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  1. Check your e-mail service for blocked addresses. You should be able to block the domain. Here's an example from the AT&T Community. Here's the Wiki-How link I use Yahoo and I just go in to settings>blocked address and type in the domain name.
  2. CCleaner latest update

    This was the link I used to use for the "builds" page. I'm not sure if it has the latest versions. For what it's worth, Piriform always released the "silm" version several days after the "regular" version(s). Hope this helps. Regards,
  3. CCleaner latest update

    MBAM and ESET used to play nice together. But when MBAM v3 came about that all changed. So much for my lifetime MBAM license.
  4. CCleaner latest update

    CCleaner (as far as I know) is not about malware or virus detection. To use Piriform's own words it's a "CCleaner is the world’s favorite PC optimization tool! Easy to use, one click cleaning so beginners can optimize their computers in seconds." (see . As the name implies, it is advertised as a "cleaner" (their words, not mine). I would also like to add that I am in no way, shape or form endorsing use of CCleaner. What you do is up to you.
  5. CCleaner latest update

    I am not a representative of Piriform who owns CCleaner. rather I am a user of ESET and an ex-user of CCleaner. They used to have a "builds" page where you could choose the version of CCleaner. ( ) The "slim" version was the bare bones item (no toolbars). The other versions (as far as I know) included toolbars, This has been discussed in this forum previously on occasion. Should you wish to inquire further, you could try their forum or just check with Piriform directly . In addition, if I may suggest, only download directly from the originating website (i.e. Piriform). That way you can be sure to avoid most of the unwanted additional software which most download website will include at their leisure. Good luck Piano
  6. Phishing/Hacked/Embedded

    I would suggest you open a trouble ticket with your local ESET support office. I understand your frustration, but venting your anger towards people you are asking for help is not productive (for anyone).
  7. Have you opened a ticket with your local ESET Support office? That's what I would do to ensure personal support and assistance.
  8. I use EIS and have no regrets upgrading from v10. EIS is only slightly different that ESSP. Of course you can review the posts in this section of the forum to see what other users are saying. I would upgrade to v11 now as the latest version is always more advanced. Should you run into anything you could always go back. See
  9. Complains about ESET.

    There are other websites where anyone can look up A/V comparison results. Maybe those posts SHOULD be banned from this forum. That is not my call. Besides I think it's already addressed in the forum rules as itman has pointed out previously. It's really quite simple, users need to conform to the rules of THIS forum if they want to be a part of it. Perhaps those who are confused should review the posts by dwomack and Aryeh when this forum was launched as to understand its purpose. I've included those links if you are interested.
  10. For how long do you use ESET?

    I have used ESET for a number of years (not really sure how long, but I know it was before this forum started/back to the Wilders days). A good product, fine support and the side benefits of this forum keep me coming back.
  11. Happpy New Year!

    I'd like to wish all the forum users, visitors and (of course) all the ESET staff a health, happy, prosperous and malware free New Year! May 2018 be better (for everyone) than 2017.
  12. Complains about ESET.

    All users of the forum should read/review and abide by the forum rules Forum behavior expectations are clearly stated there.
  13. ClareG I understand completely. Again, if it's Gov't sponsored hacking you would not get any response/cooperation anyway. I used to get port scans from China a few years ago (from time to time) and they just abruptly stopped on their own. With attacks these days it's hard to judge what they're after or the "size" of their desired target. The only time I used the abuse e-mail was another scanning attack from a domestic location here in the US. Keep your defenses strong (and up). I wish you luck with you issue.
  14. Amen SCR. Just like the A/V tests....a dog will never catch his tail. It just goes on and on and on and on.... More fodder for the trolls.