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  1. Also, under 2 different (similar) user names. Sounds like spam to me.
  2. See if this is what you want https://support.eset.com/kb2885/ Of course, the latest version has the latest protection...but the call is yours alone. Regards, Tom
  3. I do not see any link to the quote that "novice" is claiming that Marcos posted in this Forum. Could you share it "novice"? Regards, Tom
  4. I'd check back in another 24 hours. Regards, Tom
  5. In Windows 7 (which is what I run) it acts as an antispyware program. In Windows 10, I "think" it tries to act as an A/V scanner. See https://forum.eset.com/topic/19330-another-av-to-complement-eset/?do=findComment&comment=94318 A Win 10 user can add their input. Regards, Tom
  6. I have always been very leery of comparison tests. Sorry if I came across as a bit snarky. Regards, Tom
  7. It must have taken a bit of digging to find a test from a year ago. Test like this are not worth their weight in salt. So what is your purpose and point in posting this? Regards, Tom
  8. TomFace


    I have seen a few folks (on this ESET Forum) in the past with similar lead-ins and postings, that have turned out to be nothing but spammers of/on the Forum. When I chose my VPN, I just did my homework/research. It's all a personal choice, dependent on wants and needs. Regards, Tom
  9. TomFace


    I am surprised at your question as in your introduction in this Forum you claim to be a security expert and blogger. https://forum.eset.com/topic/10174-introduce-yourself/?do=findComment&comment=90404 So, why do you ask? Regards, Tom
  10. Here is a link to the Knowledgebase business articles about phishing. https://support.eset.com/search/?search=Phishing Regards, Tom
  11. Thank you TomasP ... I know you will care for it. Regards, Tom
  12. FYI...as of late it does seem to be doing better. Regards, Tom
  13. 5.26.19 9:19AM EDT It looks like this issue has returned. Regards, Tom
  14. Good news...2 (or 3) days ago I did delete my scan logs (as per itman's suggestion) and for the past 2 days my scheduled scans are now logging. What I'll probably do is update my log maintenance so as to not have so many logs just sitting there. Thanks again itman. Regards, Tom
  15. Marcos it looks like the #count has not increased. What now? Let me know please. Regards, Tom
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