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  1. Yes I did disable the webcam protection but the eset driver still remains in the webcam driver list, and even though I'm not sure, I want to test that the camera is not switching to that driver on reboot or some such thing. Because unplugging and re-plugging the camera a few times corrects the driver problem. I may roll back just to test things out and then reinstall the EIS after I figure out whats going on. I would just completely remove it but I don't want to be without at least some protection.
  2. Hello all, I recently renewed my license (last month?) and upgraded to Internet Security form just the Anti Virus. I'm wondering if I can JUST install the anti virus and not the internet security USING my current license? I am having an issue with my webcam disconnecting and having some sort of driver issue (I have web cam security turned off) and the only thing I can find is the driver edevmon.sys may be causing the issue, but I can't remove the driver. The webcam is a c922x and it has the latest driver from Microsoft and software from Logitech. thanks
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