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  1. TomFace

    NOD32 update

    Where have you been for the past 6-8 months or so? The last update information (as in the ESET icon in the taskbar) has not been available since late v10 or early v11. That is old news. As far as the other issue you cite, concerning update at log in, in the scheduler, I do believe it to be enabled in default along with an additional update scheduled for update after a dial up connection is established. Regards, Tom
  2. Rami does have a point. EIS will give you more protection. It will cost you a few more Euros, but I think it's worth a look. See Marcos' post on another thread regarding upgrading from NOD32 to EIS https://forum.eset.com/topic/17488-cant-install-eset-on-my-computer/?do=findComment&comment=86703 Here's the link to ESET Netherlands should you wish to pursue it: https://www.eset.com/nl/ vriendelijke groeten, Tom
  3. TomFace

    False positive

    For future reference here is the KB link explaining how to submit false positives. https://support.eset.com/kb141/ Regards, Tom
  4. Hello HanB and welcome to the Forum. Take a look at this https://www.eset.com/us/home/for-windows/ Granted it's the US website, but I would think ESET would be offering the same worldwide. In addition, many of us have lifetime MBAM licenses. Unfortunately when MBAM went to v3, some of us decided against using v3 due to the issues it causes. I trust ESET as it has served me very well over the years. So I guess you can continue using MBAM v2 until it reaches EOL, not sure when that is as I just tried to check via the Malwarebytes website - support section (2x) and it blocked me out because I would not accept their cookies. Looks like I made the correct decision to stop using MBAM. Regards, Tom
  5. With the upgrade to EIS v12.0.27.0, I've (and others) lost the auto-update ability after connecting to the internet (non-dial up). My situation is when I start up in the morning, I do not automatically connect to the internet (I use at&t U-Verse). With v11, it always checked for updates AFTER I connected to my internet connection. See https://forum.eset.com/topic/17440-eset-12-does-not-update-automatically-at-computer-startup/?do=findComment&comment=86400 When I do start up in the morning, EIS does check for updates, but I am not yet connected to the internet. Regards. Tom
  6. I hope so...think I'll add it to the future requests for EIS. Regards, Tom
  7. Hello jems. You might want to review this thread. https://forum.eset.com/topic/17440-eset-12-does-not-update-automatically-at-computer-startup/?tab=comments#comment-86568 Regards, Tom
  8. I appreciate the suggestion itman, but that's too much work (after all, I've been retired for quite sometime). I can always do a manual update check if the auto update hasn't happened (as of yet). Like I said, it's not the end of the world. Regards, Tom
  9. Well changing the task to the logon/dial up setting did not make any changes. So I guess I'll just keep an eye on it and maybe tinker a bit with it. Regards, Tom
  10. TomFace

    Introduce yourself

    Howdy Kass38...sorry I missed your post on the 1st go-around...I must have had a senior moment (or just another dark day ). Sounds like you have your hands full. I wish you well, nothing but the best and hope you enjoy your visits here. Best regards, Tom
  11. No metalalbert, as far as I know, you're not going crazy, although a bit of insanity does go well with my OCD. Regards, Tom
  12. We shall see...when I log on to my machine, as I stated, I am not connected to the net. So the user logon does not help me. Granted, it won't be the end of the world if it updates an hour later, but something has changed. Regards, Tom
  13. That is the same situation I am having (maybe I could have been clearer in my previous post) see https://forum.eset.com/topic/17331-updates-download/?do=findComment&comment=86018 It used to update once I connected to the internet, now it doesn't. (I do not start up connected or stay connected to the net). Now, it does seen to try to update prior to me connecting. What I just did was to change the the update setting (see below). Maybe this will help (I do not have a dial up connection, but did not see another connection choice in creating a new task). We shall see. Regards, Tom
  14. Hello Ericccccccccccc. Here's the link to the ESET website for France. You can contact Support through it. https://www.eset.com/fr/ I see you started this thread on 10.22.18. Not sure why it took so long to show up (the delay has been referred). Sorry. Regards, Tom
  15. That may be fine if you are running Win 10 and are already connected (or connecting) to the internet at boot up. Which is NOT the case in my situation. As I stated previously, I will start a manual log and see what is what. Regards, Tom ******************************** Update 11.2.18...it does appear the program is auto updating...not at the same times as v11 did.