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  1. Are you happy with ESET?

    Hi I have known Eset as a company and their products for a long time, beginning from the days where they had their " home " over at the wilders security forum. For all that time,.... I have known Eset as a very professional and serious and most of all very committed to their products and user base. I have always had the impression of Eset as a very dedicated firm, and that has not changed over the years. Do I trust the product, yes, absolutely and without the slightest doubt . But as everyone know, then is security/trust of your system, or systems, much more than just one product, but Eset is definitely a good start =) ....and now I have to work.... Regards Janus
  2. Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    Hi Suggestion ...... : Anti-Theft included in NOD32 Argumentation : I know that the Anti theft feature/service is a selling point for some of your top tier products, but i truly think that you will gain more in sales figures and goodwill if you let the " Anti Theft " feature be something that is incorporated in all of your products. Furthermore it will introduce a feature/service, for a product line like Nod32, that no other, for a similar product, will be able to offer for their users/potential customers as to my knowledge. Regards Janus
  3. Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    Hi Suggestion.......: A second Eset Theme, (that you could choose eg. under Advanced settings) Argumentation : Beside the default color layout of the user interface it would be pleasant to have another Eset color theme layout . I have noticed that it can be a bit strenuous to the eyes to look at the white background especially when I have to navigate around the " Advance settings " . It would be pleasant with a more calm and damped color combination. Regards Janus
  4. A quick feedback to Eset

    Hey TomFace my good friend, I will defently do my very best and try to visit this great forum more often. Hope everything is well. Take care TomFace
  5. Hi Eset Suggestion...... : QR-code Scanner in Eset Mobile Security. Argumentation: There is so many doubtful QR code scanners on the market, and it can be hard for normal users to see which one is the best or most secure. It would be nice if my Eset Mobile Security has an QR -code scanner build into the product, or as a download for paying customer. Kind regards Janus
  6. Hey Eset I have been unfaithful ( in form of software ) and been away from Eset for a while but you have always been with me in form of the mobile security which have safeguarded my family's phones very well. I have had some issues with the previous vendor that I used in form of serious incompatibilities problems, and I have had no time for trying to find the root of the issues due to a deadline/project. So what do you do? well.... you remember your old friends. And in that regard I have to say that it was definitely a pleasant experience to see that my nod32 still runs with low memory footprint, and still have the easy " install and forget " and in the same time you can still go into a total " nerd mode " and configurate it to your likeing. The best part is, that after I install nod32 on ours 3 machines that we use in our project, we have had absolutely zero issues. Thank you Eset, you have saved us some time...and definitely less frustrations. Regards Janus
  7. Just two question about v.8

    Hello foneil As I wrote in my pm, thanks for the kind words, they are very much appreciated. Foneil, did you noticed my second question in my original post? If not then it comes here as a copy and paste: " I saw that I still have to use the WAIK to create a sysrescue disk under the section "tools". But I can see that from your homepage I am able to create a live rescue disk based on linux. Why is it, that the sysrescue cd under the section "tools" is not linked to the live sysrescue cd/usb, that is in my perspective much easier to handle/create for an average "Home" user" . I am just wondering why Eset is still using WAIK in your product for home users. when you have created such a fine product as your live sysrescue cd. Kind regrads Janus =)
  8. Just two question about v.8

    Hey Arakasi, and thanks for your kind words . But I guess I am not so much a forum man anymore, due to huge piles of lovely work. ( .. no I am not crazy, yet but I know it is concerning behaviour LOL). Just curious regarding my two questions. But it is really nice to know that,competent top users (and others) like you and SweX and Tomface is still around to guide and help. I hope Eset appreciate your effort, and ideas. But that , I am sure that they do. Take care..
  9. Just two question about v.8

    I would have loved to been there, (where a certain 007 agent has walked). But for now I hope I have a little bit of luck, regarding Eset answering my two questions. I am just curious regarding their respond. (if i gets any ) Take care Tomface
  10. Just two question about v.8

    I was somehow surprised to find this " Smart mode " in the H.I.P.S. module. Because it has always been my view, that Eset always has limited the users interaction, so that it was the software that took the decisions, more or less. But I really like the idea, if it is so, that Eset user could choose between classical H.I.P.S. functions, or a more restrained (limited ) behavior blocker in smart mode. I really like the idea of this duality. If it is so.... Yeah I am fine and kicking SweX, after a fine summer =)
  11. Hey Eset Today I have updated my Eset to version 8, and in that regard I have some question, please. Is H.I.P.S. in smart mode more like a behaviour blocker, that works of course in the boundary of the predefined rules. And does anyone have a screen shot of what the warning notification could look like. Second question goes more like this: I saw that I still have to use the WAIK to create a sysrescue disk under the section "tools". But I can see that from your homepage I am able to create a live rescue disk based on linux. Why is it, that the sysrescue cd under the section "tools" is not linked to the live sysrescue cd/usb, that is in my perspective much easier to handle/create for an average "Home" user. Kind Regards Janus ( A greeting to SweX, Arakasi and Tomface hope everything is well )
  12. Hey Eset, just a quick question, please =) Is the new botnet protection, an enhanced heuristics IDS algorithm, (enhanced detection system) that we find in the new beta version 8? (improved firewall function as eset calls it) I guess it works much like a behavior blocker, (or am i wrong it that assumption) looking at suspicious behaviour. The only difference you can say, is that a true behaviour blocker depends more or less of user interaction. Will the new, extended protection capabilities of the Exploit blocker, warn Eset users when you have an outdated version of Java, Adobe Flash player/reader? ( likes you get a notification when new windows updates are available for the user ) That would be a great service towards the users, mainly because exploits happens mostly because users have an outdated version of e.g Java. Take care, regards Janus.
  13. Hello Still it makes absolutely no sense,.... I will give my support to the OP of this post, regarding that is not logically at all....that the default button when pressed, sets the parameters to something else than it was when downloaded. Regards Janus
  14. Hello We must presume that the downloaded version is configured in default settings, such as eset has thought its product. So using the default bottom should set the software back to the stage where is was, before it was tampered with. And...In my perspective this is a bug, and an unfortunately feature :-))) Done a Video to illustrate what we are talking about Regards Janus
  15. Hello all :-) I stumble over this second option scanner, and have been testing it out a bit (2-3 days), and I am somehow impressed. It has 68 scan engines, its name is HerdProtect, and you can see it as a tool much like Hitmannpro and Virustotal. Herdprotect does not remove antimalware-adware, so it's not a substitute for proper security at all. It's as said, a second opinion scanner. It's still beta software, and it produce, not much, but still too many false positives after my liking . So you have to have the ability to distinguish between, what is false positives and what could be malware before you use this software. I would say that this tool, is definitely for more advanced users, mainly because it still produce too many false positives. But it has a great potential, and will without doubt be a strong contender to Virustotal. The file download is about 2 mb, and if you run windows 8 or 8.1, then it will need, net framework 3.5 which it will download if you accept it, of course (it will take 3 to 5 minutes). If you explore their website a bit, you'll find a tab called "Knowledge Base". Here you are able, to upload file Hash - domain or URL/IP Addresses, , but it's not so complete as virustotal, and that's okay because Herdprotect hasn't been on the market for long. What is your thought about this tool and websites like these?, do they create more panic than they help Link to HerdProtect. Regards Janus...have a splendid and malware free day :-)))