask first. Regards, Tom *********************************************** 5.15.19 Update: I've deleted and re-established the scheduled scan, so we'll see what happens going forward.
  11. I have never had any luck using FF with BPP. Plus, it does not play well with my VPN or PW Mgr. As of late FF, is full of issues. So I don't use it. Regards, Tom
  12. I've run into a situation in the past week where EIS scheduled scans are NOT being logged when I try to view them in the Log menu. They are showing as completed in the scan window and in the scheduler window, but not in the log file. Manual Smart Scans are showing, but not scheduled scan. I have several examples to document this. It's a Win7 x64 machine with all updates current. Any ideas? Regards, Tom
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