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  1. See comment #118 at May be all about $$$....nothing would surprise me these days.
  2. New Nude Ransomware

    I haven't streaked in about 45 years...not going back now, can't run as fast.
  3. CCleaner

    Either you're a trifle bit confused (comparing a PUA to a trojan) or attempting a humorous interjection...but the conversation is at :
  4. I had more recent restore points....but I cleaned house recently....lesson learned.
  5.'s better to be safe than sorry (especially these days)...I did a system restore back to 7/5/17 from my external drive...then uninstalled the existing CCleaner that was in that back up. Maybe it's over kill, but I did the Bleeping Computer removal steps (nothing was found). Changed all my passwords. Will now put my attention to the back up external drive which I am sure has the September backup with CCleaner in it. Soooo....I think I am good. For the moment am not reinstalling CCleaner (although I'm sure it's OK
  6. Have you tried doing a repair via Windows "Programs and Features"? see
  7. Introduce yourself

    Welcome David...I hope you enjoy your time here. It's not a bad place to visit.
  8. From the Avast blog: And the Piriform user forum:
  9. Thanks ESS found it pretty much right away (after me powering up). I'm going to hope things will be OK (knock on wood). Don't need this on top of the Equifax breach (yes I was included in that).
  10. I also just had a detection this morning. Now doing an in-depth scan. Ccleaner was offering an update (for the past few days) with different verbiage saying something to the effect "important update". As I use slim, that version has not yet been released so I have not updated. Could someone please put it in simple terms for me...what is the mischievous behavior of this malware? (for example...Is it a data/password thief?)
  11. ESET blocking accounts

    Here is the link to various Banking & Payment Protection issues (ESET Knowledgebase articles). Also if you are using Hitman Pro Alert, it WILL interfere with ESET Banking & Payment Protection (don't think they will play nice with each other).
  12. ESET rank & competition

    Clark_10 ...There are many of us like you who have been using ESET products for years. The topic of test results just won't go away. Like Marcos and cyberhash said, test results (which CAN be skewed one way or the other) and real life results are 2 very different realities. Daily "seat of the pants" experiences are what counts. Or if you have unlimited time and resources, you can be chasing test results "till the cows come home" and still not find satisfaction. As far as price is concerned, look around for seasonal sales either on the ESET website or other vendor websites (i.e...Amazon). I always keep a couple spare licenses by shopping around (especially during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales).
  13. Be sure to post future improvements here: