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  1. Are you happy with ESET?

    So, this question came on my head Is that If you guys Happy with ESET both as an AV and as a company. Do you trust It? YES Do you trust the company ESET? YES As, when you are using Anti-virus whenever It's on your PC or your phone. 5 PCs You are giving the AV kind of full control on your device. YES Like that thing happened to Kaspersky after this I would not trust them. WHAT IS KASPERSKY? But now I fully trust and am happy with ESET. YES
  2. License Renewal

    Have you entered the license information into your program?
  3. How to become an ESET Reseller?

    Why not try ESET San Diego? (619) 876-5400
  4. I appreciate that information Marcos. I installed Internet Security over Smart Security and all was well. Picked up my settings and license information. All I had to do was reboot after installation. One more computer to go.
  5. Just thought I would show off my collection

    Hi Guys Just stay away from the licenses that are emailed to you on eBay (unless you like to waste your money).
  6. Just thought I would show off my collection

    Yes, Arik, some of us are special.
  7. Just thought I would show off my collection

    Nope Go and sign up for Newegg's email specials.
  8. Just thought I would show off my collection

    You've been telling everyone that for years, dad.
  9. Just thought I would show off my collection

    For those of you who don't know it, TomFace is my father.
  10. Just thought I would show off my collection

    Hello to TomFace.
  11. Just some things I picked up over the last few months. If this picture is not allowed, please remove it. Yes, I am a loyal ESET fan.
  12. Windows Firewall

    I think it may be too late to install another of the programs covered by the license. Perhaps not. A phone call or email to the poster's ESET business office would be a good idea.
  13. Adobe and McAfee?

    Is this the Adobe product you downloaded? If so, make sure you "untick" the boxes you see here before you start the download. If you accidentally installed the programs, you can uninstall them.