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    Hey.. thank you for visiting my profile. You are most welcome to leave a message if you will,and I will respond as fast as possible,if it is necessary. My main passion is "Astro Physics" 24/7 and my guitar, my family.. my studies and my friends. And I like to,or at least try to, contribute to things that i care about. So this is why I use some of my time on this forum.

    Janus's maxims: Mistakes has the power to propel me forward, while recognition only confirms my ego.

    Second Maxims.: please value a good opponent, it is an opportunity to grow....

    Regards, Janus :-))

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  1. Are you happy with ESET?

    Hi I have known Eset as a company and their products for a long time, beginning from the days where they had their " home " over at the wilders security forum. For all that time,.... I have known Eset as a very professional and serious and most of all very committed to their products and user base. I have always had the impression of Eset as a very dedicated firm, and that has not changed over the years. Do I trust the product, yes, absolutely and without the slightest doubt . But as everyone know, then is security/trust of your system, or systems, much more than just one product, but Eset is definitely a good start =) ....and now I have to work.... Regards Janus
  2. Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    Hi Suggestion ...... : Anti-Theft included in NOD32 Argumentation : I know that the Anti theft feature/service is a selling point for some of your top tier products, but i truly think that you will gain more in sales figures and goodwill if you let the " Anti Theft " feature be something that is incorporated in all of your products. Furthermore it will introduce a feature/service, for a product line like Nod32, that no other, for a similar product, will be able to offer for their users/potential customers as to my knowledge. Regards Janus
  3. Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    Hi Suggestion.......: A second Eset Theme, (that you could choose eg. under Advanced settings) Argumentation : Beside the default color layout of the user interface it would be pleasant to have another Eset color theme layout . I have noticed that it can be a bit strenuous to the eyes to look at the white background especially when I have to navigate around the " Advance settings " . It would be pleasant with a more calm and damped color combination. Regards Janus
  4. Hello dear Eset :-)) Basically I think, that it is a lack of knowledge, of the benefits of "two factor authentication". Let us take Gmail as an eksempel. Many of my friends and colleagues use gmail, but not many use 2-step verification . The most common answer is, "oh, we didn't know that is was a possibility". And the most interesting is, that when it is explained, most of them, ....them I know of...., begins to use it. The small amount of feedback that I have, is that most people thinks, in the beginning, that it is a little bit awkward. But like many things, it is just a question about learning new habits. So the best motivation for introducing new security habits, is to begin explaining/showing, and talk about how easy it actually is. And with a little effort, from the user, he og she will recive a much better protection Regards Janus.
  5. Introduce yourself

    Bonjour Fred... You are very welcome, so just start,.... do the jump..., and we will all do our best to help and guide if needed. Regards, Janus :-))
  6. Introduce yourself

    Hey Karlisi, nice to see that you have found the way to Eset support forum.It is really nice to have you here. And it is also very nice, to see that more and more " Wilders" finds the way to this place. Regards, Janus :-))
  7. Introduce yourself

    HelloTJP. It is nice to see you back to Eset. I haven't been with Eset as long as you. I first started to flirt, with Eset with version 4, and have been a steady subscriber since version 5. Have heard a lot of positive statements about version 2.7 (which is no longer supported). Anyway it is nice to have another power user on board. So from me to you a kudos, to boost your takeoff. Regards, Janus :-))
  8. Introduce yourself

    Thanks TomFace my friend, for the kind words. Much appreciated, truly. (A kudo to you for your always pleasant acquaintance.) Sincerely, Janus :-))
  9. Forum Feedback

    Hello Eset (what became of the poll feature) Would it or could it be an idea to introduce a poll, about e.g. on one of Eset's beta 7 new features?. A poll can give a selective point of view on a special area of a product, and is an another way of getting a feedback. And at the same time very illustrative. The function "polls" were introduced in the making of this new forum, but was if I remember right, limited so it was only the moderators that could create a poll. If it is a function that is still in play, then it could be the right time with the release of the new beta. Regards, Janus