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  1. Maybe opening a trouble ticket with ESET Support would be the best way to go forward (for tracking purposes and issue resolution). https://www.eset.com/us/support/contact/ Regards, Tom
  2. Thank you for your post. But I was asking about software not hardware. But with your post, you have doubly reaffirmed my decision to buy a Mac. Good day. Marcos, could you please elaborate? Is there an ESET demo video about ESET CyberSecurity Pro? Regards, Tom
  3. No peteyt, I don't think you're incorrect ... we just do not know the whole story... maybe we know only 30-50% ... of one side of it. Unlike itman, I don't assume anything anymore. We all (or at least should) know what usually happens when you ass-u-me. Nor do I know everything, but I do have common sense. But if something doesn't seem/feel right to me, usually it isn't right. Some things just do not add up here (for me). We all want to help folks on the Forum, but you/we need to know what's actually going on to do so. The OP (NancyRossi) did say " I paid $99. two weeks ago to "fix ESET Cyber Security Pro" ". But ESET standard software support is free for ESET customers. I do not think, if she indeed is/was a paying customer/subscriber of ESET, that ESET would charge her (granted errors do happen). Regards, Tom P. S. ... itman & peteyt ... unless things have changed in the past few days, last I heard, Nancy is still a female name which means he is a she and not a he ... just thought I'd share.
  4. With the demise of MS security support for Win 7 in January, I'm finally going to get my Mac (goodbye Microsoft!). So to those users out there who've dabbled in both ESS/EIS & ESET® Cyber Security Pro, my question is will it be a smooth transition? Going from Win to macOS will be interesting (hopefully not painful) in it's own right. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Tom
  5. Makes perfect sense to me. If you're not a current customer, but want our help, there is a cost to pay. Giving away your services for free to everyone will not keep you in business for very long. I don't think we have the complete story from the OP (and possibly never will as things just don't add up).
  6. I guess I learned my one new thing for the day (and it's not even 11AM EDT!) (assuming it was ESET she dealt with...as there is a plethora of skullduggery out there). Scammers usually charge a few hundred dollars...and then promptly empty the rest of your bank account.
  7. Just curious, who are "they"? Were "they" from a pop up on your PC, was it a scam caller who said they were monitoring your PC/MAC and saw that you're were having issues or did you call someone you trust? Unless you have a special arrangement with ESET for expedited support, regular ESET Support for home users is free. Depending on who "they" are, if you gave an unknown 3rd party remote access to your PC/MAC, you very well may have a BIGGER problem than just mail as your personal data MAY have been compromised. That's in addition to being out $99.
  8. Make sure you have a trouble ticket open with Support. Be sure to keep this issue in perspective...it's not the end of the world. Frustrating, yes...but there are worse things. Regards, Tom
  9. That's up to you (as it's your dime/time). It may or may not fix your issue. You could try a repair first via control panel>programs. Here's the KB on uninstall. https://support.eset.com/kb2788/ If you do decide to uninstall/reinstall, you might want to do the uninstall via safe mode using the uninstall tool. http://support.eset.com/kb2289/ Of course, for proper tracking and case resolution you could always open a trouble ticket with ESET US Support. That might be your best bet (although you might be told to uninstall/reinstall...but that's just a guess on my part). https://www.eset.com/us/support/contact/ Regards, Tom
  10. Hello 819. As you have not made any changes that is strange. Still I would review Also I would recommend password protecting your ESET settings. Regards, Tom
  11. Here's a link to ESET Taiwan. https://www.eset.tw/ Regards, Tom
  12. I use the daily "seat of my pants" results. I know what works for me. No A/V program is 100%...that's why they get updated and evolve. In my opinion, these A-V test results (no matter who publishes them) only provide the trolls with food (in addition to being (for me) worthless data). We all know (or at least should know) that you never feed a troll. Regards, Tom
  13. Sometimes people and/or things are not what they appear to be. I believe this to be true of this former Forum member. You be the judge. (https://forum.eset.com/topic/20451-no-files-in-qurantine/?tab=comments#comment-99594) Regards, Tom
  14. Marcos, thank you for the information and for protecting the legitimacy of the Forum. Best regards, Tom
  15. No I am not ESET staff. But I am a reasonable person. Perhaps you can contact your "senior ESET researcher" friend for help on a Sunday. It's very interesting that your Forum user name has changed from "upasanamoza" to that of "Guest". Very interesting.
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