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  1. I just love Christmas eve so I couldn't wait.😀
  2. I just have not had the opportunity to check the Version. Installed the update last night and went to bed. Perhaps someone here can answer your question.
  3. Everything is fine but I'm a little disappointed. I thought the colors in the program might match the new colors here. Nope- I'm, sorry.🙁
  4. jadinolf

    ESET is sending Phishing Emails?

    I have ESET on my 5 computers and I have no intention of ever changing. There- I said it. 😃
  5. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome aboard mate. Hope you enjoy your visits to this fine forum.Glad you filled us in with some of the facts about yourself. You will find that many of us share your traits in addition to have been using ESET products for many years, being tinkerers as well as many other traits. My name is Joe, I live in Southern California and am an 84 year old chap. Nice talking to you.
  6. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Great to see you Chris. I think you will really enjoy visiting here. I certainly do.
  7. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Hey Bro. Welcome back. Great to see you, For the record, G. and I shared many a visit on a few forums.
  8. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Hi jaypeecee, glad to have you here. I'm sure you will be pleased having discovered ESET. I know that I am pleased that I did. Look around and spend some time here, You won't regret it.
  9. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Hello Shehab. Glad to have you here.
  10. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Good to have you here.
  11. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome to the Forum, illumination. We are glad to have you aboard. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay.
  12. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Well, greetings David and welcome aboard. You have the start of some very good credentials and I wish you well. My name is Joe and I don't have anything to brag about. I'm just an 83 year old grandfather living with my 5 computers and my Basset Hound Fred in Sunny California. Enjoy your stay here and we wish you the very best.
  13. jadinolf

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome to the forum yousef. I'm not sure but we might have the same name- my name is Joseph. Enjoy your visits here and continue to enjoy ESET products.