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  1. Just noticed my join date of June 2, 2013. That's also the day I installed NOD32 on three computers. Now I have ESET products on five computers. No complaints at all.
  2. Being back is wonderful! Now let's see if I can go more than two weeks without having a relapse.
  3. Take it easy is not in my vocabulary. If I don't follow your advice I'll be right back where I came from. Thanks for the post.
  4. So far I am O.K. but I have only been out since Monday. We shall see. Thanks for the post.
  5. Thanks Tom. I missed the gang here very much and it is great to be here. In my last hospital I could only use gmail occasionally. That wasn't the norm but some of the employees let me sneak in.
  6. Got the update and many thanks to you. I just returned from 4 months in the hospital (Dec 8 to April 8). I was greeted with software updates like you wouldn't believe. I am far by being in good condition so I've got to take it easy. Glad to be back with all of you. I
  7. Thanks everyone. I am having 4 healthcare workers coming today. So far one has been here.
  8. Received your get well greetings today and believe me they were most appreciated. For you who do not know it, I recently spent 5 weeks in the hospital. Diagnosis was heart failure. I know I am improving but It's going fairly slow. In order to celebrate my improvement I installed Smart Security on a Windows 10 computer. Seems fine.Thanks again fellows.
  9. I just have not had the opportunity to check the Version. Installed the update last night and went to bed. Perhaps someone here can answer your question.
  10. Everything is fine but I'm a little disappointed. I thought the colors in the program might match the new colors here. Nope- I'm, sorry.?
  11. I have ESET on my 5 computers and I have no intention of ever changing. There- I said it. ?
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